Chapter 198 – The Saintess and the Evil God?

Rihanna, Meldia, and Sherry’s long-range fire magic are cast consecutively.

Flames and explosions are blowing up like a scene in a war movie.

The saint army is gradually advancing as their number decrease.

The other party is advancing fast since it takes time to cast magic.

As the saint army approaches gradually, the vanguards Dan and Brunhilde set up the weapons in their hands.

Though it is possible to cast magic while withdrawing, I judged it to be better this way in order to have much better response in each situation.

When the front line of the saint army stepped into the distance of 20 meters to the place where we are, silhouettes of a person appeared to their left and right.

On the right side is Tiamoe holding a staff and on the left side is a tall slender man.

The man is wearing something like a tattered black coat. His black hair extends down to his waist, he has black skin and a pair of cloudy yellow eyes.

The man is looking straight at us and is walking while swaying.


I shout out as soon as I saw the man whose black from head to toe and looked at Brunhilde.

「Dan, Brunhilde! I entrust the woman on the left to you! Marina, assist everyone! Everyone else, protect the rear guards!」

「! Affirmative!」


Everyone moves quickly according to my minimal instructions.

After confirming it, I jumped out of the highway.

At the same time, the chant of the rear guards were completed and the magic casted.

「Scorching true fire!」

Dark Inferno!」

Crimson Explode!」

The three of them shouted at the same time and the saint army was swallowed by roaring flames.

The rage lasts in an instant but the blast blows down everything around the point of impact.

Under such circumstances, I landed on the ground. I lowered my stance and started running towards Nyarlathotep.

The yellow cloudy eyes of Nyarlathotep move around in accordance to my movement.

Air raid!

「Judgement of the earth」

I swung down my sword at Nyarlathotep using a skill. Nyarlathotep used a skill too with his low voice.

Using the skill, the blade of my sword is covered by wind increasing my attack power and range.

However, with the skill Nyarlathotep used at the same time, white light appeared at his feet.

Along with that white light, cracks appeared on the ground. Energy waves and countless of fragments blow up in the air.

The torrent of that energy stopped the momentum of my sword. A large portion of the earth blocked my sword.

「Breath of the earth」

It might have judged that I became defenseless.

Nyarlathotep mutters that and activates another skill.

Nyarlathotep extends one of its hand and tries to hit me, whose hands are both above my head, with its palm.

Immediately afterwards, dark red lava gushed out from the cracked ground. It dyed my sight red.

If a level 50 person was hit by that, he’ll immediately die.

Especially if he doesn’t have a barrier.

As for me, I fell on the lava on the ground and ran around to look for Nyarlathotep.

Suddenly, Tiamoe appeared in my sight. The moment I saw the staff in her hand, my eyebrows knitted.

The staff of the dead.

Tiamoe is a necromancer after all. Is Nyarlathotep a corpse and she’s manipulating it?

However, I don’t think that it is possible for a necromancer to defeat Nyarlathotep in a one on one battle.

In other words, she has companions.

Then, does that mean that if I beat Tiamoe, who’s controlling Nyarlathotep, I will save time to complete this game?

At any rate, there is no point in targeting Tiamoe for now since I’m the only one here that can oppose Nyarlathotep.

After thinking about that, I broke through the lava rain and got close to Nyarlathotep.

「Five stage slash!」

I activated a skill that is a series of strike and in order for Nyarlathotep to be unable to counterattack, I cast magic at the same time.


The condensed wind was shot after I adjusted its course slightly. Nyarlathotep was nailed down at its position and even Tiamoe, whose tens of meters away from us, were affected by it.

Or should I say, she was affected and damaged by the knockback effect of that magic. However, Nyarlathotep seemed to be affected by it for only a moment.

On the other hand, Tiamoe has not set a barrier so her stance broke allowing Brunhilde and the others come closer.

With this, the other side might be able to give Tiamoe a single blow.

Now is a short-term decisive battle. Everyone should take advantage of this moment to knock out the opponent.

If this was the game, I feel that I would have to fight for at least 20 minutes but this time, I intended to end everything in five minutes…..

「Demon’s claw」

At the same time I braced myself and turned my sword to Nyarlathotep, Nyarlathotep activated a skill.

Countless black flames swirl to surround us and something like a white crescent comes out of the flame.


The moment I saw it, I immediately withdrew backward.

The next moment, nearly 20 white objects are flying to me drawing different orbits.

Though their speed isn’t something to be afraid of, those who know of this attack knew how frightening it is. It is something unavoidable.

If you won’t move, you’ll be chopped by white claws from all directions.

I withdrew because I learned to deal with it during the game. It will be possible to deal with them if they the attack is coming from the front.

「Even so….! It’s not easy to evade!」

I evaded most of the claw that is approaching at high speed and parried two with my sword.

After dealing with all the attacks, I ran as is crawling in the ground and shook my sword.

The moment my sword was about to hit Nyarlathotep, I quickly activated a skill.

「Five stage slash!」

I successfully hit the nearly defenseless Nyarlathotep with my sword skill. I greatly destroyed its stance with my continuous sword strikes.

「Five stage slash!」

I now aimed at the upper body of Nyarlathotep and activated the skill again.

Shoulder, back, belly, waist, and finally a slash to the head.

I looked at Nyarlathotep who’s lifted in the air after I slash its upper body and quickly tried to pursue it.

However, I saw Nyarlathotep’s cloudy yellow eyes looking at me. It moved his mouth and I reflexively rolled sideways and took some distance.

「Six black awn」

By the time Nyarlathotep muttered that, I already evaded.

Black lights fly to the ground with Nyarlathotep as its center. The black lights quickly formed a huge hexagonal star of about 20 meters in diameter.

Immediately afterwards, black light was irradiated from the ground to the shape of that hexagonal star.

Though I managed to evade at the last minute, two of my barriers were destroyed.

At a distance, I saw dozens of saint army soldiers broke down together with the armor.

It’s a frightening attack but I unintentionally raised the edge of my mouth at that moment.

It is a well integrated defensive and offensive battle technique but it has a weakness.

When the hexagonal star disappears, Nyarlathotep will be unable to move for about 1 to 2 seconds.

I set up my sword again and looked at the thinning light of the hexagonal star. I open my mouth.

Rough vortex!

When I mutter so, a whirlpool of dense wind wraps my body.

Though it will be impossible for me to put barriers while wearing this magical wind, my attack power and speed will increase.

If I use a skill under such condition, Nyarlathotep will surely receive fatal damage.

I raised my sword to my eye level and lowered my waist.

The light of the hexagonal star is now thinner and Nyarlathotep’s figure is gradually appearing.

And, the hexagonal star on the ground disappeared completely.

After confirming it, I jumped towards Nyarlathotep.

「Five stage slash!」

With the feeling of exerting all my strength, I shook my sword.



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