Arc 1 Chapter 3.9 – Discussion with Schmidt


Schmidt, who opened a shop in the Tower Village, was called by Wahid to the temple’s reception room.

Even though he was called, it is not a forced summon of the village’s ruler. Schmidt was asked about his schedule and the meeting was arranged properly.

Recently, Wahid seems to have started using several slaves to govern the village and it is one of those who brought Schmidt there.

Schmidt did not say anything about having slaves. In fact, he has also bought several slaves to run his store.

Rather than that, he is more surprised that they did not use slaves until now.

The Tower Village is showing signs of rapid developments.

There are only a few new buildings being built but the number will definitely increase in the future.

Along with that, the number of people and things getting in and out increases too.

The gate that connects this tower to the outside is currently taking a toll but he can’t imagine how far the profits will grow in the future.

By the way, there are two kinds of toll being collected. The first one is the toll when a person enters or exits and the other one is for luggage.

The luggage that the adventurers carry won’t be tolled but if they carry something big or even rent a wagon, they will be tolled for it.

This is not limited to the tower village. Any other city or village also collects those kinds of fees so no one’s dissatisfied with it.

However, the tolls for entering and leaving this village are higher than any other. It seems like there are complaints about that.

However, Wahid’s response to that complaint never changes ever since everything started.

If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come.

In fact, there are already those who tried to cheat at the teleportation gate and those who caused a commotion in the village, etc. but they are forcibly kicked out.

Schmidt doesn’t know the theory but it seems like there is a function that can distinguish those who can pass through the teleportation gate.

Once you are banned from using the gate, it means you will never be able to pass through the gate ever again.

He would like to hear how it works but that would be quite difficult. That’s because it has something to do with the tower’s security.

Schmidt wanted to maintain his current relationship rather than being suspected.


When he was thinking about it, the door of the reception room was knocked and Wahid came out.

When he was allowed to enter, Schmidt was surprised to see the people inside.

Just before entering Ryuusen, he was saved by those guys from a monster attack. They were Kousuke and Mitsuki.

He greeted Kousuke with surprise.

「Kousuke-dono, I haven’t heard of you for a while. I heard that you seem to have left Ryuusen but you seem to be doing great.」

Perhaps it could be said that he is a skilled merchant so Schmidt can still remember Kousuke’s name.

Schmidt aside, Kousuke also showed a surprised expression.

「It has been a while. No, this is indeed unexpected. You still remember me even if we only spend half a day together.」

「Ahahaha. No, my encounter with you guys was so intense. Even if I want to forget it, I won’t forget it.」

「Hahaha. Is that so? I was thankful for your kindness back then.」

Kousuke bowed after laughing in a deceptive manner.

「No no. We both owe each other. By the way, what do you do today?」

In response to Schmidt’s question, Kousuke turned his eyes to Wahid.

In response, Wahid began to explain to Schmidt.


「First of all, about Kousuke-sama….Kousuke-sama is the manager of this tower.」

Schmidt was shocked by that explanation but he accepted it in his heart.

The manager is the ruler of this tower.

Before, there was a rumor that has been circulating that the center tower of the central continent has been captured by someone.

Of course, the rumor also mentioned the name of the person who captured it but it was all the name of famous guilds or parties and the name of Kousuke was never mentioned.

However, Schmidt also witnessed the battle prowess of Mitsuki personally so he thought that it might be possible.

「…….is that so?」

「As for why I only come to public now…..have you ever heard of someone trying to build a guild here?」

The topic suddenly changed so Schmidt was puzzled.

That topic, he has heard about it from the adventurers.

However, he thought it was the adventurers guild…he thought it is normal for something like that to be built in the tower.

He doesn’t understand why Kousuke is telling him about it.

「Yeah. I heard about the rumor but….it is about the adventurers guild, right?」

「That’s right. It was the adventurers guild and we spread that rumor.」

Schmidt frowned at the answer.

Wahid asserted that it was them who spread the rumor.

He doesn’t understand why they are telling him that.

It’s about building an adventurers guild after all.

「Right, so this adventurers guild….hold on, adventurer?….could it be!?」

Schmidt looked at Warhid as if wanting to ask a question that had suddenly sprung up.

「Are you saying that a merchants guild will also be created!?」

A guild being found with the involvement of the tower ruler in the village is not uncommon.

However, Wahid’s answer went beyond Schmidt’s expectations.

「To be precise, we won’t make different guilds like adventurers guild and merchants guild. We are going to build a guild that will bring everything together…an organization that will be called “Crown”.」

In this world, a guild is an organization created by a gathering of people of similar professions.

That’s the reason why adventurers guild is full of adventurers and merchants guild is made up of merchants.

However, he had never heard of one organization where people of different professions gather together.

If you dare mention one organization like that, it will be a country or a city itself.

Since government will be involved unlike in the guilds, those are the only organizations similar to what “Crown” will be doing.

Schmidt thought so much in his head wondering why he was told of all of this and immediately got a guess.

「…… way.」

「Yes. I was wondering if Schmidt-dono could be the head of the organization’s business division.」

It is impossible to answer reflexively so Schmidt swallows his words.


To receive the invitation of Wahid is to work for the organization.

It was unfortunate that he opened a store in this area where there is a new feudal lord.

Though Wahid is also in a certain position, there’s no mistake that he’s only an underling of Kousuke.

However, since he was invited, it means he can profit more. He only needs to be confident.

Given the special environment of the tower, it can be said that any organization the ruler makes will at an advantage.

However, it is easy to imagine the pressure he’ll receive from the existing guilds outside the tower.

To stand at the top means you have to bear the incoming arrows.

If he is asked how confident he is to compete against the top merchants guild Thousand Mountains Thousand Seas, he’ll clearly reply he’s not.

For that reason, the word “impossible” came out but the invitation was so attractive that he was discouraged to answer immediately.


Seeing through Schmidt’s thoughts, Wahid would bring things beyond his imagination but of course, it was something that Schmidt couldn’t have understood.

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