Chapter 160 – Road Development and Transit Points

The morning came.

I stroked Rihanna’s beautiful long blonde hair on my chest with one hand. I raised my upper body.


Then I heard a strange voice from around my belly. When I dropped my line of sight, I saw a head with shiny gray hair comfortably riding on my belly. It’s Keira.

Judging from the bump on the bed, she seems to have slept by curling her body sideways.

She unexpectedly has a bad sleeping posture.

The beautiful gray-haired woman turned her head and looked up at me while narrowing her slightly wet eyes.

「W-why am I…」

「You’re a good follower but you have a bad master.」

「W-what do you mean by that?」

To my words, the beautiful gray-haired woman raised her body with a dubious face that made her upper body exposed.

I groaned upon seeing her beautiful proportion and the cuteness of the way she tilted her neck.

「Now, Keira is bad too.」


While she still has a question mark on her head, I drew the beautiful woman’s waist to me with one hand.

「This is punishment for Rihanna who’s pretending to be asleep.」


「I’m exposed…!?」

After finishing the fierce battle this morning, I’m now overlooking the dwarf blacksmith Camry, dark dwarf alchemist Mira, and human architect Dignity on the throne room.

Afterall, I was not able to go out of G.I.Jou yesterday. We discussed about the law and the direction where Einherjar will take on the future. I also gave various instruction on what to do in various places in the end.

This day, I would like to see various things.

While thinking of such a thing, I looked at the face of the three.

The three of them are kneeling to me who is sitting on the throne. When I looked down on them, they bowed again.

「Good morning. Now, what is the news about the road and the school in each town?」

When they heard me, Camry and Mira raised their faces.

「The school and the highway that connects big cities are now complete. However, there are no schools in small town and villages and the roads to them are still ongoing.」

When Camry said so, Mira nodded and looked up at me.

「About of the fort that master instructed to check, it would be a good help since there are a lot of thieves coming from the collapsed Galland Empire. However, the road that connects the fort to a city is still on hold, what should we do about it?」

Mira said that and looked up at me. That fort is a defense base near the border of the Galland Empire that I asked to be built during the war.

When we were laying down the road plan, the fort was built not just to spot invasion but to also become the entry route from the outside.

However, it is only a small base with 1,000 soldiers capacity.

「Is the road connecting the fort to a city necessary? Though it is inevitable to have a fort at the border, it might become a dangerous spot if the enemies were to attack it.」

When I asked back to Mira’s question, Mira tilted her little head and raised her face.

「There are quite a lot of thieves and bandits. They attack small villages sporadically so there are a lot of soldiers stationed there. Besides, it will ease the mental suffering of the soldiers if there is a better road that will make the peddlers and prostitutes to easily come and go…」

I nodded while stroking my chin with my fingertips upon hearing Mira’s opinion.

「Indeed. Peddlers and prostitute.」

When I said so, Mira puffed her cheeks.

「Please try to conceal your desire, master.」

Mira said that as she pouts.

Hnn? She responded like she was sexually harassed.

I looked down at Mira and crossed my arm while having some delicate feeling.

「Well, I originally thought that of expanding the not only the domestic highways. That will be good.」

When I said that to Mira, she recovered her mood and replied.

I turned my eyes to Dignity.

「Now, the excellent architect that completed majority of the work I requested, Dignity.」

When I exaggeratedly said that and called Dignity, Dignity raised his face and looked up at me with an unpleasant expression.

That tall okama seems to didn’t like my exaggerated words.

「Did I do some great things boss?  Calling someone in that way will make them uneasy while waiting for the next order, don’t you think?」

Dignity said so while embracing his whole body with both hands while kneeling on the floor.

I smiled wryly while watching Dignity. I raised one eyebrow and opened my mouth.

「No, it’s not that difficult but it is a large-scale work. Two location. I want you to make cities that will become the transit station between the capital and Ramblas and between Ramblas and Selenia. Rather than a straight line, move them a little to the south in order to be further from the border of the Galland Empire. 」

When I said so, Dignity’s eyes sparkled and looked up at me.

「Eh!? I can design the cities from scratch!? And I can also do as I like!?」

When I said that, the excited Dignity looked at me excitedly.

I nodded shallowly and ordered Dignity.

「It will be the city of water that utilizes canal. Create a new flowing river to be able to easily carry a large number of goods. There are also instances in the past where the river overflowed and flooded so it will be good for disaster prevention to make a branch.」

When I informed Dignity, he nodded delightfully.

「City of water…Good! Very good! My creative design is overflowing that it will come out from my nose!」

Dignity is twisting his body while shouting and has an ecstatic look on his face. Perhaps, blood will come out from his nose.

I looked at Dignity who’s itching and laughing to start building the city and opened my mouth.

「…However, there is a problem. We must first make a wall surrounding the beastkin country for their protection.」

As I said that, Dignity made an unpleasant face as if a disgusting insect appeared in front of him.

I made a wry smile and asked Dignity again.

「I want you to complete the walls before the air transport begins. I would like you to listen to the country of beastkins citizens and properly set as many gates as necessary.」

I said that to Dignity and stared at him. Then, Dignity averts his face from me while blushing.

TN: Yaoi

「I-I understand! It is like just another order from boss, right!? I really want to build that city now!?」

The reddened face Dignity shouted so.

That the tall okama is angry, I guess it’s just him being a tsundere.

While thinking of such a thing, I stared at Dignity and Dignity stared back at me.

「About the wall that I’ll build for the country of beastkins, is it around their country of per city?」

「Their country is long vertically. It might be hard even for you but… I would like you to adapt to the circumstances of that place. 」

When I answered Dignity’s question, he puffed his cheeks and lifted his face. Although he looks like Mira a little while ago, the destructive power is different.

「…I will finish it in 3 days. I’ll make it so excellent that everyone will be surprised! Look forward to it! 」

「Ah, I ask of you. 」

Though I nodded, I unintentionally laughed because of Dignity’s dialogue. Dignity’s face has become redder but it is due to anger.

Well, he’s probably just being a tsundere.



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