Chapter 213 – After the War

The unity of the international alliance was advertised. It is said that they used force to end the battle between the Rembrandt Kingdom and the Immenstadt Empire.

Though there were various troublesome circumstances, the result was still the planned result.

The imperial soldiers that are being manipulated by Nyarlathotep fell the same time Nyarlathotep fell. The remaining soldiers of the empire did not continue fighting after that.

While they were assisting the withdrawal of the imperial soldiers, the international alliance held a conference again with four newly joined countries.

The emperor of the Immenstadt Empire has already died. According to the story, this war was caused by an evil god. Given that, Einherjar took the initiative to rebuild the empire.

Surprisingly, the representatives of small countries like Togou did not object so it was decided smoothly. Thinking about Einherjar’s war potential, no one dared.

It is obvious.

Anyway, after the meeting, we immediately headed for the rebuilding of the Immenstadt Empire but who knew that it will be difficult.

<Immenstadt Empire’s Capital>

「We are the victims here. We are the one who suffered the most.」

「Indeed. Because of the evil god, we lost our great emperor….」

I gathered the top brass of the empire for the being but who would have thought that things will take a dark turn.

When I looked at the ministers while thinking of such a thing, the white-bearded minister glared at us and opened his mouth.

「So how does the international alliance plan to take responsibility…can I hear it?」

「Hnn? Responsibility?」

Jiromora, the representative of Maeas, looks puzzled to the minister’s question. I am accompanied by Jiromora since he is the one handling food and building materials. To this unexpected development, Jiromora knitted his eyebrows.

The minister glares at Jiromora then sighs and opens his mouth.

「That’s right. You killed our the emperor of our country and massacred over a hundred thousand soldiers. This is not something that can be solved with only a small amount of money or territory.」

When that minister said so, the other ministers nodded.

He is not trying to receive consolations but is planning to impose conditions.

But before he reached that part, Jiromora got angry and stood up.

「The emperor was already dead from the start! It is also your soldiers who attacked so what’s wrong with retaRiating!?」

When Jiromora roared, the minister narrowed his eyes and spoke with a low voice.

「You’re the only one saying that the emperor was already dead from the start. Since you don’t have any evidence, how can we believe such story? You’re telling us that we attacked first but how come your casualties are only about a hundred people? It can be concluded that something is behind all of this.」

「Aren’t your soldiers heard what the evil spirit has said! Also, the reason of the empire’s high casualty is because you are simply too weak!」

「What!? Did I just hear you said that the imperial army is weak!」

After hearing Jiromora, a big minister got up and shouted. He’s probably from the military.

Watching the barren meeting where screaming at each other is the norm, I can see that Jiromora is really a merchant to the core. A diplomatic person should be calmer.

Seeing the situation, the white-bearded minister looked at me.

「Still not talking? Leave the internal matters of the empire to us, the upper echelon of the empire. We will asked about the war compensation later. Though it is a good proposal, I cannot trust an organization with no history like the international alliance.」

The minister says so as he glares at me as if trying to intimidate me. They don’t want to be treated as a defeated country. The war is an act of an evil god but they are surely thinking that we are going to use this chance to choose a convenient emperor.

However, this minister is misunderstanding one thing.

「I don’t mind but if that is the case, the international alliance will completely not lend you a hand. The empire will not be able to join the international alliance and of course will not be able to enjoy the benefit such as the air transport industry, are you okay with that?」

When I said that, the minister stiffened and rounded his eyes.

As expected, they misunderstood that the international alliance wanted the empire to join by all means.

However, that is not the case.

Sure enough, the puzzled minister lowered the end of his eyebrows and looked at me.

「T-the Immenstadt Empire has a firm position as one of the four major powers, and you don’t want us to join the international alliance?」

When the minister says so, Jiromora, who’s sitting on a chair again, crosses his arms and snorts.

「Hmp. The products of the empire like its seafoods, agricultural crops, timber, and building stones are not necessary. Our country, Maeas, and the beastkin country can supply those.」

When Jiromora said so, the ministers looked at each other and became noisy.

While watching them, I coughed once and opened my mouth.

「Now, regarding to what you said earlier about the international alliance being the one who set up the war.」

「Th-that was the evil god…」

「None of you noticed that the evil god pretended to be the emperor. You also let the Melqart religion, the hands of the evil god, to be established and you even favor it. I don’t think you, the upper echelon of the empire, can deal will it.」


I seem to be pretty angry with the way I talk. The ministers did not object and just shut their mouth.

Looking at it, I raise the edge of my mouth and nods shallowly.

「Therefore, I want to investigate all of the emperor’s kin and recommend those whom the evil god had not met as the next emperor candidate.」

「…! That is a foreign intervention in our domestic affairs!」

Towards my remark, one of the ministers yelled. I raised one of my hand to that minister and opened my mouth.

「Then, may I hear the suggestion of those who did not notice that the emperor was replaced by the evil god? Do you think you still have the qualification to choose the new emperor?」

When I asked so, the minister’s expression was like he has bitten an insect as he stays silent.

After confirming that he quieted down, I looked at everyone in turn then kept talking.

「As a conclusion, you need the international alliance’s help. If you can be recognized as a reliable country with no evil god, you will be acknowledged as a member and will have the right to participate in the air transport. Also, it will be difficult to erase the image of your country being ruled by an evil god.」

When I said that, it became the de facto conclusion. Although it will be a story later on, relying on the international alliance is the most advantageous choice of the empire.

Jiromora is smiling too.

At a later date, I picked the new emperor but not from the five sons, six daughters, and one grandchild of the former emperor.

Of course, I chose someone with talent and will be good for the international alliance.

It was a child of a concubine. He is a thirteen-year-old boy who’s always been treated harshly by the emperor’s children. Since he’s still young, I appointed two guardians for him.

One was a daughter of the emperor and the other one is my guild member Milenia. She’ll also act as a contact of Einherjar.

She’s also an excellent guard and educator so there will be no problem.

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