Chapter 224 – Demon King’s Kingdom’s Hou Leg

My name is Hou.

I’m the sixth daughter of the Leg family and one of the four heavenly kings of the kingdom.

As for my age….I already stopped counting.

To my regret, I don’t have a special someone yet.

It is strange.

I’m not lacking with regards to looks.

My chest and buttocks are okay too.

They are about average size, no, a little over average.

My flamboyant red wings on my back are also a plus and though this is a self-praise, I think it complements my beauty.

With regards to assets, I can be considered as a rich person.

I also have a separate territory which is only mine and not related to the Leg family.

As for my character…..I can be called slightly hard to deal with but that’s nothing to worry about.

I can change for a man.

As long as the feelings we have for each other is sufficient, I’ll do it.

The feeling it will bring will definitely be good so I’ll really do it.

However, is my position as one of the four heavenly kings obstructive?

I’m even willing to abandon that title just to get married.

Even so, why?

Social position, honor, riches….I have them all but why isn’t anyone approaching me?

Is someone deliberately doing it?

Does that mean that someone has that much grudge against me?

If so, present yourself in a dignified manner.

If you’re a man, I’ll make you my husband.

I don’t mind a little revenge play.

I’m fine with it.

I’ll hang in there.



Let’s stop talking about this topic.

My alcohol consumption increased again.

By the way, in these past several years, there is really this “one significant matter” for the demon king’s kingdom.

Big Tree Village.

It is located within the demon king’s kingdom’s territory, in the depths of the forest of death.

A village was founded at the center of the forest of death.

When I heard that the first time, I laughed hard.

That time, I thought it was a joke.

It is because of the forest of death.

The forest of death is a place that must only be touched by eyes.

How on earth can you found a village there?

Given the monsters and demon beasts living there, even the elite force of the demon king’s kingdom will surely lose.

It is also believed that a dragon has built its nest there.

Maa, I also laughed at that because the gate-keeper dragon is nearby so that’s impossible.

But reality is not a joke.

In that village, it was confirmed that both highly dangerous individuals, the blood-sucking princess, Lulushi, and angel of annihilation, Tier, are there.

In addition, there’s also the daughter of the gatekeeper dragon, Rasutisumoon.

She’s someone no one can offend, she’s a disaster.

She can even be classified as a natural disaster.

And there’s more, according to the information, there is a herd of scourges of the forest of death there. A lot of evolved demon spiders and a large pack of inferno wolves.

Reality sounds like a joke.

Now that things have come to that, what will happen….

Maa, Count Chrome took charge of that matter so I erased it from my mind.

I don’t want to have anything to do with that place.

That’s where I failed.

I should have involved myself with that place earlier.

There’s so much delicious alcohol in that village!

And that despicable Count Chrome.

He dares to give alcohol only to demon king-sama and the other members of the four heavenly kings….

I unintentionally considered waging war against Count Chrome’s territory.

According to my simulation, I can win 7 out of 10.

However, we’re already good.

He apologized properly.

Demon king-sama also backed him up.

You don’t have to lower your head that much.

I’m not that angry.

I said that while holding a bottle of alcohol.

Just make sure you properly hand me my share of alcohol from now on desuyone.


Wait a minute!

I shouldn’t have asked for alcohol, I should have asked him to introduce me to a man!

I’m so stupid.

I went to Big Tree Village to make a business deal with the alcohol maker directly.

I don’t want to remember that festival.

It’s like a nightmare.

Strange desune.

I’ve only drank a few cups of alcohol but.


That alcohol is mine.

I’m here for alcohol desu.

The alcohol here is the best desu.

Moreover, there are a lot of types too.

Even though I have my own brewery in my territory, this taste can’t be replicated.


However, it really tastes good.

The dwarves here are great too.

Even if I didn’t say anything, they served me various kinds of alcohol.

My race is not dwarf but…..though they don’t seem to mind it, they only like ones with beards.

Beard is it…..nope, it doesn’t suit me at all.


It’s about time to leave, can I have them teach me their method of brewing alcohol?

They talked about it.

I can’t do that in my territory….

Do you think I can do anything in my territory just because I’m the lord?

Unfortunately, it is more inconvenient than you thought.

The lord must work for the people of her territory.

This is not something I can neglect.

I have money, I’ll just buy from them.

Maa, here’s the money, my best regards.

The village chief gave his go signal?


This time, I’ll send my plan to the village chief.

Big Tree Village seems to want to open a store in Shashaato City.

Good news.

However, it will be bad if they encounter trouble.

Let’s give them a hand….The governor of Shashaato City is an excellent man.

There won’t be a problem with him.

For the time being, I’ll meet up with the governor.

Also….I’ll dispatch a bodyguard.

If someone dies or even if someone got injured, our relationship might deteriorate.

This is not only for the sake of alcohol.

This is also for the whole demon king’s country desu.

And, I want information too.

Once they started selling alcohol at the store, contact me.

I receive a report from the guard I sent to Shashaato City.

It seems like the store has opened with no problem.

The store is only selling curry and not alcohol desuka.


Because of the lack of rice for the curry, they bought bread from the shops nearby to supplement for it.

I tasted curry back in Big Tree Village and I can say that bread is also suitable for it.

The neighboring shops seem to be happy about it too.

That’s good but to start doing that…..does that mean that they miscalculated with the size of their store?

And how many employees do they have?

The store seems to be going well.

The mini-bowling alley in the game corner is popular too.

I also tried that game back in Big Tree Village.

It’s free….are they using it to lure in customers?

Looks like it.

I already know how delicious the curry is so there’s no point in reporting its taste.

Why the heck does the increase of lane of the mini-bowling alley included in the report?

And what’s with this report about the seventh lane?

I’m troubled about the reports I’m receiving.

Is the guard doing his job properly? I’m uneasy.

Trouble seems to have happened in the store.

Though calling it a riot is exaggerated, it seems to have been a big commotion.

It is caused by being unable to serve more curry because of the lack of ingredients….

Ah….given its taste, people will surely yearn for it.

Even I occasionally see it in my dream.

Should I go there to eat?

Then, I continued reading the report.

A person named village chief came and extinguished the big commotion safely.



Village chief?

Village chief as in the village chief of Big Tree Village?

He personally came to Shashaato City?


Impossible impossible.

No, escaping from reality is pointless.

This is something I can’t disregard or I’ll lose my alcohol.

Let’s work had and continue reading.

Afterwards, the store offered to serve the curry for free and it became something like a small festival.

Goroun Company also backed them up on all aspects.

Looking at the report, it seems like the Goroun Company acted like their hands and feet.

The Goroun Company is a large firm whose base is in Shashaato City.

The economic magnitude of Shashaato City accounts for 3% of the economy of the whole kingdom.

3% doesn’t sound impressive but that is already enormous.

The capital of the demon king’s kingdom accounts for 5% of the economy.

For all other cities, each one of them is less than 1%.

Enormous desu.

Considerably enormous.

Moreover, given its distance from the capital, it can be said that it has considerable influence.

Behind Shashaato City is the Goroun Company.

Being accompanied by the president of the company like an aide, bossing around the next president….

The real president is, the Big Tree Village.


I’ll just drink.

The maid came.

Excuse me, one cup please.

Ah no, not that small glass, fill the large one.

I need courage to read more.

Ehto….after that, another trouble?

There were complaints from the restaurants nearby….

The curry is already popular and now they are serving it for free which took all the customers from other establishments.

That’s what will normally happen if you think about it.

Is the village chief of Big Tree Village an amateur as a store manager?


Or is he already expecting those complaints?

Did he intend to ventilate the grievances of all the stores nearby?

And what is he planning?


I really can’t think of anything.

What is he up to?

Will it be better if I go there and check it myself?


I continue reading.

The usual nonsense report about the mini-bowling alley was next.

The seventh lane is still tough.

What a useless report but I have to calm down.

And a bowling tournament was held and he won the championship.

What the hell?

Is he doing his duty as a guard properly?

He was given alcohol as a prize and he’s really happy about it.





They started selling alcohol?

I’ll go to Shashaato City at once.



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