Chapter 63 – Merchants’ Astonishment

Surprised by the appearance of the castle, the merchants showed astonished expression again as they entered the castle.

To the various furnitures, no, everyone was astonished at the stunning decorations.

「What a splendid elaborateness…Who made it?」

No, those are designed by a famous electronics manufacturer.

「This is a stunning statue…!? Th-this life size statue, by chance, is it made of mithril!?」

「Oh, you have a vulgar taste? That can be modified as an armor.」

「Na!? That simple…!?」

We walked in the hallway chatting like that.

We had a formal audience at the throne room then have dinner with everyone in the dining room.

My subordinates are about 15 excluding some production members and maid troops. The merchants at the dining room are about 21 people including escorts and slaves. By the way, there are exactly 40 of us in the dining room because Brunhilde’s party are participating too.

「No, I was truly surprised. There is no such splendid castle in the east and west even in the ancient times. The foods are also delicious and I have never eaten something like this before. 」

「If I have to add one more thing, there are only beautiful people here.」

Vian added those words to the line of Kubido.

Kubido accepts those words and smiles instinctively.

「Hahaha! Certainly certainly. There are only beautiful one’s here. At first, I thought His Majesty and everyone else were elves.」

Kubido says so in good spirits and puts the distilled liquor into his mouth.

The merchants occasionally talk to each other but they only talk about business.

「Yo-Your Majesty! How did you make this liquor…」

「Your Majesty, I have never eaten a meat like this which overflows with taste…」

「Yo-Your Majesty! There is no way that this candle holder is mi-mith…」

It was so exhausting to answer all their questions. When I thought that I should concentrate on the meal, Vian opened her mouth as if she had waited for the right timing.

「Everyone? His majesty cannot eat properly. Surely, you have never been to such a place. Normally, you should be a little more modest.」

To the polite but poignant words of Vian, the pandemonium of merchants shuts down.

「But as you say, it’s a really good meal. Nee, Kubido-san?」

When Vian says so, Kubid smiles lightly and nods.

「That’s exactly right. We’ll talk about business again tomorrow. Let’s not be rude to this wonderful dish. No, it’s really delicious.」

The two of them smile and say so. They are really distinct compared to other merchants.

I want this two to run the merchant guild in my country by all means.

I kept eating while thinking about it in my head.

It seems that there were commotions again on the big public bath and the outdoor bath that night.

The male merchants were deeply moved by the size and the elegance of the public bath.

In the outdoor bath, Vian, who took a bath with Brunhilde’s party, was greatly excited to the equipment and the scenery.

However, there is a problem.

The problem occurred late at night when everyone has gone to bed.

Thieves started to show up on my country.

The slave of the peddler called Naidil, Taj.

It is a boy who has black short hair, dark skin, dirty clothes, and a robe made by a cloth with sewn hole.

Considering Rembrandt Kingdom’s standard, he can be categorized as a good treated slave.

Those with slaves must guarantee housing, shelter and clothing to their slaves. They will be punished if they have done intolerable abuses to them.

However, that is the basic rule and there are others who does not follow it.

There are many peddlers like that who’s wandering around different countries.

The reason is that there are a lot of peddlers who come from Galland Empire and Maeas of the five major powers.

Neither Maeas or Galland handle slaves very well.

The corporal punishment for slavery is tolerated, and the meal and the bed are almost the minimum.

Galland Empire, who already is accustomed to that culture, and the peddler born Maeas, make money from abusing slaves.

Ironically, thanks to their active use of slaves, the two countries are always number one and two major economies even in the five major powers.

And Naidil was a peddler from Galland Empire.

Naidil went to Rembrandt Kingdom from the Galland Empire as a peddler. He heard the rumors of a dragon knight country in Ramblas and accompanied a peddler who used to go to Grado Village.

Taj had always acted together with Naidil.

When Naidil was taking a bath, Taj walked around the castle by himself and returned to the room of Naidil with a furniture place from the corridor.

The furniture was an ornament made of mithril and it was discovered in the bag of Naidil without any scratch.

In addition, Taj crime was noticed by Latte from the maid corps.

Because it’s still midnight, Taj was detained in the underground prison while being tied up.

Naidil was carried to a private room and was being guarded.

Because the arrest was made by Latte, an assassin of the maid corps, the incident ended without being noticed by other merchants and even by Brunhilde’s party.

This whole incident occurred in the middle of the night.

And I was informed while I’m in G.I.Jou.



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