Chapter 3 – Dog…..No, Wolf?


Apparently, I’m being intimidated from behind….

I want to run away but….it’s impossible.

To not stimulate whatever it is, I gently look back and see what’s there.


Ah, this dog has black shadow too….is it alright?

….is it a dog?

Its face is pretty scary.

A dog won’t be this scary so it is probably a wolf.

It is certainly too intimidating to be a dog.

Yeah, I’ve decided that it is a wolf!

…..I should stop my escapism. What should I do now?

Fight the wolf…..hahaha, what a reckless plan.

If that is the case, how about leaving this place quietly or walk away gently?

Or run away without looking back?

Ah, no, if I run, I’ll be attacked. That’s what the TV said….is it for bears?

Yeah, panic-desu.

When I moved my legs to try to run away, its face became even scarier.

It groaned! Is it groaning?

Why does it sound different??

Ahhh, scary!

Roll over, get down, wolf!

Today is the worst day ever!

Areh? Looking at it closely, it looks like it’s wavering.

Its legs look like it’s out of strength and it is also very skinny.

….is it okay?

Ah, am I the food?

I see, I see….I have to escape from here after all.

When I moved my feet again….it groaned even louder.

It’s impossible to escape after all.

Ah…it fell down. Something’s wrong.

At the moment it fell, the black shadow that’s clinging on its legs covered the wolf’s whole body.

….it looks horrible.

It is flapping its legs as if it is in deep pain.

Ah, could the vengeful spirit cause this?

There are a lot of black shadows….Is this forest full of curses from the vengeful spirit?

….Haa, that’s not my present problem….

….This is bad, I….

I’m panicking.

Nothing makes sense.

Let’s calm down.

How many things…..fuh

I have to think about what I should do first.

It looks in pain so….I’ll help it.

I like animals. I even have three big dogs in our house.

They’re cute.

I think that’s why even though I’m scared when it groaned….I want to help it.

I slowly approach the wolf.

It made an amazing roar….I’m really scared.

But I won’t lose.

Earlier, I managed to make it disappear using purification magic.

It should work again this time….alright!

I brought my hand closer to it while leaning.


The shadow that was covering the wolf became a fluffy light and disappeared.

Oh, success!

By the way, is it a vengeful spirit?

Or a curse?

…Can I calm down now?

Dropped Into Another World ToC

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