Chapter 220 – Shashaato City’s Goldie

My name is Goldie.

I take pride in being famous at the backstreet of Shashaato City.

However, I’m not really the main man behind the scene.

You can call me a subcontractor.

However, even though I’m only a subcontractor, I have more than 50 subordinates.

If you include my not official subordinates….it will be 200…, it might even be 300.

Because of that, I’m thinking that it’s time for me to take over a higher position.

While I was thinking like that, a report came.

It is about a large number of girls under my protection were employed by someone.

What does that report mean?

I’m glad that they are hired but it is my job to give them jobs.

If I don’t know anything, how am I supposed to handle it?

No one in Shashaato City breaks that rule.

Since they broke the rule, it means they are outsiders who knew nothing about the rule.

I see. I’ll have to teach them about it.

I don’t care if it will end up in a fight, my prestige is on the line here.

I’ll need to flex my muscles.

I want to meet them now but they are staying in an expensive inn.

Their guards are also skilled.

I will not be able to meet them even if I go.

After that, the other party wanders around the city. Why are they doing that?

I sent several of my subordinates to track them.


They came back immediately.

They said they were threatened by a scary person.


Oi oi, you!

No matter how gentle I am, I will get angry.

Is that guy who threatened them not scared of me?


He’s here?

I, though he’s already before me, why can’t I feel his presence?

I’ll surely get hurt if I do anything.

Ah, this guy’s level is beyond scary.

I see.

I understand it now.

Let’s rest for today.

It’s okay.

I’m not angry.

I’m only here to ask about what job are you going to make them do, my bad.


Okay, let’s forget about this matter.

The next day.

One of them came to visit me.

I was surprised.

I totally let my guard down.

I hurriedly called my subordinates. However, I remember that almost all of my subordinates were hired that morning in utmost urgency.

It seems like a building needs to be built immediately.

Not only my men were hired but from all over this place too.

What remains are about 5 10-year old girls….

Yeah, I know that you are trying to protect me but stop….

I still have something on me.

Even if you’re not here, I still have my guard dog.


Taking a stroll?


I-it can’t be helped.

Let’s buy time for now.

How long will it be out?



I was not able to participate in the urgent hiring earlier this morning because I was worried about the girls hired by the man before me, so I looked for them all night long.

Though I wanted to forget about that matter, I just can’t.

After finding them and confirming that they are not mistreated, I went back and took a nap….

After that, I woke up.


Let’s think first.

What is he doing here?

Did he hear about what we’ve done yesterday?

Is he here for revenge?

Then, why did he came here in a dignified manner?

Does this guy know what he’s doing?

If he doesn’t know……then I can only intimidate him.

If he comes to fear me, he won’t do anything strange.

I checked my face using a polished iron plate as a mirror.

Good, scary enough.

「You have come.」

I lowered my voice to the lowest possible.


The other party looks like a normal person in all angles.

He’s probably shivering now.


What the….

He replied to my greeting like it was nothing.

Am I not scary?


He’s here to talk about them hiring the girls from the backstreet.

Ah, he politely said that…..

I can check the condition of the girls they hired….

But before that, how about my face?

Were you not scared?

I won’t be happy if you flatter me.


He’s really not scared.

No way, this guy.

Could he be strong?


Let’s verify it.

If he is a registered adventurer, I can judge that by his rank but I already confirmed yesterday that he is not a registered adventurer.

In that case, I have no choice but to use the strength judgment method that I have been using recently before I employ someone.

It is asking a specific question. That much can already determine the other party’s strength.

I have avoided offending strong individuals using it many times.

This has been my method of defending myself until now and I have absolute confidence in it.

「By the way, do you know that there’s a martial arts tournament here in Shashaato City?」


He doesn’t know about the martial arts tournament.

In other words, he takes no pride in battle.

No, I mustn’t take that as the matter of fact.

He just got here in this city.

「If you have ever fought with monsters outside the city, you can try participating.」

「Ah…..fought a monster, is it? But I still can’t fight one alone.」

…..can’t fight alone?

In other words, he’s weak?

Great great, an ordinary person.

He’s probably a normal person who has just risen from being a normal commoner.

Just a little might and he will surely be frightened.

「Is that so? That’s regrettable.」

「Hahaha. The reason I came here in this city is purely for business.」

Good, confirmed.

He is an ordinary person.

Now then….I’ll only have to beat him a little.

But if the strong bodyguard is around, it will be a problem.

「You probably know of some guys who know how to fight, right? If they are confident in their skill, you should encourage them to participate. In fact, gathering participants for the tournament is also my job.」


Perfect storytelling.

Now, what will be his answer?

「No, they are in the village. I’ll tell them when they come to this city.」

「Really? That’s too bad.」

Yeeess, yes.

There’s absolutely no problem.

Ah, there’s a problem.

The Goroun Company has said that he is their guest and no one should lay hands on him.


So, he’s untouchable?

No, I’m not the one who started this.

It’s the other party that has come to me first so there’s no problem.



Yesterday, isn’t there a scary person who threatened us?

Ah, could it be that he’s guarding the woman?

「Martial arts tournament. Daga-san and Gulf-san will surely be happy to participate.」



「Hnn? You know Gulf-san?」

「Are you talking about a beastkin? A dog beastkin?」

「Ah right. Gulf-san told me that he had traveled to Shashaato City before. During that time, he participated in a martial arts tournament.」


Gulf, that Gulf?

It was said that the strongest and most domineering men of the city were kicked by him one by one with a single slash of his wooden sword when he participated in the martial arts tournament…..

The living swordgod, Gulf?


The details are uncertain but it was rumored that he is the fifth person of the four heavenly kings of the demon king’s kingdom.

And he’s this man’s acquaintance….

「Have you ever fought Gulf?」

「Me? Of course, we practice from time to time but I always get creamed.」


There’s a mountain of people who wants to learn swordsmanship from Gulf including nobles…..

He can’t fight a monster alone but he’s using Gulf’s standard.

No, my instinct is tingling!

The man before me is dangerous!

He’s someone who should never be an enemy!

From beginning to end, I have to smile during our conversation!

And, I won’t meet with you anymore!

For hiring those girls, my best regards!

Before he leaves, my demon guard dog returned from taking a stroll.


This demon dog barks at strangers.

In some cases, it even bites.

A girl is leading the man out so the dog surely won’t do anything, good….

Nothing to worry about.

Something funny happened.

This demon dog who never shows its belly to anyone immediately shows its belly.

Is it in heat?

It has never shown its belly even to me.

「A cute dog. Before I came to this city, I get along with my dog…, it’s a wolf.」

Wolf is it? Is its face scarier than this demon dog?

Let’s not think about it.

The name of that visitor is Marcos.

That man happily wins the number one spot of my ranking of risky person.

I must absolutely not get involved with him.

That’s what I decided to do but we met again 10 days later.

Ah, yeah, they hired girls in the backstreet without going through me again.

No no, I don’t mind even if you don’t come here to inform me.


The condition of the employees is the same as before.

Ano, are you only going to hire girls?

We have boys too.

Just the other day, the big construction project we’re working has been completed…..

Ah, that huge building is Marcos’ shop?


If you have any requests, just let me know.

That’s only a lip service of course.

I said it’s only a lip service.

Why are you here again?

You want to hire more?

All right.

Males this time.

Now, how many?

…..if you hire that much, there’s no need for me to control the manpower in the backstreet.

Thank you very much.

I’ll do what I can for you.

This is not a lip service.

I was called.

Though I said that I’ll do what I can for him, he really didn’t hesitate to ask for me.

I went to his store obediently because I won’t dare to defy him.

This huge store is now the hottest topic in Shashaato City.

Everyone is crazy about the food called curry.

Because of that, it’s crowded.

This place has been like a seamstress that sewed the backstreet people who are now looking clean in their uniform.

I’m working hard too.

I was called to organize the crowd.

To put it simply, I’m here to arrange queues and stop people from fighting.

Because of that, I’ve become a famous person in Shashaato City.

Well, work is work.

Ah, can I also bring my demon dog here?

All of us are hired so there’s no one to take care of my demon dog and I can’t leave it alone in our hideout.

By the way, I’ll be able to eat curry later.

It really smells good.



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