Chapter 24 – Loo

The name of the vampire is Lulushi = Loo.

I have tried calling her in a number of ways but it eventually becomes Loo.

By the way, the way she addressed me changed from Savage, Erotic Beast, Bastard, Village Chief, and now Husband.

TN:….it’s super effective.

Because I accepted Loo, the kuros accepted her too.

I was careless so when she met Zabuton and her spiderlings, she fainted.

Although she’s a vampire, she’s still a woman.

One would normally be surprised if she saw a giant spider with a lot of big spiders.

After she recovered, she somehow accepted my explanation.

However, she was startled when Zabuton sneaked behind her.

Loo doesn’t necessarily need blood, she can also eat the foods that I eat.

She especially likes tomato.

Though she fought with the kuros, they got along well as they have similar taste.

Zabuton requested me for potatoes so I cooked using tomatoes and potatoes.

A shocking truth was found out because of that.

It started when Loo ate what I cooked.

「You didn’t add salt? 」

「There is no salt. I looked for it but can’t find it.」


I would never forget Loo’s expression during that time for the rest of my life.

I accompanied Loo to the well.

It is the first well that I dug diagonally.

I thought that we’re going to the bottom but we stopped somewhere near the entrance. She knocked on the wall and tried to cut off a part of it.

The ground around there is hard.

Really hard.

Therefore, she just shaved off the rock like wall.

Loo and I returned and boiled it in a pot with water.

「If you boil it like this, salt will come out.」


「Once the all the water boils, what will be left is salt.」


I obtained the salt that I desire.

A few days later, we finally made salt.

The food now has saltiness.

It seems that in this area, there is no rock salt but there is a layer of soil salt.

The depth is about 50 centimeters from the ground. Is the whole forest covered with that?

Well, the plants in this forest seem to be special.

By the way, thanks to the AFT, the crops are growing in the fields.

But because of it, we won’t be able to extract salt from the soil in the fields.

I offer my prayer to the shrine I made near the big tree.

Changing the topic.

I checked the surface of the reservoir if there is salt soil there.

Kuh…there is.

The salt layer might dissolve into the water so I took some soil from another place to cover the layer of salt soil and beat it with a hammer. I beat it again and again to harden it.

Loo seems to be able to make her own clothes using magic.

The first time I met her, she was stark naked. It seems that she needs magical power to maintain the clothes. She was wounded that time so she was not able to.

Magical power.

Magical powerrr.

I was impressed when I saw Loo making fire with magic.

Going back to the topic, Loo can make clothes with magical power but now she’s wearing clothes made by Zabuton.

It seems like the clothes Zabuton makes are better than the nobles have so Loo likes it a lot.

By the way, Loo can freely change her body size, during the day she makes her body smaller similar to a junior high school student.

As for the reason why she’s bigger at night and smaller at day…it seems like in order for me to be prudent.

TN: In short, MC won’t lay his hands on Loo when she looks like a loli.

So she wants me to be prudent…

I’ll be prudent, a little.

TN: It seems like erotic beast-san doesn’t have much self-control.

Well, since the residents have increased, I need to prepare more for winter.

We’ll be in trouble if I don’t…But since I already have planned various things since spring, it won’t change that much because the population only increased by one.

Conversely speaking, I’m glad that the number of people who can harvest increased.

Since Zabuton’s spiderlings can’t harvest root crops…

「No way, that’s dirty…」

Loo seemed to oppose doing farm work in the beginning but after 2 – 3 days, she no longer minds it.

Her adaptive power is over 9000.

TN: Supposed to be “She has high adaptive power.”

After eating, before sundown.

I asked Loo if she can teach me magic.

I managed to understand the theory but I can’t use it.

Loo said, I’m a person with no magical talent.


It seems that people with no magical talent can learn magic in about 10 to 20 years, however, the magic they can learn is limited on litting a bonfire.

Well…it’s not worth the effort.

Loo can use variety of magics.

It seems that she’s a famous mage before she comes here.

In short, she can use variety of magic because she studied different type of magic.

Among them is light magic that is useful in daily lives.

In the darkness of the night, the place where she casted magic will be moderately bright.

It seems like if it is casted before the night, it will roughly last until dawn.

Moreover, the insects won’t go near the light magic compared to a bonfire.

It’s really convenient.

The downside is that it requires magical power to turn it off.

I currently find it useful in lighting the toilet.

「I can use various powerful offensive magic…」

When morning came, I also asked her to lit the fire.

「No, you don’t have to cast something at that level…」

Winter has come.

I worked hard in various ways until spring.

TN: According to the trailer and LN’s illustration, the vampire’s name is Loo. After two chapter, I’ll also follow the trailer and will name the angel Tier.



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