Chapter 235 – What Lurks Within

While warming myself at the fire in the vast dungeon, I spoke.

「That meat is burnt already, isn’t it?」

When I asked so, Sainos gladly nodded.

「Yeah! It’s exactly a burnt!」

That said, I pull out the burnt meat skewer that is pierced on the ground.

「The others should be done too.」

The salivating Lagreat said that and Eleanor nods.

「Is it good? I’m the one who cut it to pieces, what does master think?」

Eleanor asked that while smiling. Looking at it, Sainos and Lagreat are smiling that way too.

「It’s a man’s romance to eat such a big lump of meat!」

「As expected of my liege!」

「Women and children won’t like it as much.」

As said that and bit the meat the three of them hunted, I saw Eleanor’s eyes blinked.

「Lagreat looks like a child…」

Eleanor mutters so as she looked at me and bit her lump of meat too. She tears off the burnt crispy part and eats it.

When we are looking at such a rare sight of Eleanor, Eleanor got embarrassed.

「I never thought you can also eat like that.」

We laughed after I said that and continue eating our lumps of meat again.

This red lizard meat is delicious. No, it’s probably because of the sauce Proudia made.

I guess I should buy a souvenir for Proudia when we return.

After taking a break, we extinguished the fire and set our eyes at the dungeon again.

We encounter monsters from time to time but none of them has a boss like atmosphere.

「This place is really big. It is hard to find where it lies.」

「Could it be there is another stairs heading down?」

Hearing Lagreat’s line, we decided to follow the water flow of the river.

I’m imagining that we’ll encounter a monster similar to the one I encountered in the underground lake but more of a water dragon-like however, the river we are following disappears into the wall.

「Where are those stairs or even pitfalls leading underground when you need them?」

After saying that, Sainos took a step forward.

「Pitfall! Let’s go search for one!」

Sainos who became motivated suddenly runs.

「Where are you pitfaaalllllllllll!」

Lagreat burst into laughter after hearing Sainos’ scream. Eleanor made a disgusted expression.

「It is rare for those who are looking for pitfall to fall on one himself.」

「….there is a higher chance of being hit by rock or ice from above.」

While Eleanor and I are having such a conversation while looking at the running Sainos, Sainos suddenly disappeared.


Did he truly fall into a pitfall?

Immediately after, Sainos shoots out from the ground.


Sainos pulled his sword while turning in the air. The ground trembles and something huge comes out.

Earth and sand gushed out like water splash. All of us narrowed our eyes to check the identity of the thing that appeared on the ground.

Sharp claws and huge body. Its entire body is covered with hard looking fur and its round eyes are shining.

「Kuh, it’s not a dragon, it’s a mole!」

When I complained loudly, Eleanor and Lagreat looked puzzled.

Yes, a mole has appeared. A mole type monster.

I feel like I was cheated because so far, only dragon-type monsters have appeared in this dungeon.

Or maybe, it was arranged as the boss as a joke.

Well, the size of the mole is not inferior to a large type dragon. It can also fight against Sainos with its claw so it has decent fighting power.

However, I can’t help this exhausted feeling.

「There was no tension since the beginning. I’ll watch from here, you two can help Sainos.」

I don’t need a guard in this open space. Thinking of that, I ordered the two and Lagreat was the one who made the first move.

「I’m off, see you lateeer!」

After that, Eleanor bowed and turned her gaze to the gigantic mole.

「Please watch as I murder it.」

After saying that, Eleanor charged in an arrow-like speed.

While looking puzzled why Eleanor has sense of rivalry against the two, I sit down on the spot and watch the battle.

The mole was unexpectedly fast. Since it is now battling against three, it decided to dig and hide.

Now that it’s hiding in a hole, Eleanor casts fire magic to roast it. I guess it will be settled soon.

As I think about such a carefree thing, the ground began shaking greatly.

The rumbling becomes audible and the sound and vibration get louder and greater.

「No way」

At that moment I murmured, I kicked the ground and the place where I was sitting split.

I took shelter in the air by using flight magic. The crack spreads quickly and sharp claw thrust out from the ground.

Something popped out of the ground as if it erupted and the sharp claw attacked me.

「Another one?」

I evade the claw and saw the pointy nose and round eyes of a gigantic mole.

「Damn, I’ll make you an ingredient to nabe.」

I murmured so and took out my sword but a certain question emerged in my mind.

Can moles be eaten?

I never heard of someone eating a mole so my heart is a little bit uneasy.

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