Chapter 1 – Hero?….No, I’m not


It seems like something unexpected happened. All I can see is white.

I never thought that what I heard is really true.

Ah, hold on, let me recall what happened.

Right….I was hit by a truck.

I remember seeing a dazzling light at the last moment.

And….there are 4 others aside from me.

Apparently, we were run over together and are now floating for some reason.


Floating….what is happening?



Those four started to shine….

What’s going on?

Why am I…not shining?


『What to do? What should I do!!』

….I can hear a very impatient voice coming from somewhere.

I wonder where it’s coming from, all I can see is white.

『Wai….what are we going to do with that! That’s simply a failure!』

I seem to be a failure.

By the way, the figure of the other four is getting thinner.

I’m the only one who’s not.

I’m also the only one who’s awake.

Are the other four sleeping?


Or something else?

I don’t know.

『Ah, let’s return it to their original world! Summoning technique』

『They can still be heroes if they put great efforts』

Original world, original?…..hero?

Hero like the characters from the manga my little sister has been addicted to?


『What to do!!』


What the, that’s a really loud yell.

Ah, the other four disappeared.

『Ah… found….』

『What should I do…』

『…areh? There’s still 1 more?』


Hnn, I guess I’m not part of their plan?

Did they not see me earlier?

I’ve been with the 4 all this time…

I feel somewhat lonely.

『Using summoning technique even though you’re still apprentice!』


『Summoning technique is not a good technique to perform since it disturbs the order of the world!!!』

『T-this is bad』



I feel like the thing that seems to be wrapping me is gone.

And I feel like I just fell.

….but where??

What will happen to me…

AN: I’ll write slowly. This is meant to be a heartwarming isekai life.

Dropped Into Another World ToC

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