Chapter 194 – Hastur’s Subjugation

—Brunhilde’s POV—

「…we survived.」

When Meldia said so, Marina nodded to agree.

「To be honest I never thought we could evade all of it. Those continuous tentacle and magic attack were dangerous.」

「I’m at my limit too. If I’m not equipped with my present equipment, I’ve already died three times…we barely manage to reach this far due to the equipment we got from Ren-sama.」

As I answered, Ataratte with her throwing knife ran to where I am.

「This is bad. Rihanna-sama’s group can barely dodge.」

「I thought their movement got better compared from the beginning but it is hard for them as expected.」

I nodded at Ataratte’s words and set up my sword again.

Although we managed to attract Hastur’s attention equally, our group might need to attract 60 to 70 percent of its attention.

I recognize their ability but our group’s experience outweighs theirs so I have no choice.

「I’ll cut it! Meldia prepare to shoot it!」

I began running after I said that and Ataratte run with me by my side.

「Do not go straight! I’m twice faster than you but even I can’t evade it in close range!」

「Understood! By the way, is the poisoned knife working!?」

「I don’t know! I have hit it five times already!」

Ataratte and I are talking like that as we approach Hastur’s back. Hastur turned around and shook its tentacle arm at us.

Countless of rod-like tentacles sweep us like whips.

A large number of tentacles approached fast as they covered my view. I somehow managed to set up my shield and sword into a defensive posture.

I received a storm of shock as if my shield was hit by a troll with its club.

「Guh!? Ah ahhh!」

I’m not sure if I was hit by 10 or 20.

At that moment that is as long as a blink of an eye, I received a shock that could break my whole body. I was blown away and rolled to the ground.

I felt the rugged stone on the ground with my exposed skin and long grass stabbing my cheeks.

Though that should have been a little painful, I didn’t notice it because of the intense pain in my arm.

It was my first time receiving an attack but that man named Dan has received it two or three times.

How on earth did he manage to endure it?

Though he is wearing heavy equipments, he’ll still feel incredible impact.

「A-are you okay!?」

Ataratte ran next to me and asked.

I checked the surrounding while raising my upper body and saw Hastur casting magic towards Meldia.

「…I’m okay. I was blown away with a single attack. Next time, it will be the one receiving blow.」

When I said so, Ataratte knitted her eyebrows towards me.

「We can’t attack it without approaching it. Evading its attack is already the limit of my ability.」

「Don’t worry. We can do it this time.」

When I replied to Ataratte, she pouted in dissatisfaction.

She’s worried and I understand what she wanted to say without her saying it.

Presently, Meldia and Attaratte, and Rihanna-sama and Sherry are attacking Hastur in turn.

Hit and evade. It is possible to evade if this pattern continues. Though this type of battle is considerably good, when Hastur attacks continuously, it is impossible to fight back and they must desperately evade.

When that happens, the other group had to attack to attract its attention but Hastur’s attack is gradually increasing.

「Though I’m not good at this, I’ll slash it while running…」

When I said that as I stood up, Atarrate throws her throwing knife at the back of Hastur.

Hastur extends its tentacles towards Ataratte while its other hand turns towards Dan.


That is what I thought the next moment. A magical black light was casted towards Dan but he avoided it by rolling diagonally on the ground and succeeded getting closer to Hastur.

I heard a shout full of spirit from a distance with my ears, it is Dan.


Dan howled as he shook his mithril longsword on his right hand to Hastur.

There are white afterimage in the air, Dan’s strike is fast.

Hastur’s right arm was amputated from the elbow and flew in the air.


After seeing his moves, I was impressed and said that.

Before we fight Hastur, I was sure he is a heavy warrior like Oguma.

However, the way Dan move just now is simply faster than me.

We also received equipments from Ren-sama so it shouldn’t be because of equipments.

Then why?

「…I can’t lose.」

I, who is an S rank adventurer, will not be easily defeated.

I stared back at Hastur who’s growing tentacles from his amputated right arm and stepped forward.

Dan also managed to endure a blow from the tentacle of Hastur as he falls back.

Meldia casts magic when Hastur tried to pursue the withdrawing Dan.

Hastur tilted its body to evade Meldia’s wind magic as it cuts down a tree. Hastur’s attention was drawn by Meldia.


I saw the heaven-sent opportunity and dashed at Hastur at once.

This time, I run diagonally in order to make a sneak attack aiming at Hastur’s back.

Hastur is silent then suddenly turned around and shook his tentacle left arm aiming at me.


I slide into the ground at the last minute and manage to escape Hastur’s attack with just scratches. I run again towards Hastur.

Immediately after an attack, even if its an evil god, there will surely be an opening.

I held my sword horizontally and loaded it with magical power while running.

「Eat this!」

I swing my sword with all my power aiming at Hastur’s abdomen.

At that moment, my sword gave off a pale white light and a sound of air vibration resounded.

The sword hits Hastur’s abdomen. I’m certain because I felt the impact on my hand.


Immediately, after I said that, the sound of air vibration gets twice as loud. Suddenly, I felt a chill down my spine.

I, who’s instinct kicks in, kicked the ground immediately and took a distance from Hastur with a sideway jump.

The next moment, a tremendous sound like a thunder falling in front of me echoed as Hastur appeared to be wrapped in light.

No, from what I see, it’s not like thunder. It is really thunder.

That flash of light and that tremendous sound is Hastur being swallowed by thunder.

As I was stunned by the dazzling light, the thunder quickly disappeared. Hastur, who lost its upper body, appeared.

TN: Yeah, it’s really written as thunder and not lightning.

「W-we won.」

At the same time I instinctively said that, Hastur’s lower body convulsed.

And countless number of tentacles grew from around its waist.

Each of the tentacles moves in a complex manner. They eventually turned towards me as if each has its own eye.


Run away.

My instinct screamed like that.

My body starts moving on its own.

However, faster than that, a black torrent of light from the tentacles shoots towards me.


A silhouette of a person wearing black leather armor appeared in front of me. It stood up against the black light to cover me so I held my breath unintentionally.


As I shouted, Ren-sama stretched his hand towards the black light and put up a barrier.

A thin, film-like barrier spreads all over in a blink of an eye.

To put up a barrier in an instant is surprising enough but it seems like he put up multiple barriers.

Soon enough, the black light collides with the barrier causing violent and destructive sound that is painful to the ear.

That roaring sound resounded for a few seconds. That explosion also dyed the surrounding white.

The result? Anxiety. I don’t think that Ren-sama’s barrier would be able to stop Hastur’s magic.

Ren-sama looked at me while smiling wryly.

「That was dangerous. It broke through two of my barriers.」

I was stunned with Ren-sama’s word as he ran towards Hastur.

No way. Are you saying you made three or more barriers in an instant?

「…..ha, haha. We’re living in a different world…」

I mutter so while looking at Ren-sama’s back.

Hastur, who lost its upper body, became countless of tentacles. Each tentacle is moving in a strange and complicated manner and they’re also casting magic too.

Two, three magic are being casted at the same time. The tentacles are also moving really fast regardless if it’s up, down, left, or right.

Who can fight something like that?

Ren-sama evades and parries all of those violent attacks with one sword. In addition, he also counter-attack.

Everyone, including me, was captivated by Ren-sama and Hastur’s one on one battle.



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