Chapter 4 – Toilet

When people eat something, that something needs to go out.

I wonder if I should do it around here. I plowed around my tree crib so I’m troubled because my prospects are good.

And I think that doing it in a place I plowed will feel different but doing it in a place where I didn’t flow is troublesome if I consider plowing there in the future.

Feces and urine will eventually become fertilizer but the thing right after secretion is not yet a fertilizer.

It must be fermented first.

No, if I plow it with the hoe form of the all-purpose farming tool, it will definitely become a fertilizer but I’m somewhat reluctant to plow my excrement.

So, I have a place to sleep, water, fire, and food. The next thing I want to obtain is a toilet.


For now, with my tree crib on the center, I choose the opposite direction from where the well is.

It is a little far away because it will be troublesome if the smell comes out.

Think about the future, I dig the ground diagonally for about 2 meters.

I learned that I can’t get out if I dug straight.

I dug out the inner part wider to secure space.

This will be fine for several years.


It will be troublesome if the stored filth contaminate the groundwater so the hit the floor and the wall with a hammer to harden it.

As I thought, the soil solidified like concrete.

This will be fine.

Next, the above-ground part.

First, I block the hole which I dug diagonally with a wooden board.

The wooden board is a thing processed by the saw and chisel form of the all-purpose farming tool.

I don’t feel the difference with the things sold in a hardware store.

The wood will crack later if it won’t be dried but it seems that there is no need to dry the wood after using the saw and chisel form of the all-purpose farming tool.

The All-Purpose Farming Tool is convenient.

This passage will be the doorway to retrieve the filth from the toilet.

Next, I dug a hole straight to the estimated middle of the space I made underground.

I transformed the all-purpose farming tool like a huge corkscrew.

Because the length was around my height, I was worried whether it would reach the underground space. But as I turn the huge corkscrew, it safely reached the underground.

Shouldn’t I have done this when I dug a well?

At any rate, I arranged a wood board to block the hole and to act as a floor.

Then, I made a hole on that floor. I made a toilet seat and adjusted it to the hole on the floor and on the ground.

The toilet seat was made by cutting a good size tree and making it into a cylindrical shape.

It is not a japanese style but a western style.

It is a small sit-down type.

In order for the toilet seat not to slip, I processed the wooden floor and the seat to lock them together.


I transformed the all-purpose farming tool to a hammer and hammered pillars surrounding it in all directions.

I felt the lack of my height when hammering the pillar but since I made a wooden foothold, there is no problem.

The height of the pillars is about two meters.

Since the distance between pillars is about two meters, I think that I have made a space of a two-meter square.

Isn’t this too wide for a toilet?

No, it is better than being narrow.

Full open is embarrassing so I guess it’s a little wide.

TN: Full Open is written in english

Yes yes.

I carved a groove into the wooden pillars and processed wooden board to make wall by putting them on the grooves.

I made a wall on all sides and secured a doorway by removing a part of a wall.

I did not prepare a door so I arranged some woods side by side like a blind in a not far away place.

Yeah, that seems sufficient.

And the ceiling.

There is no ceiling.

I have a feeling of openness.

Let’s make that later.

For the time being, I drew water from the well using a large cup which is smaller than a bucket. I sit on the freshly made toilet.

I was able to fetch water for hand washing but where should I let it flow after using…

I made a blunder.

I did not prepare leaves as toilet paper substitute.

It was dangerous.

I ran into the forest and looked for leaves that feel good that I can use to wipe my butt.

I did not find any good leaves but I found a grass that feels good so I decide to use it.

I hope that this is good enough…

My defecate was close to the extent that I could not afford to experiment.


Good enough.

What a relief.

After that is the creation of the ceiling.

Because I don’t have the technology to make a slanted roof, I put a normal flat one.

A height of two meters is unexpectedly cramped.

Thinking about it, making a two-meter sliding door is a little too high.

Next time I build a building, I’ll consider the height a little more.

It was so dark and troubling when I built the ceiling so I made countless of small windows on top of the walls for lighting.

For lighting at night, I processed a wood in form of a brazier and laid ash on the part of the hole.

Since the brazier is made of wood, I’m worried whether it will burn…I’ll make some improvement later.

I want to prepare a tank-like thing for hand washing and toilet flushing… I don’t have the technology to create a water tank as a water reservoir so I cut a large tree.

Thanks to the all-purpose farming tool, I was more tired going back and forth to draw water to the tank-like thing than when I was making it.

Not being in a civilization is hard.

In any case, the toilet was completed.

I’m satisfied.



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