Chapter 139 – Country of Beastkins

We went to the dark elves temple using the teleportation formation in the country of elves and met Canaan, the elder of the dark elves.

「Welcome, Ren-sama. Today, you can leave it to me.」

When Canaan said that to me and bowed, she paid more attention to my back.

「What is it?」

When Canaan directed her eyes to Alicequiteria, Alicequiteria tilted her neck, squinted her eyes, and smiled at Canaan.

On this occasion, Alicequiteria and Sherahamira have offered to accompany me on behalf of the high elves so I reluctantly allowed them.

Canaan looked at Alicequiteria with stern eyes and turned her face to me.

「I will guide you to the country of beastkins. May I take you there using group flight magic?」

「Oh, I ask of you.」

「Leave it to me.」

When I replied to acknowledge, Canaan said a single word to invoke a chantless group flight magic.

I had the feeling of my body being pulled up from the sky.

It’s the same magic as expected.

I thought of such a thing while looking at my companions who are floating in the sky.

We went up over the top of the trees and looked around. The mountain ranges that was the landmark when we were looking for the country of elves can be seen.

However, the highest mountain is very far.

「Oh, I heard that you are hidden in the elven forest but I never thought you’re location was quite far.」

When she heard it, Canaan nodded and opened her mouth.

「We are in the inner part of the forest. The area is quite vast and monsters also come out so it’s a place nobody can find.」


Certainly. The inhabitants of this world will not be able to enter the inner part of the forest.

Looking a little far away, I can see wyverns.

Perhaps you could say that to reach the hideout of the dark elves, you need to have an intermediate class ability in the game.

「Where is the country of beastkins located?」

「The beastkins territory is around that area.」

Canaan said that while pointing in the opposite direction from the country of elves.

In other words, the country of elves is in the northwestern part of the Galland empire and If you go east from there, you can go to the dark elves’ village and the country of beatkins in order.

The elves, dark elves, and beastkins’s strength are obviously different from a human but it seems that they can’t beat their number.

「Ren-sama, we will arrive soon.」

When I was thinking while watching the scenery of the surroundings absentmindedly, Canaan said that and started to descend to the ground.

A meandering river can be seen from the gaps of the trees. Apparently, there is a country along that river.

We dive in the branches of the trees, avoid the trunks, and we approach the river steadily.

The moment we see the river, the spectacle which seemed to be the country of the beast showed up.

Wooden houses built under the trees are lined up continuously along the river.

There were a lot of people with animal ears on their heads near the riverside. Some had already noticed us and raised their voices.

I can’t see a building that looks like a castle but there is a house under a tree better than any of the houses that are lined up on the riverside continuously.

That said house looks like a Japanese style house…Or an Asian style? It is because the roof is not made of tiles but wooden boards.

It looks like something that is created by someone with an architect job.

The beastkins looks like they are cats, dogs, foxes and so on but there are also individuals with round ear and long ear too. Are they bears and rabbits?

We landed on the river side while looking at the beastkin’s country.

「Elves! The elves came!」

「There’s also a beastman oneesan and oniisan!」

The beastkin children who were playing by the Riverside raised an innocent voice and made a noise.

As for the surrounding adult beastkins, they are not hostile. They are looking at us with a curious glance but they don’t give a bad feeling.

As I looked around, a tall male is walking towards this place.

That person is a big male with a rugged face, muscular body, and lovely ears on his head. He looks like a bear beastkin.

「… Did you come from the elf country?This is the beastkin country, Hinomoto…This is the southernmost village called Ryukyu.」

The male explained so politely while being cautious.

The name of the country is Hinomoto and the southernmost part is Ryukyu?


TN: Hinomoto = Nihon/Nippon =Japan. If you want more explanation read this. Ryukyu is an island chain in the southernmost part of Japan.

I have a feeling that the past apostle who left the country of elves made the country of beastkins.

While making such a guess, I looked up at the male’s face.

TN: I’ve been using male instead of man since it might be interpreted as that man = human male.

「I am the king of the country called Einherjar, Ren. These two are royals from the elven country, Alicequiteria and Sherahamira. The other one is Canaan, the elder of the dark elves. The rests are my subordinates, Lagreat, Soarer, and Laurel.」

When I said that, the man slightly opened his eyes and pulled in his chin.

「Forgive my ignorance but I do not know the name of that country. I’m sorry. I am Kuudai. You are accompanied by elven royalty and elder, in addition, you even have beastkin subordinates… I can’t think of you as a mere human king.」

The male who calls himself Kuudai looked at our faces in turns and tilted his neck.

His calmness and presence of mind means he’s used to dealing with people like us.

When I was thinking about such a thing, Canaan pushed her chest up and stepped forward.

「I know how you feel Kuudai. Please rejoice. The day we have been waiting for as the descendant of the attendant of the apostle of god has come! This is Ren-sama, the new apostle of god!」

When Canaan said such a big statement as if a deputy general introducing the leader of the country, Kuudai rounded his eyes and looked at me.

Then, he mysteriously compared Canaan and Alicequiteria.

「This person is a real apostle of god…? I wonder if he really is. Because the elves, who have the longest life space, were convinced, there might be really something like an apostle of god.」

Kuudai said those lines like he’s talking to himself.

To that attitude, Canaan frustratingly glared Kuudai.

「You are in the presence of the apostle of god, Ren-sama! Lower your head!」

When Canaan shouted so, Kuudai knitted his eyebrows and folded his arms.

「No, I’m sorry. But I do not really understand. Certainly, a lot of beastkins from the old days said that they were attendants of the apostle of god but what does that mean to us now? The present us are not attendants. There is no reason for us to lower our head.」

Kuudai said that in a manner that he really doesn’t understand what it means. I guess he is an obedient guy.

He is doubting what he heard in his head.

However, those words irritate Canaan further.

「Ho-how disrespectful! Did the bear beastkins reduce to a beast? How dare you forget the kindness of your master…!」

「Stop. Lagreat, restrain her.」

Canaan, whose blood vessels on her head was about to pop out, was restrained.

Canaan, who was suppressed by Lagreat in an instant, looked at me with a pale face but I did not mind her and looked at Kuudai.

「I apologize for her rudeness. It seems that her loyalty is too high that it ran wild. She’s not a bad person. Will you forgive her?」

When I asked him so, Kuudai gave out a short breath and nodded.

「I don’t mind. My way of speaking might have been bad. I’m a poor talker….but that boy there. I didn’t see his movement. He’s a fearful guy.」

Kuudai looked at Lagreat curiously. Lagreat just shrugged his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Sherahamira looked up at Kuudai with an anxious face.

「Ano, Kuudai-san…Did the beastkins already have forgotten their pride as an attendant? Does the king of beastkins thinks like that?」

When Sherahamira says so, Kuudai sighed and shook his head to the left and right.

「That is just my opinion. Even if my grandfather’s grandfather is a noble, I don’t take pride as a noble and is satisfied with my present life. There are possibly other people who takes pride in being an attendant but I really don’t know.」

Kuudai answered

Sherahamira looks sad but I understand how Kuudai feels.

Even if someone said that he’s a descendant of Prince Shotoku, I’ll only tilt my neck.

TN: Prince Shotoku is a semi-legendary regent and politician who served under Empress Suiko.

It has been more than 1400 years.

To high elves, it is the story of their grandfather or great grandfather.

Or the sixth or seventh generation of dark elves.

But for beastkins, it has been too long to even imagine.

Though the elves consented, I will not force them to become my follower.

I don’t want a war between the descendants of the former attendants.



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