Chapter 227 – Village Chief’s Day Trip


I did it somehow.

That’s what I thought.

No no, that’s dangerous.

There are more people there than expected.

I thought that it was going to be an easy job. The commotion earlier is caused by my carelessness.

I have to reflect.

And to all the employees and all the villagers that helped, thank you.

I should also thank Michael-san, Goldie, and the customers who helped at the store.

I was surprised that my plan of putting stalls inside the store was received positively.

I’m actually trying to make it similar to a flea market but it ended up becoming a food court.

Maa, it can’t be helped since all the business owners that I solicited are from the food business. They were the only ones who were affected by the free curry so they’re the only ones who angrily came to the store.

But the negotiation advanced surprisingly fast.

No, it might be because of Michael-san’s excellent son, Maron.

He’s great.

Maron’s cousins, Tito and Randy are also skillful.

I wonder if Michael-san personally trained them.

With them, their next generation is secured.

That’s kind of enviable.

As for my sons… no, they’ll surely grow up energetically.

The store usually closes up the same time as the sun sets but it will slightly stay late today.

Because we sold karaage and alcohol, the customers did not leave immediately.

And of course, the free curry offer has ended.

「Village chief, won’t it be bad if you don’t return soon?」

Ancestor-san said that to me.

When I came to this city, I promised the villagers that this will absolutely be only a day trip.

If possible, I want to stay here until the shop closes but there are things that can’t be helped.

Let’s return tomorrow.

I went to Marcos and Paula and inform them that I’ll return tomorrow and I said goodbye to Michael-san too. It’s finally time to go home.

The ingredients carriers and the reinforcements will return with me.

Only Gulf will remain.

Though it is safe here, we can never be too sure.

「My apologies.」

He takes the task and looks like he doesn’t mind it at all.


When we return to the village, we had a late dinner.

Though the employees in the store are eating alternately, we did not join them.

The atmosphere there made us lose appetite.

However, we did not hold back in taste testing.

Especially the karaage that the oni maids made and sold.

Since there is free curry, it was not popular at first.

Because of that, we decided to give them to the customers who helped with cleaning.

If someone eats it, someone else will surely be tempted.

I and the employees eat them too.

Michael-san tried it too.

I wonder who made the best expression.

Three small karaage costs one medium copper coin.

Though I don’t know if it is cheap or expensive, it sold well.

The beer that the dwarves are selling beside them is selling well too.

Karaage and beer eventually became more popular than curry.

I reported that after eating.

I also explained the circumstances that made us unable to return on time.

Because I asked ancestor-san to explain it to them when I asked for reinforcement earlier, they accepted it.

I also told them that I have to go back there again tomorrow.


I’m glad that everyone understands.

The next day, we went to Shashaato City with the same members as yesterday.

I’m really indebted to ancestor-san.

Though the minotaurs and lizardmen have nothing to do, I still have them come.

I’ll just have them do something else today.

Marcos, Paula, Gulf, Michael-san, and the others are already waiting for us.

The store is already open and there are already customers everywhere.

The store opens earlier than I thought.

Are Marcos and Paula all right?

It is likely that they have to stay up all night.

Gulf said that they sleep properly so I’ll trust his words.

In any case, I’ll have the oni maids help in the kitchen again.

The dwarves will sell alcohol like yesterday.

Maa, it’s early in the morning and….they are already entertaining customers.

Did they wait for them?

So far, the store has been selling 2,000 servings of curry per day.

Since we are selling 1 serving of curry for 5 medium copper coins, our every day gross sale is 10,000 medium copper coins.

For salaries of the employees, that will be 3 medium copper coins per person per day.

We have 200….no, we have a total of 207 employees so the salary will be 621 medium copper coins per day.

I thought that 3 medium copper coins per day of salary is too cheap but Michael-san said that it is too much because food, clothing, and accommodation are all provided.

I see.

There is also the cost of 3,000 medium copper coins per day for bread and other ingredients.

In addition, we hired Goldie’s group for managing the queue and taking care of the garbage and their daily cost is approximately 500 pieces of medium copper coins.

In short, the net profit is 5,879 medium copper coins.

That’s the rough calculation…..

It has been 30 days since Marcos’ and Paula’s store started operating so the present profit is approximately 176,000 medium copper coins.

As the first investment, they had to buy tablewares, employee’s clothes, aprons, in addition to the cost of making the mini-bowling alley….they’re still in debt because we used 300,000 coins for them.

Got it.

And if you add the construction cost of the building, I’m sure we’re on neck high debt.

No no, I don’t need to be alarmed.

Everything’s going well.

Being able to sell 2,000 servings per day is already amazing.

As for the business hours….. about 10 hours per day.

In other words, 200 servings are being sold every hour.

That’s three servings every minute.

Surely we don’t need this many employees.

Majority of the employees are staying in a special inn for employees….Maa, I mean dormitory.

They live there.

The dormitory is a three-story building with 12 rooms on each floor.

207 people for 36 rooms.

A room is packed with 5 to 6 individuals but no one complained yet.

They are divided with curtains and it seems like they are luxurious enough to be considered as private rooms.

Is that so?

There are restrooms in the dormitory but there’s no bath.

Because of that, a bath was built next to the dormitory.

Clean employees is a must.

As for the employees, not all of them are active during the day.

There are those who help others train at night, there are those who are taking care of the dormitory, and there are also those who are taking care of the bath.

Excluding them……there are around 120-130 people who’ll man the store.

I thought there were more than 120-130 people yesterday. Perhaps they are pushing themselves.

Should we hire more?

By the way, once again, everything has returned to normal.

Except for the southwest area, it has become lively.

The stall owners are setting up their stalls.

There are only a few of them who can run their business now but they are all lively.

Naturally, there are troubles too.

Though Goldie’s group responds fast….they don’t have enough manpower.

Because of that, I asked the lizardmen and the minotaurs to patrol.

Intimidate them with weapons.

Armed yourselves with blades and sticks.

Michael-san’s son, Maron, is also running around the southwest area.

Thank you very much.

The mountain elves continued what they were doing yesterday.

As for the high elves….they are done making partitions for each area so should I have them help the mountain elves?

No…that’s not their area of expertise.

I look at the place where the mini-bowling alley is located.

Yeah, this is about the same size as the mini-bowling alley in the village…..given the current circumstances, I wouldn’t mind making this alley in a normal size bowling alley.

Though I’m not sure how long a bowling lane should be, I can use the memory I have when I played bowling when I was young.

Even if I got it wrong, no one will criticize me.

I thought of dismantling it to change it a little but I felt the fiery gaze of the regular customers.

「Maa, there’s not enough gaming equipments.」

The high elves that are adding lanes are the ones who said that.

I’ll make more pins and balls.

The high elves built it in a day.

The length is 20 meters and each lane is 1 meter wide.

There are 10 lanes.

We can add more but this will be enough for now.

The reason is manpower.

There is someone who returns the thrown ball and there’s someone who is setting up the fallen pins.

Presently, the lanes have a height of 10 centimeters and each side has a gutter zone.

The ditches on each side are deep at the start and shallow near the end.

The reason for that is for the one who got the ball at the end to be able to easily send the ball back to the bawler’s rack.

That will make things easier for them.

There is also a frame that can be used for the pin.

It’s a thick board with holes in it.

It will determine the standard placement of the pins by putting each pin in a hole.

The speed of setting up the pins will also speed up by using this.

Now, test throw of the bowling….the regular customers are already impatient for waiting too long so I asked them to do it.

Though there’s already an employee in charge of setting up the pins, the customers set up the pins themselves when it is not their turn.

Thank you.

「You don’t have to, we are already enjoying it for free.」

「Won’t it be better if you charge?」

Good customers.

However, I don’t want to take money for our current bowling set up.

As for the reason, it’s because the bowling I know of is fully mechanized.

Despite all the hands, the time needed for the ball to return and the pin to be set up is still too long.

Very loose.

Though I don’t care how many throws you’ll do, patience is needed for one game.

It’s too long.

No, the people who are playing it are having nice chats in between but for me….I want to play steadily.

The only ones who can sympathize with me are children.

As for the adults, they are enjoying the mini bowling in a relaxed manner.

It looks like I lack elegance.


Maa, I want maintenance cost to return so I have to think about income….will you buy my ball or my pin if I sell them?

If bowling can balance income and expenditure, I’ll even hire exclusive employees for it.

「The longer the distance, the harder it is to stabilize.」

「The ball gets heavier too.」

「How to properly use this perforated ball?」

「You’ll find it hard if you don’t have a regular stance in throwing the ball.」

Since you are enjoying it, why don’t we have a bowling tournament?

This will be a good publicity too.

Quoits and the shooting game that I asked the mountain elves to make can now be tested.

As for this….let’s have Michael-san’s group try.

Let’s have them play quoits first.

You’ll get five quoit rings with one medium copper coin.

You can get a prize if you’re able to make it land over a stick.

A simple game.

「Looks simple but… doesn’t go where you are aiming, yes.」

Michael-san, scored zero.

Tito scored two.

Randy got one.

Milford got four, he’s good.

The rings are of moderate size and the judgment is loose so as long as it lands over one, it’s an OK.

However, near the sticks with designated high prizes are obstacles.

Right, obstacles.

In short, they can’t be easily taken.

According to Michael-san’s group, it will be okay if it will be harder.

With the current difficulty, a dexterous person can win it all.

I see.

I asked the mountain elves to improve the quoits.

Would it be better to make the ring smaller?

Or should the obstacles be remodeled?

Next, shooting game.

You will be given with a bow and arrows and you’ll shoot targets with it.

This is a game where you can directly shoot the prize. When it was first tried, the prize got a hole from the arrow.

Because of that, we changed the target.

The targets became monsters models and they are designated with points.

Three arrows are one medium copper coins.

You can accumulate points but only with your three arrows.

The points where the target can be easily hit is low and the points where the target can’t be easily hit is high.

However, it’s not easy to hit a target either.

The mountain elves made a steering wheel contraption that makes the target moves irregularly by turning that wheel.

Though a game that can make you hit something is enjoyable, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy.

「This is…the bow?」

Milford was a former adventurer.

He eagerly checked the bow.

Though the bow is a small bow that even children can use, we already assumed someone complaining so there’s a big bow too.

「So to increase the difficulty, you tied the string loosely?」

「It’s for the sake of security. We’ve done that so that it is alright for amateurs to play it too.」

「I see. But the bow is too good. It is possible that someone might steal it away.」

That is a second hand bow we purchased in this city.

I don’t think that it’s expensive but….if someone steals it, that will be troublesome.

「Even if it is a toy, it is still a bow so I suggest increasing the height of the walls around. You don’t want arrows flying somewhere, do you?」



That wall can also prevent someone from running away if someone steals something.

Okay, I’ll do what you suggested.

After increasing the height of the walls, it is Michael-san, Tito, and Randy’s turn.

「Oh, it flew straight」

「So, even I can shoot bow huh.」

「I did it! I hit the one in the middle, 10 points!」

Unexpected tension.

I feel like this is more appealing compared to quoits.

On the side, Milford bought another batch of arrows from a mountain elf.

The first arrow….it looks like it can hit anything.

Those who are used in using bows will be difficult to deal with.

Let’s change the premium according to rank. The ranks will be beginner, intermediate, and expert.

I tried it too but I only hit air.


This is unexpectedly annoying.

Well, now….


Maron is looking at us.

It looks like he doesn’t plan on playing.

Looking at him….he’s on business mode.

Is there a problem?

When I was thinking, Michael-san told me.

The person standing next to Maron is someone from the merchant’s guild.



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