Chapter 2 – Forest-desu….There are Only Trees as Far as My Eye can See!


….I woke up.

I feel heavy. My body is somewhat sluggish.

W-what happened… front of me is….where am I?

I get up and walk around….Oohhhh trees, trees, and more trees.

Moreover, a lot of them are gigantic trees that should be hundreds of years old.

Young tree, big tree, young tree, big tree between big trees.

….First of all, let’s calm down.

All I can see are trees no matter where I look.

I went around to check. This is indeed a forest.

And I feel a little sluggish and heavy.

And while I was looking around, it seems like this forest is somehow covered in black shadow.

This heavy feeling, can I go on like this?

The black shadow makes me feel worse too.

For the time being, I found that this is a forest but where is this located?

Let’s recall what has happened so far.

Ehto, I was sure that I heard voices of three apprentices…yeah, there’s no doubt I did.

And from what they said, I seem to have been caught up in a hero summoning?

Hero summoning….something like that happened in the manga my little sister is reading.

Even though I don’t want to hear it, she came to my room and talked about it until she’s satisfied so I can somewhat remember it.

Sure, being summoned in another world is very hero like….

AHHH, I’m in a different world….

Ehto….can I go home?


「DAMN IT!!!!」

I’m frustrated.

Because of that, I scream as hard as I can to reduce my stress!

I push out the air from my lungs with everything I have…

A little refreshing.

My little sister said “It’s not good to keep it all inside!” so I scream in my room before an exam.

The method she recommended is the best way to get rid of stress.

Alright, let’s get back to reality.

I’m probably in a different world….

Another world….the manga my little sister was reading….I should know what to do next from that.

But, what is?

The usual template of isekai stories is….recall, ehto….magic.

Right, magic!

Ah, monsters!

Oh my god, I shouldn’t have screamed.

I look around to check.

Yeah, nothing.

I check slowly again because it is scary.

There’s really nothing.

「Haaa…..I really feel bad.」

I feel like something was tied around my body ever since I woke up.

What’s more, it is something weird…something that gradually enters my body.

No, this feeling….

….I feel like the black shadow is increasing.

For the time being….where in isekai am I?

I want to ask for help but….there are only trees as far as my eyes can see.

I can’t see anything else.

U don’t want to be in the depth of a forest.

Even so, my feeling is getting worse and worse.

I have never experienced this discomfort before.

….no, this feeling of sluggishness and discomfort is somewhat familiar. I feel like I felt like this when I was watching a paranormal program yesterday AH!….ghost?

This means that the black shadow is a curse of a vengeful spirit.

…..does this mean that curse is visible in this world?

「haha, no way….right. That’s not possible, right?」

For the time being, let’s peel this evil spirit from me….but how?

I tried doing it physically but I’m embarrassed to say that nothing happened.

Ehto, according to a certain novel….purification magic?

I tried chanting “Begone! Purification!” in a low voice.

….haaa….what am I even doing….I have to calm down.

Is it a vengeful spirit or am I just an idiot….

I don’t even know if magic exists in the first place.


I feel like my body is getting lighter.

Hahaha, no way.

I tried it out to a black shadow in front of me.


….that’s it.

It was purified….then, is that really a vengeful spirit? Or an evil spirit?

Hahaha, a world where I can cast magic…

Escapism is good from time to time.


….going back to reality, there’s something behind me.

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