Chapter 36 – Construction Rush and the Surrounding Circumstances?

Construction continued even after my house’s completion.

Workshop, drying cabin, and food smoking cabin were made.

According to the elves, those food processing places are necessary.

Especially the food smoking cabin.

By smoking meat, we will be able to preserve them for a long time.

Regarding the crops.

In addition to the regular crops such as tomatoes and potatoes, I planted a lot of seasoning.

I was able to harvest pepper.

I’m presently drying them.

The lemon tree has not bear fruit yet.

Wasabi needs a paddy field so it is not possible to plant them yet.

Sesames were harvested.

Red peppers were harvested.

Gingers were harvested.

The olive tree has not bear fruit yet.

Next year, I will plant cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, cumin, laurel, etc. I want to cook curry in the future.

For the time being, I’m still in the testing phase of the seasoning so the production volume is still small. I’m still trying to plant different types of them.

All for delicious foods.

As for the regular crops, the harvest was good as usual.

The drying and processing of crops that require them such as wheat and rice are being developed by the elves.

I’m saved.

After the completion of the waterway and the bath, I’m thinking that I want bamboo as a material for fences but….

Since bamboo increased their numbers with the influence of the field, it will surely be affected if I raised them in a poor place so I raised them in a distant corner of the forest.

The place is about 10 by 10 meters.

I’m currently experimenting on it.

I started a while ago just before Rafa’s group appeared.

When I tried to look at it before the winter, the bamboo’s are already growing up.

But only on the 10 by 10 meters of land that I plowed.

They have not grown outside of it.

Still, why only at the place where I plowed?

Well, the growth rate in the places I plowed is amazing.

I think that’s good enough.

For the time being, I decided to take some bamboo home to make things that use bamboo material.

The bamboo cup I just made by only cutting was light so it became popular.

The winter has come.

The comfort of living in the new house was not bad.

Sometimes, the kuros come to play because the place is huge.

They are enjoying playing chess around the brazier that was installed in the middle of the hall.

They are more elegant than me.

The elves are making iron products during this winter.

I did not participate in any way in the making and processing of iron.

I watched them and noticed that I, although painful, can’t help them.

So I tried hard on cooking.

The power of seasoning is great.

No matter how busy they are, except to those elves who’s turn to use the furnace, we all got together during mealtime at the kitchen.

I want miso and soy sauce.

I also want dairy products and eggs.

I have to think about a method to obtain them…..but there is only one way to do so.

I must buy it in some other place.

Until now, I have never been interested in the place outside but now that I thought of it, Loo, Tier, and the elves came from the outside.

Other people exist.

There might even be towns and villages.

There is a high possibility that there are cows and chickens there.

It might be a good idea to buy cows and chickens from them.

Thinking about it some more……


I made a farm here without permission…..Is this someone’s territory?

Will they get angry at me?


「Loo 」


「This place…Is this someone’s territory?」

「This place…you mean this land?」


「I don’t think this is someone’s territory…but if we’re talking about the surrounding’s sphere of power, we are in the demon king’s sphere of influence.」

「Demon king?」


「……………….demon king, as in the demon king?」

「That’s right….is there something wrong?」

「Etto…won’t the demon king complain that I selfishly created a farm here without permission?」

「You’re worrying about that? It is fine. This place is under his sphere of influence but he doesn’t own this land so he can’t collect tax. Also, they did not lend you a hand when husband is making this place, right?」

「No, not at all.」

「Then, it’s definitely all right. Husband made this place alone so this is husband’s territory.」

「….Is that how it works?」

「That’s how it works.」

I see.

But still, the demon king.

……he must be a frightening existence.

Thought it makes me feel uneasy…I totally forgot about it when I was cooking.

There is no point of fearing the demon king I never met.

I’ll just deal with the problem in front of me.

The population increased with the addition of five elf females.


Rafa’s group is similar to Ria’s group, they look like university students, or maybe high school students?

Every one of them is beautiful.

Though it might be wrong to complain but….

I must protect my “chastity”.

The things that are important….I placed them in my heart.

I have prepared my heart several steps ahead.

Do your best, me.



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