Chapter 213 – Reward Medal and Mini-trophy

The lizardman Daga, along with the beastkins Gulf and Gutt, returned from their investigation of the fallen foundation of the sun castle.

As for the result, they found three rare minerals: star augite, magical iron powder, and black dust.

The base of the sun castle was not originally created with the castle but a result of the devil’s offensive.

The devils threw and stick a lot of soil at the bottom of the sun castle.

The purpose is to send monster eggs along with the soil.

Though they did not intend to do it, the soil that stuck up to the lower part of the sun castle forming its base.

Star augite might be the reason for the stickiness of the soil.

Star augite is a beautiful stone but the size is only half of a rice grain.

It is famous for being hard to gather.

As for its usage, aside from decoration, it is used for making magical tools.

Magical iron powder and black dust might come from the shell of the monster’s egg that solidifies after some time.

As their name suggests, they are powder and dust and since they originally came from cast-off shells, they exist together to some extent.

However, because they are powder and dust, collecting them is troublesome.

Magical iron powder can be added during armor manufacturing that will increase its effect and black dust can be used as a catalyst for magic.

In addition, they can be both used in making magical tools.

These three minerals.

They are rare minerals that are rarely traded.

And when they are traded, the price is about 100 – 1000 times their weight in gold.

And we have 10 kilos of them.

That’s according to Gutt’s report.

「We only gathered a moment and we collected this much. There are still more…..however, if we supply the market a lot, it will lose its value.」

「Don’t sell! Give them all to me!」

Loo is really delighted.

From my point of view, star augite is indeed beautiful but for the other two, I don’t know their value and I can only see them as dirt.

However, this is really rare. I never thought that Loo will show her worldly desires.


「Maa, it’s not like anyone other than you can use them….」

Suddenly, a hand pops out from my side and when I look at it, I saw ancestor-san. I thought it was someone else.

He presented me a paper that obviously came from the village and it looks like he rushed on writing whatever’s written on it.

It is a list of treasures.

I look at ancestor-san.

「Star augite 1kg, Magical iron powder 4kg, black dust 2kg. Please.」

He said that with a serious expression.

Is this the normal way to trade them?

「Are there other minerals?」

「Only the three of them can be found from the fallen base of the sun castle. However, we found iron and copper ores on the way.」

「Iron and coppers….you found a deposit somewhere?」

「We cannot confirm unless it is investigated earnestly. However, I don’t expect much given the topography.」

「Is that so?」

「If we add them together….it is will probably reach two tons.」

So less than two tons.

Gutt’s group can get more in Howling Village.

Maa, there’s no need to rush in mining.

If we really need iron and copper, we can always buy them.

Now that it has come to this, we need to mine in the base of the sun castle.

If you ask Loo and ancestor-san, they’ll say they are fine with the current mined minerals.

But if we can mine, they want us to go for it.

In short, I really need to ask Gutt’s group to mine again….

It seems like he has no problem with it.

However, he hoped that he could make an armor using magical iron powder.

Permission granted.

However, mining takes a long time so I feel bad for him. Let’s make a mining team and organize mining this time.


But what will happen if we found another group who’s there to mine?

Ah, you set up a bulletin board to claim the mining ownership?

I see.

Well done.

Since we have found precious ores, I presented reward medals to those who went with the mining team.

As for the reason I gave them reward medals, it is because of the civil servant girls.

This spring, like usual, we handed each village, each representative, each race representative, and each resident of Big Tree Village reward medals.

There’s no problem with it.

I changed the new exchange list and hand them to the four villages, no problem with that too.

The problem is my share.

I reserve a hundred pieces last year to give as rewards.

In order for others not to take it lightly, I tightly held on them did not give reward that much.

However, it was noted that reward medals were only distributed during festivals and martial arts tournament. I seldom reward anyone.

They did not get angry or call me stingy but they pointed out that the current value of the reward medal is too high.

The only time they can obtain one were during annual distribution, festivals, and martial arts tournament.

And since it has become like that, they refrain from trading it.

What’s the point of having reward medals as currency if no one will use them?

That’s certainly true.

Starting from this year, reward medals distributed during festivals and martial arts tournament will be secured separately.

The 100 reward medals I have in hand will be distributed to those who did their best individually.

「It is the village chief’s job to properly evaluate those people who deserve to be rewarded.」

That’s true.

「I understand. However, there are times where my eyes will not reach them. Representatives of various races and representatives of each village should inform me if someone deserves to be given with reward medal.」

It is impossible for me to oversee everything alone.


What should I do if the 100 is insufficient?

Let’s think about it when the time comes.

Now I’m going to distribute medals with that in mind.

Given all what happened till now, I’m sure that 100 is too little.

I have to reflect.

「Village chief」


「The reward medal, I think we should make it more independent.」

「What do you mean?」

「There is no problem when it is giving up to receive something else, however, if you receive the medal when you work too hard for it, you will value it like a decoration and not trade it with.」

「Yeah….that’s correct.」

「A trophy is given to the winner of the martial arts tournament, isn’t it?」


「How about preparing a mini version of that?」

Mini trophy.

I made one as a sample and display it in the hall of my mansion.

「Is that Kuro-san?」

I was troubled with the motif of the trophy because it is neither a festival nor martial arts tournament.

Though it might have been good making a cup or a tower, since he’s in front of me, I had him model for me.

There is a signboard at the foot of Kuro.

The name and achievement will be written on this signboard.

「Eh? Even the unique racial appearance of Kuro-san was captured.」

It was strangely popular.

By the way, the first who received the mini trophy is none other than Zabuton.

Her achievement is making the flag of Big Tree Village.

The flag of Big Tree Village is a big tree with gold thread at the center of the green flag.

It looks important looking and the villagers did not have any problem with it so it was adopted.

After walking through the village with the mini trophy she received, Zabuton displayed the sample mini trophy of Kuro in the hall of my mansion.

It is the first but I’m sure this place will be decorated with mini trophies in the future.

Let’s consider adding more shelves.

Currently, Kuro is struggling to receive one too instead of being only a sample.

It is good to work hard but please don’t do anything dangerous.

It’s just a mini trophy so don’t be too troubled for it.

You probably can even receive one by achieving something simple.


Looking around.

The high elves are already planning on remodeling the mansion and the eyes of the other villagers are burning.

Yeah, I should make them step on break before making things too far.

For the time being, why don’t I hand over mini trophies to the mountain elves who made the sample balloon, to the oni maid who made dungeon potato konjac, and to Gutt’s group who mined?

I want them to understand that not only individuals but groups can be rewarded too.

The flag of Big Tree Village is hanging up on the wall of the hall of my mansion.

The spiderlings are helping cleaning up the hall.

I have to distribute one in each village too.


You’re done already?

As expected of Zabuton.

Then, let’s distribute them.



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