Chapter 61 – Capital City Construction

After the conversation with the Earth Dragon Ishmugard, I headed to Grado village.

My escorts are the trio children from last time: dragonkin Lagreat, high elf Sunny, and fairy Io.

Upon arriving at the Grado village, we searched for the village chief.

「O-oh! Apostle-sama! The village is now surrounded by wall… Is this apostle-sama’s work?」

When we met the village chief, he asked me about the walls that surrounds Grado village.

I nod to the village chief’s question to affirm it.

「Ah, it was done pretty fast. I want to make everyone from the Grado village a place to live in so can you allow me to construct houses?」

When he heard that, the village chief raised a voice in a hurry.

「Wh-what are you saying! No one will complain on whatever apostle-sama wants to do! We’ll also do our best…Eh? Houses for us?」

The momentum of the village chief went out halfway due to confusion.

The village chief made a kyoton face. I opened my mouth and laughed.

「Well, we’ll build several kinds of houses as trial next to present location of Grado village. Decide after seeing those.」

「Ha, Haa… Is it alright for you to build houses for us?」

I returned the appropriate answer to the puzzled village chief then headed to Val Valhalla Castle.

Cartas and Rosa were waiting at the throne room.

「Oh, my liege! You have arrived early!」

「Good morning, boss.」

「Ah, good morning. We’re going to construct the city this afternoon. Of course, not only Cartas and Rosa but Lagreat, Sunny, and Io must help too.」

I said so after saying hello and looking at everyone in turn.

Then, Cartas opened his mouth as a representative.

「Help? What can we do?」

「Create a layout of a house. Considering yesterday’s pace, houses can be built immediately therefore, I want to arrange several houses to choose from. Now, you must create the layout before noon. By the way, I want five samples.」

When I said that and laughed, Cartas and Rosa looked at me and nodded.

「Rosa, paper!」


When Cartas issued an order, Rosa disappeared on the spot as if she were a mist.

「I’ve never thought about a house layout before.」

「House…fun. I will make a house by making a hole in a tree.」

「I’ll make a house where I can practice magical research…」

My escorts have different reactions but they have started thinking.

That might be a good thing.

As I thought so, I looked at everyone and smiled.


「No. Crappy. No. Not usable. No. Out of the question.」

「Ah? Hey Dignity… I thought about it seriously.」

「My laboratory…」

「A house built in a tree, make it Dignity.」

「Oh, my ninja house…」

「Oh, my samurai mansion…」

Designs except mine were rejected superbly.

Especially in the case of those three.

Dignity shrugged his shoulders,  sighed deeply, and shook his head to the right and left.

「What kind of city are you going to build? I’ll go with the two story house proposed by boss. However, Io’s laboratory-house will be slightly remodeled as the layout of the adventurers guild. Another one is Cartas’ samurai mansion, should I make it a guard station? The floating house of Lagreat is out of the question.」

While watching those who are complaining about Dignity’s decision, I looked at the three designs that were approved by Dignity.

It is a common compact house.

The first floor is a kitchen, a toilet, a shower room and a living room. The second floor has three rooms.

The other two has similar patterns.

These three floor plans plus the layouts Dignity thought of, a total of 10 types.

Of course, all the floor plans dignity made were officially adopted with Dignity’s authority.

As for the exterior, I’ll leave it to Dignity.

All of us had lunch in the dining room together. Brunhilde, who stayed in the castle, appeared.

「Ren-sama! Good morning.」

Brunhilde’s party who noticed me lined up in a row before me and lowered their heads.

「Good morning. Did you sleep well?」

When I asked, the four of them nodded many times.

「It’s amazing! The bed is really soft and fluffy!」

「Ah, the pillow is also great!」

「When I closed the door, it has become quiet that it surprised me!」

「Ah, Ren-sama… Thank you very much for the wonderful bath too! My hair becomes glossy…」

The four of them were so excited that they raised their voices all at once.

I know. This is my castle.

After a while, they have finally calmed down and had a meal with us. Brunhilde’s party seem to go with the flow and also want to see the city construction.

「Well, we’ll also construct the adventurers guild.」


「Can you do that in this occasion?」

A voice of doubt rises from Brunhilde but I responded by raising the edge of my mouth.

「Look forward to it.」

When I said that, the four of them had a sharp face and closed their mouths.

After the meal, everyone, except Cartas and Rosa, stands in front of the bridge that connects the castle and Grado village.

Not only the wall but the bridge and the waterway were made neatly.

The stone paved main street that stretched out from the bridge was also made beautifully.


Were they able to made this with just the production job guild members of this castle?

「Amazing… It is the work of god.」

「I’ve seen it this morning, they really did this in a day…」

Brunhilde’s party were amazed and raised voices of admiration to the sight.

How is it? Still can’t believe it?

I can’t believe it either.

I stepped forward thinking that and walked on the stone pavement.

After advancing for a while, the actual scenery of the city can be seen.

「…Let’s start with the adventurers guild and decide on the size of the shops that will line up on the main street.」

When I said that, Dignity wriggled his body.

「Affirmative, boss. Then, let’s make it near the entrance of the city as planned. On the other side of the street is the guard station?」

「Ah, I asked of you.」

When I finished giving instructions, Dignity, who led the production job members, flew toward the entrance of the city.

We left the dumbfounded Brunhilde’s party behind. We walked along the stone pavement to the planned construction site.

While walking, we were greeted by  some Grado villagers. Brunhilde’s party, who regained sanity, joined us behind.

「E-everyone can use flight magic!」

「No, that’s not it, they flew with group flight magic.」



Ei, so noisy.

Or rather, Meldia should not react with chantless. You can do it too.

I walked to the entrance of the city while feeling a bit tired from the four noisy people.

Then, there was one huge square box.

Dignity noticed that I arrived. He opened his mouth while pointing at the box.

「Boss? Should this size suffice?」

I checked if after being asked by Dignity. This is as big as a two-story house.

Is this one size bigger that the adventurers guild in Ramblas?

「Hmm, I see. For now, lessen the space for eating and drinking. Making a public tavern or something next door will be fine.」

「Understood. Then, I’ll make it for the time being?」

Dignity said so and headed for the box.

「This is the adventurers guild…?」

「It has a very strange design.」

Brunhilde’s party were muttering while looking at the box. The appearance of the box suddenly changes after Dignity moved to it. They were surprised when it turned to a splendid building.

I think its appearance is based on gothic architecture?

It has a majestic atmosphere characterized by its vertically long windows.

It looks like a cathedral.

「…No, it doesn’t look like an adventurers guild.」

When I said that, Lagreat tilted his head.

「Really? I like it.」

「I do not dislike it, but …」

Alongside with Brunhilde’s party who solidified with their mouths open, I tilted my head looking at the adveturers guild cathedral.



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