Chapter 207 – The Beastmen and Elves’ Rhapsody

<Allied Forces’ First Army>

Seeing the imperial army approaching while making a rumbling sound on the ground, the kingdom’s soldiers started making sounds with their teeth while trembling.

But that doesn’t mean they are shameful.

Because I can’t stop shaking in excitement either.

「…Fuuten-dono, do you fear the 300,000 enemies?」

I heard that question from someone standing next to me.

Looking at the person next to me, I saw an evil looking guy who’s glaring at the imperial army. He is Togou, the representative of a small country. He is a small and slim man but he doesn’t even flinch even if he’s before my gigantic figure.

「I’m not sure if I’m scared or not. What I’m sure of is that I feel something rising.」

When I told him so, Togou nodded slightly and put his hand to the weapon on his waist.

「….I understand what you feel. But I will not hand over the preys that will come here.」

「Fu, hahaha! Let’s be careful of not taking each other’s prey.」

I instinctively laughed like a child to what Togou has said and looked back at the imperial army. I never thought that we have time to play around.

While I’m laughing, the imperial army approaches.

Though I’m supposed to command the allied forces on the north side, it seems like I wouldn’t be able to do so because I plan to rampage.

I raised the edge of my mouth and opened it.

「Now, soldiers! Fight to your heart’s content! Rearguards, hit their back row according to plan!」

When I issue the order, the reply from soldiers is enough to shake the atmosphere.

I feel elated and hot from the depths of my body.

Sword hitting each other resounded. Shouting at each other, body colliding with each other, I kicked the ground and roared unconsciously.

<Allied Forces’ Second Army>

Apparently, it seems like the north side has engaged with the enemy.

You can see that the atmosphere on the battlefield has changed. As if there is some sort of heat being transmitted to everyone.

「Saharoseteri-sama! We are about to clash too!」

When my companion said so, I lifted my face.

It is the sign that everyone is waiting for my command. I believe that this is the first time for the last hundreds of years.

Seeing the moderate tension, I smiled and opened my mouth.

「First of all, everyone in the front line! Please strengthen the defense and endure the opponent’s rush! If you found it possible to attack, do so! Magicians and archers at the back, please be ready to attack!」

When I issue my command, I heard a loud reply from over 20,000 soldiers.

Though it is loud enough to make one’s body cower, I did not feel that it’s unpleasant. It seems like war cry from allies will make you brace your heart.

When I thought of such a thing, the king of a small country behind me, King Kaishek, opened his mouth and smiled faintly.

「That command feels quite comfortable. This is the day that I’ll see the magic of elves that I only heard of. I’m highly spirited for my age….originally, kings like us shouldn’t appear in war.」

After saying so, I smiled at Kaishek and laughed.

Although he’s a very suspicious person, the organization Ren-sama made, the international alliance, should be broad minded enough to unify.

As various opinions come out, we examine them all and choose from them. Such a thing is difficult but since Ren-sama said it is possible, then it is definitely possible.

「Oh, the front line has clashed. Shall we cast magic?」

「Ah, no, since the front line has just started to engage.」

We should lure them close enough before hitting them. That is Ren-sama’s instruction.

The tactics of the imperial army are simple, assault with number. Normally, such tactic would be effective against the international alliance in this vast battlefield and their superior number.

However, the one leading the headquarters is Ren-sama. I’m sure he has planned something.

While thinking of such a thing, angry voices and metallic sounds began to echo one after another.

The opponent’s side is filled with imperial soldiers. They hit the wall the allied forces made. The interval between soldiers became shorter and shorter.

Now. This is the most effective time and distance to demonstrate the maximum effect of magic.

「Rear guards! Start attacking!」

After I gave the command, countless of arrows flew into the sky. And, a mass of small rocks and flame followed immediately.

「Stone shot」

Kaishek’s side also begins to cast magic. Looking at it, their magic is slow and weak.

「I can’t be too relaxed…..Hydron Frond!」

When I casted magic, a mass of white rocks appeared in the air and flew towards the imperial army.

Kaishek, who noticed that I casted a mid-tier magic without chanting, widened his eyes and looked at my face.

「Now, let’s do it steadily.」

After hearing the explosion and feeling the tremor from the imperial army’s side, I said that to Kaishek with a smile. Although Kaishek is smiling, his face is cramping a little.

I feel shameful after seeing Ren-sama’s magic earlier but it seemed like I managed to surprise Kaishek.

<Allied Forces’ Headquarters>

Apart from the leaders of the allied forces, there are also my subordinates, Rihanna’s group, and some peddlers in the headquarters.

And soldiers that are probably Creivis’ house troops.

Towards our small number, the huge imperial army is approaching.

「Oh, a large force.」

I muttered so and put my hand on my sword.

They looked like they are pouring towards us like a scene in a movie.

「My liege! Let me go there and cut them down!」

「Sainos, what about the strategy?」

As Sedeia looked at him, Sainos tilted his head while wagging his tail.

He seems to be dissatisfied with Sedeia.

「Maa, let’s do it according to the strategy. With their number, our supply troops will be annihilated.」

When I said so, Sainos shrugged his shoulders. I laughed and follow up.

「I will leave the center to Sainos, you may do what you want to your heart’s content.」


Hearing my instruction, Sainos pulled out his sword and turned to the imperial army.

While the fully motivated Sainos looked at them, Laurel shrugged his shoulder.

「Well then, I assume that it is time for me to go in my position too. I will take my leave, my lord.」

When Laurel said so, he left the headquarters and started walking south.

Seeing that, Sedeia and Rosa also started walking north.

I arranged the vanguard Sainos and Laurel to be apart from each other and have Sunny and Io covers them.

By the way, Rihanna and Dan’s group are lined up further in the rear. The whole field can be seen from where we are and we can devise the strategy immediately if needed.

It is a strategy created with the idiotic assumption that each one of them can take out one hundred soldiers at a time.

However, if they take it seriously, that is something very easy to do.

「…Look! They came!」

When I was looking at the future of the imperial army, Finkle shouted with a piercing voice.

Is it because we have the lowest number? Or because we are at the center where the commander should be? A large number of imperial troops are rushing towards us.

Each of those soldiers are shouting while raising their swords as they charge.

「I’m first!」

Meanwhile, I heard Sainos’ awfully happy voice. The next moment, sound of destruction similar to crashing building can be heard.

What on earth is he doing?

While I was thinking of such a thing, a huge tornado flame roared on the left side in the midst of the imperial soldiers.


I heard the panicked voices of the peddlers at the back. That time, ribbons of light pour like rain towards the imperial army on the right side.

Opposite to their previous reaction, the peddlers quieted down upon seeing it.

Laurel activated a skill that produces a huge light cross. Lagreat blew off hundreds of people in the air just by hitting and kicking.

In Sedeia and Rosa’s side, they can’t be seen but there will be 10 to 20 people being decapitated from time to time.

By the way, Rihanna and Sherry are also casting magic one after another but they are slower compared to Sunny and Io because their magical power is not that high.

Still, tsunami and tornado are being generated.

「The imperial troop’s formation have become disordered.」

While I was watching the battle situation, Creivis calmly said that. Indeed, because of their attack, the imperial army stopped their march.

「Good. Then, let’s begin the next round.」

After saying so, I cast a fire magic towards the sky as a signal.



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