Chapter 1.1 – Awakening in Various Meanings

When she opened her eyes, she saw a curved ceiling with unfamiliar decorations.

(Areh? Where is this place?)

Although sensed that she was sleeping in a bed, she’s confused by the obvious difference of the ceiling from the ceiling of her room.

(Isn’t this a canopy bed? I don’t remember putting a reservation to an interesting class hotel…..)

As reward to herself, she sometimes goes to a luxury hotel, a fashionable one of course. However, she has no memory of making a reservation at the current date and she doesn’t even remember making a reservation to a hotel with such decorations. Then, she heard a scream that surprised her.

「Oh dear, Eseria-sama! You’re alright! You finally regained consciousness!?」

「Eh? What?」

The woman left the room, ran down the hallway, and screamed excitedly to a distance.

「Master! Mistress! Eseria-ojousama has awakened!」

「Ah, wait! O-ouch….」

She tried to get up from the bed but instantly groaned because pain occurred all over her body. That moment, she noticed an abnormality in her body for the first time.

「Eh? Was I injured? ….wh, haa!?」

Looking at her body, it becomes clear. She’s struggling to raise her upper body on the bed and almost screamed in surprise.

「My limbs are obviously short….specifically, my body became a child’s? Why?」

According to her memory, she’s a full-grown, adult woman. She failed to understand what had happened to make her body like that. When she was thinking that, several men and women rushed in together from the door where the woman earlier had left.


「You have regained consciousness! Thank god!」


The next moment, when everyone came to her sight, she noticed that they are wearing pretty funny cosplay costumes. A pair of man and woman, who seemed to be about the same age as her, ran up and suddenly hugged her on both sides while crying so she had no choice but to scream. Then, an elderly man hurriedly pulls them off.

「Both of you, please calm down! Ojousama is injured! Get away from her!」

(I was saved….I thought they’d kill me.)

Although the man and woman were forcibly torn off of her, they are quite dissatisfied. She, on the other hand, felt relieved that she managed to survive that life and death struggle. Then, the man asks her in a serious tone.

「Eseria-sama, do you remember your accident?」

When she heard that, she looked around at the over decorative cosplay costumes of the people who called her with an unfamiliar name and told them indifferently.

「Not at all. Or rather, who are you?」

「Y-you don’t know me?」

She nods and continues to talk to the startled old man.

「In the first place, my name is not Eseria. I don’t even know the man and woman who almost killed me earlier.」



At that point, the elderly man controlled the pair of man and woman who screamed sorrowfully again. He politely kicked them out of the room for the time being. After that, he let her lie in bed and check the condition of her body. He then put a blanket over her and solemnly informed the people around.

「Given the impact of misstepping on the stairs and hitting her head made Eseria-sama’s memory confused but don’t worry, it will eventually settle down. Please don’t make a fuss.」

(I’m okay? But you only checked my pulse? Do you think you have the hand of god!?)

Although she was angry at the ancient and under appropriate diagnosis, she realized that given her situation, there’s no point even if she yelled at her. She went back to sleep like that holding her little expectations that this is just a dream and when she wakes up, she’ll return to her normal routine.

However, when she woke up after a short sleep, the situation around her has not changed at all. She’s seriously worried.

(I usually go back home from work and should be chilling out while watching TV. Why am I in this situation? What’s more, my body turned into a child’s, and only my consciousness transmigrates in this world. Or perhaps I’ve already reincarnated and only remembered my previous life?)

A few days after she regained consciousness.

During that time, she was calmly collecting information. Given the lifestyle and clothing of this world, which is too far from modern Japan, she drew a certain unexpected possibility. She thought of her name first which she heard from the people around her. It made her eyebrows wrinkle.

(Sounds familiar. Where did I hear of the name Eseria van Sjogren?)

However, all her doubt is cleared as soon as her maid incidentally brought her hand mirror.

「This is….my face….」

She looked into the mirror while patting her cheek lightly but soon came into deep shock.

「From the time I heard that name, I’ve always felt it was familiar….」

Even though she still has a child’s face, she can already guess her appearance ten years later. After making a conclusion, she looks like she’s given up.

「This is really the world of that otome game “Crystal Labyrinth”….I’m the prince’s fiancée and the main character’s rival, Eseria van Sjogren….」

After working hard to complete all the routes, she’s well versed in the details of the villainess, Eseria van Sjogren, who, of course, would stand in the way of the heroine.

「Fufufu….one of the top rank lineage of the kingdom. In addition, she’s a duke’s daughter that no one can complain about in terms of appearance, knowledge, and education. Good good…It’s a great honor for me to be reincarnated as her because my appearance and ability were mediocre….」

Smiling sarcastically, she threw the hand mirror over the blanket. She then stood up vigorously on the bed, thrust her fist up, and screamed with all the anger from the bottom of her soul.

「There’s no way in hell!! What am I even supposed to do!! How can I live in a place where there’s no internet, smartphone, or doujinshi!!!!!!!! The one in charge, come out!!!! F*uck you!!!!!」

Hearing the scream, the doctor and the maid, who seemed to have been waiting in the next room, immediately rushed into the room.

「What’s the matter!?」

「Ojousama! What happened!?」

「Ojousama! What happened!?」

「Have you gone mad?」

「Huh? I’m totally sane! It’s the people of this world who are crazy!!」

For her, that is a very legitimate claim but for the people around her, no. Her period of absolute rest was further extended.

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