Chapter 57 – The Highest-Ranked Adventurer Party

The western region of Rembrandt Kingdom.

The city called Ramblas which is the second city of the territory ruled by Earl Villiers.

The Adventurers Guild had never been more bustling.

Of course, it’s not because I showed my face in the guild.

It’s because the top adventurers are there, the S-ranks.

I headed for the reception which is almost empty because the adventurers gathered in the corner of the guild.

As usual, there are two receptionist at the reception desk.

The red haired receptionist is Miria and the green haired receptionist is Ran.

「Ah, Ren-san!?」

When I got close to the reception, Miria noticed me and called my name.

「It’s been a while.」

When I said that, Miria leaned on the counter of the reception with both hands.

「It’s been a while! That’s not true!? There is a strange rumor spreading around, that Ren-san is a dragon knight-sama, an apostle of god, and somehow made a new country…」

「Oh, there’s such a rumor already?」

「That’s right! And now, the strongest adventurer party, the S-rank party Silver Wind, is in Ramblas! Their leader Brunhilde heard rumors about Ren-san and headed for Grado village!」

「O-oh. Calm down for now. Calm down before talking.」

I soothed Miria who spoke vigorously to calm her.

Miria listened to my words. She took a deep breath and slowly opened her mouth again.

「Okay, I calmed down. So when I heard that rumor, I also looked for Ren-san and checked the inns in Ramblas but I couldn’t find you… where were you?」

「Forest of abyss.」Please

「What!? The forest of abyss is a forest of monsters that could not even be explored by the army! Were you all right!?」

「I have some reassuring companions.」

When I said that, Miria made a gesture like a pat on her chest and smiled.

「Yes, that’s right. Oh, come to think of it, everyone is different from the usual…」

Miria said so with a smile and glanced behind me in silence.

Then, Miria suddenly became serious and looked behind me slowly.

「Br-Brunhilde-sama, Brunhilde-sama is here.」

「I know. I brought her here.」

When I replied to Miria, Miria’s brain seems to had completely exceeded its processing power, or did it stopped working?

「A-ano…. then, the rumor of being a dragon knight-sama….」

「It is I.」

When I answered, even Ran had her face cramped.

「Y-you founded a nation…」

「It’s name is Einherjar. We built a castle at the back of Grado village. Now, I’m in the middle of making Grado village a capital city.」

「Ha, haha… I don’t know anymore…」

Listening to my reply, Ran was confused and raised a dry laugh.

At that time, one of the adventurers gathered at the corner of the guild raised his voice.

「O-oi, isn’t that Brunhilde-dono?」

「Eh? She already returned from Grado village?」

Along with the voice of the adventurers that noticed Brunhilde, all eyes gathered at Brunhilde.

「Brunhilde, you’re back?」

The crowd of adventurers were divided to the left and right by a woman’s voice. Three women sitting on a chair appeared.

One is a petite woman with long blonde hair and golden eyes, another one is a blue haired woman with shoulder length hair, and the last one is a tall, brown short haired woman.

The blonde, golden eyed woman is wearing a red robe, the blue haired woman wears a red jacket on top of her white robe, and the woman with brown hair is wearing a red light armor on top of her dark brown leather clothes. Everyone of them is beautiful.

When the three of them confirmed that it’s really Brunhilde, they walked towards us.

「So, how was the rumored dragon knight-sama?」

「It’s not true, right?」

「Are? Brunhilde is a little unusual. I your hair somewhat silkier?」

The three began to speak freely without waiting for Brunhilde’s reply.

When Brunhilde turned to the three of them with a bitter smile, she opened her mouth with a fresh face.

「Yes, because I was allowed to take a bath at dragon knight-sama’s castle. There is a foaming milky liquid that I used to wash my hair.」

The three ladies who heard the words of the blushing Brunhilde rounded their eyes and approached Brunhilde.

「Did you meet the dragon knight-sama!?」

「You took a bath in dragon knight-sama’s castle!?」

「What is that milky liquid?」

Brunhilde was held down by the three of them while being bombarded with questions. I found a face I knew from the crowd of adventurers as he raised his hand.

「Yo, Wolf. It’s been a while.」

When I said so, the bearded big man walked towards me with a sulky face.

「Hey, you came to the guild together with Brunhilde-dono, right? No way, are you really a dragon knight-sama like the rumor said?」

Wolf asked me that while having a strange smile.

「I didn’t hear the rumor directly but I founded a country.」

When I told him that, Wolf put his hand on his forehead and looked towards the sky.

「…Seriously, I’ve been rude to an apostle-sama…」

「Don’t mind it.」

「Don’t mind it!? I mind it!?」

Wolf replied to me something I didn’t understand and looked at me.

I shrug my shoulders and tap Wolf’s shoulder lightly.

「Now, I’m making a city. I’m also going to make an adventurers guild so why don’t you come there after it has been completed?」

「Ah, yeah, I’ll go…wait, you’re making a city!?」

Wolf was blatantly replying but suddenly went back to sanity and raised a loud voice.

When I was laughing at Wolf, a rattling noise came from the receptionist.

Looking at it, Miria jumped over the reception counter with a shining smile and came here.

「I will be your guild official! 」

「Hmm, that would be nice but isn’t personnel affairs decided by the adventurers guild headquarters? 」

As I said so, Miria grabbed my fist and laughed.

「I’ll make the guild master acknowledge it by all means! When a new adventurers guild is established, the first one who’ll get the guild master’s recommendation has her position secured!」

「Hou, is that so? Then, should I personally ask him?」

When I said that, Miria jumped because of joy.

It seems that the population of my city has increased by two.

While thinking about such a thing, Brunhilde’s party approached me who was looking at the delighted Miria with a smile.

「Ano, Ren-sama. May I introduce my party members?」

When Brunhilde asked me so, Wolf and Miria, who were watching the spectacle nearby, had their eyes rounded like a plate.

However, the three people lining up behind Brunhilde are uniformly looking at me with suspicious eyes.

「…Dragon knight-sama. Although it might be rude of me but, dragon knight-sama is an adventurer…」

The blond woman asked me so.Please

「Ah, I’m currently a B rank. My name is Ren. Nice to meet you.」

When I said that, the blond woman’s eyes became sharper.

And, the short brown haired woman who stood next to her distorted her mouth and crossed her arms.

「If it’s true, it’s a humbling story, but there have been fakes claiming to be a Dragon Knight-sama in every country in the world. Do you have anything to prove it?」

「W-wait! What are you talking about?」

Brunhilde raised her voice with a blood-drawn face on the way the brown haired woman talked.

I raised my right hand to Sunny and Io who released blood lust to the three behind Brunhilde.

「Why do I have to prove to myself? Did I asked you to believe that I’m a dragon knight? I introduced myself using my name and nothing else.」

When I said that, brown haired woman stared at me with a grim face.

「Don’t you recognise my face? If you’re a B-rank adventurer you should recognise an S rank adventurer.」

「Hmm. My bad.  I have been an adventurer for a week and I haven’t even taken a quest yet. I don’t have the time to learn the name of other adventurers…」

「Don’t joke around! You can’t be a B rank in a week! Don’t make fun of adventurers!」

When I tried to explain the situation, the brown haired woman was completely furious.

It seems that her anger gauge is full and she’s leaning forward as if to jump over here.

「Hey stop. One wrong move and I’ll kill you, got it?」

The moment the atmosphere became volatile, Lagreat, who had been silent until now, broke between me and Brunhilde’s party.

Sunny, who grasps Lagreat’s action first, raised her fist with her thumb down.

「No, don’t kill her. Endure it for the time being.」

I warned Lagreat who’s currently burning in anger.

It is bad to rampage in the land that’ll be part of my country.

When I was thinking such a thing, the brown haired woman came out in front.

「What? This brat… What a bad thing to say to me now.」

「Stop it!」

At the time when the brown haired woman tried to turn her anger to Lagreat, Brunhilde who had a white face earlier turned read and shouted.

Brunhilde forcibly grabbed the head of the brown haired woman and forced it downward as she also bowed down to me.

「I’m really sorry! She means you no harm! She just have a bad mouth…!」

With Brunhilde desperately bowing down while the brown haired woman struggles, I nodded and sigh.

I can understand the feeling of having your subordinate do what she wants.

I somewhat got a gentle feeling and opened my mouth calmly.

「Then it’s alright. By the way, what is the name of your party members?」

At the time I was calmly saying that, the brown haired woman scraped the hand of Brunhilde and lifted her face.

「Wh-what are you !? Unforgivable! Fight me!」

The brown haired woman shouted while shaking in anger.

Looking at it, the blonde haired woman and the blue haired woman are watching things as it progress.

No, stop her.

But, after all, I don’t know your names too.



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