Chapter 10 – Dog?

Thirty days after the puppies were born.

The puppies grew considerably big and they looked like Kuro and Yuki now.

And a new discovery.

Horns started to grow from the puppy’s forehead.


When I look at Kuro and Yuki, I see that they have a broken horns on their foreheads.

It is probably the reason why Kuro and Yuki let me stroke their backs but not their heads.

From around the time when the horns of the puppies began to emerge, they let me pat their head but…

Their broken horn is painful.

Will it grow again?

Are they really dogs?

Well, I don’t particularly care about the horns growing.

This is a different world.

I don’t mind if they grow horns.

Maybe they are enduring pain with a smile.


Since you have horns that are shaped like a knife made of metal, I want you to stop rushing to me head on.

The crops in the field are growing up quickly and healthily.

Most of them are fruits. The strawberries and tomatoes are already turning red and seems to be harvestable already.

Carrots and potatoes are leafy which is something good.

It will be able to harvest soon.

These are the fields that I took care of when I divide the fields…..

Them growing up fast might be a result of me taking care of them.

In other words, it will be better to give water and fertilizer to them.

Next one would be the fields with crops that I gave fertilizer.

Then fields with crops that I water.

And fields with crops that I did nothing at all.

However, there are still crops in the fields that I didn’t do anything with.

Is that how this world works? Or is it all thanks to the all-purpose farming tool?

Anyway, when I thought about harvesting, I thought of a troubling situation.

There are too many to harvest.

I transformed to all-purpose farming tool to knife or scissors and harvest them. Even if I didn’t get tired harvesting them, just remembering it makes me feel dizzy.

The Kuros did not help me harvest.

I harvested those all by myself.

I don’t hate it.

I don’t dislike it ……

I have to do it.

I did my best.

I managed to finish it somehow but it took me six days to harvest 12 fields.

I intended the tree trunk to be the food storage place but since it didn’t fit, I began putting them to my own house.

Problem number 1.

Because the tomatoes are already ripe, they should be eaten in a hurry.

Fortunately, the Kuros ate them happily.

Problem number 2.

The strawberries are also ripe already so they should be eaten in a hurry.

Not all Kuros liked them.

Kurosan and Yuki ate them with pleasure.

The females like them but it seems that the males don’t.

They ate them happily.

Problem number 3.

We have to eat them soon before they get rotten.

TN: Problem 1, 2, and 3 are the same.

Problem number 4.

There is no seasoning.

Problem number 5.

There is no cooking utensil.


My life won’t get better with just farming.

Without salt, even boiled corn is tasteless.

And I want to make a rice paddy next.

Yes, if its rice, I can eat it just by cooking it…cooking utensils…Kuh.

Problems are piling up.

After harvesting and eating the harvests, I started making cooking utensils.

As for the pumpkin, it’s hard when raw.

I made a stone board for grilling.

I cut a large rock with the all-purpose farming tool, hook it and carry it, then arranged it in a way that I can put fire below.

Looking at it, it seems like a table made of stone.

It is possible for the all-purpose farming tool to cut the rock thinly but it will be difficult to ascertain the limit because the rock can crack by its own weight.

It was completed but I think it would be useless unless the stone board was heated for a long time.

This might be the limit for now.

Next, kitchen knife.

I can cut crops with the all-purpose farming tool but I want to make a kitchen knife that can cut meat.

It will also be made of stone.

I shaved a stone of moderate size into a kitchen knife and sharpen the blade part.

It cuts the rabbit meat with ease so it might be good enough.

I thought about making spares so I made three of them.

And a pot.

I begin making it by scrapping a big rock.

It will burn if it is made of wood.

I easily made one using the all-purpose farming tool but it’s heavy.

If I discovered clay someday, I’ll make a pot.

At any rate, the pot was completed.

I also made a matching lid made of stone but I imagined using it when it’s hot and abandoned it.

I decided to make the lid with wood.

It became a little troublesome because the Kuros got excited when they thought that it was a new flying disc.



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