Chapter 186 – S Rank Adventurers Have No Money…!

The S-rank adventurer party is demanding a sports athlete wage.

I smiled at the girls and said Isn’t that a bit expensive?. The answer I heard as a reply is quite shocking.

Our equipments will break soon, the repair fee…ah, one magic potion is also at least 10,000 dinar a piece…

Brunhilde said that equipments of premier S-rank adventurers are considered first-class items so the repair fee is astronomical.

Though it will be considerably cheaper if they are the ones to provide the materials but it is not feasible because it takes too much time.

In addition, magic potions are expensive too?

One piece is 10,000 dinar which is about 1 million yen?

1 million yen for a nutritional drink…!

What kind of emperor will buy such a liquid at that price?

Well, the reward we’ll give the silver wind is 500 million yen.

Now, this is something embarrassing…the king which is also the apostle of god is haggling.

While thinking that, I looked at Oguma who’s facial muscles are relaxed. I think I know how to move silver wind.

First of all, my purpose is to gather members who can fight so I’ll arrange the equipments.

I’ll lend all those members the most powerful equipments temporarily.

Having them equip the highest grade equipments might raise their level value from 50 to 60.

Then, if it goes well, five of them can suppress one.

Hmm? Is my calculation correct?

Should I break the 10 of them into groups of three, three, and four?

Though the balance of each party is good, there are still quite a few of them.

What should I do?

While thinking of such a thing, I took everyone to G.I.jou.

Well, I’ll equip them all anyway so I brought them to the treasure warehouse.

A huge orichalcum door decorated with mithril. It looks quite flashy but since this is a treasure warehouse, this door is really sturdy.

It seems like everyone is already accustomed to mithril so they did not think much of the door. I opened the door quickly.

After opening the door, a corridor appeared with another door at the end of it.

When I opened that door, at last, the spectacle from the treasure warehouse shows up.

At the back of that door is a room similar to a gymnasium. It is spacious and various armors and treasures are lined up like a museum.

By the way, the one luxuriously displayed are unique event items.

I thought of collecting all kind of weapons and armors but I gave up because there are too many.

As such, equipments for each type of characters are grouped. The strongest set equipment for each job is complete.

A-amazing…mountain of treasures…

Ataratte expressed such a thing while everyone else was stunned.

The gold and silver treasures in the back are optional item which is useless in the game. I purchased set gold and silver equipments as interior decorations.

But now that they’ve become real, are they now considered genuine treasure?

While thinking of such a thing, I looked at the exhibits of shimmering weapons.

Brunhilde, how about this one? I’ll lend it to you.

I said so and pointed at the long sword of roaring thunder. It is a long sword that is emitting pale white line at looks overly decorated.

But those decorations are magic carved seal so they are more for functions rather than design.

C-can it be…I-is that a magic sword?

Brunhilde, whose eyes are pinned on the sword, muttered so. I gently nodded and opened my mouth.

Long sword of roaring thunder. Although you need to infuse a little magic power, activating its effect is similar to giving the opponent an attack comparable to a blow. It is made of orichalcum so this is way stronger than mithril.

…T-that is

Brunhilde swallowed her saliva upon hearing my commentary.

I looked for another weapon and called Meldia.

This is for you.

That is…

As I point her the wand made of mithril, Meldia brought her eyes close to the mithril wand.

Mithril wand of magic. It obviously increases magical power and besides that, it increases the magic power capacity and magical power regeneration too. Very useful.

T-to say too many advantageous…

Meldia looks like she wants to complain about my commentary but her eyes never left the wand.

Her body is honest.

Next, I decided to look for a large sword for Oguma.

After arranging everyone’s equipments, the silver wind has replaced all their equipments entirely.

Brunhilde is now fully equipped with orichalcum including the long sword of roaring thunder.

Meldia is now equipped with mage equipments that emphasize magic power including the mithril wand of magic.

Ataratte is now equipped with speed oriented equipments including the dagger of gale.

Marina is now equipped with defense-oriented priestess equipments including the staff of saints.

Oguma now has a big sword and a full-plate mail made of orichalcum called nirvana of truth mail which emphasizes defensive power.

With the effect of the magic items, everyone should have power up.

By the way, Dan’s full mithril equipments are inferior to orichalcum in terms of defensive power but it is superior to one made of orichalcum in terms of physical strength enhancement due to magic carved seals.

Sherry is also equipped with the ideal equipments for mage. Rihanna and Keira also received the equipments best for them too.

I chose items I like to some degree.

After equipping everyone, I looked at them satisfied.

Then, Oguma stared at me with a cramped face.

…Is there a little less elegant equipment for me?

When Oguma said that, Brunhilde and the others shoulders trembled until bursting into laughter.

bu fu!

Say it before wearing it!

Oguma looked at the laughing Brunhilde’s party seriously.

Oguma’s full plate mail, the nirvana of truth, is an skeleton motif mail.

His helmet is a goat skull and his shoulders have human skulls on it.

Dan and Sherry are looking at Oguma, who’s wearing a full plate mail decorated with skeletons all over, with sympathy.

I like it but it seems like Oguma unexpectedly dislikes it.



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