Chapter 1.3 – First Small Step

Eseria managed to drive her brother away easily. She sat back on the sofa and put her arms together and thought about it while the terrified maid watched over her from a distance.

「I said I will make it myself but….to start, what should I do first?」

While she was thinking seriously while groaning “Hmm”, she heard a voice that can be perfectly described as bell sounding.

「Eseria, what’s wrong? Why do you have such a troubled expression?」

「Oneesama, why are you here?」

Eseria raised her face and replied. She looked at her older sister who’s five years older than her calmly but she’s screaming in her heart.

(Her platinum blonde hair is as beautiful as always and her green eyes will make you involuntarily stare at her. No, why am I commenting on her like an old man? However, I’m really surprised that such a beautiful girl is my blood-related sister. Even my parents and older brother, their face value are off the roof.)

Eseria, who’s thinking like that, also falls in the category of beautiful girl like her elder sister Cornelia when viewed objectively. However, she’s not aware of that.

「Najek told me to check on you because you’re making a fuss. That said, it looks like you have something you want to do.」

As she said that while tilting her head, Eseria can only lower her head obediently.

「Did I make a fuss? I’m sorry.」

「That’s good of you but….what’s wrong? Are you unwell?」

「I’m not unwell but I have this sickness called boredom disease.」

「Boredom disease….」

For a moment, Cornelia has an expression of “what on earth did she is she saying”. After that, she blinked her eyes a few times and laughed with amusement.

「Quite a cute disease you have. Then, shall I read you a poetry book?」

「No, please don’t!」

After saying that instinctively, Eseria closed her mouth to think for an excuse. Cornelia, who’s doubting her little sister that became silent, thought it’s strange.


Then, Eseria looked up at her elder sister straight in her eyes and talked in a lower than usual voice.

「Oneesama….Recently, I was in deep despair with the fact that when we talk about books, it means we are talking about scriptures, historical books, or poetry collection that are circulated around the world…」

「Eh? Despair….isn’t that too much?」

「However if books exist, that means that papers exist too, right?」

「Y-yeah….you’re right.」

「Since there’s paper, there should be pen and ink that can be used to write on it, right?」

「That’s right….ano, Eseria, what’s wrong?  Are you sure you’re okay? Did you forget about pen and ink too? As expected, I should call the doctor.」



The puzzled Cornelia, who answered her sister’s question in a courteous manner, was suddenly shouted at so she corrected her posture and raised her voice too. To her surprise, Eseria made a request with a strong tone.

「I want paper, pen, and ink! At once, please!」


Upset by the appeal, Cornelia looks at the maid taking care of Eseria standing behind her.

「Misty, please?」

「Please wait a moment!」

(Fufu, I thought too seriously. Simpliest is best. The future starts now!)

After seeing the maid leaving her room in a hurry, Eseria waited in a good mood praising herself in her heart. However, after a while, when the things she asked were lined up on the table in front of her, they were completely different from what she had hoped for.

「Ojousama, are these okay?」

「Yeah, I think these are enough….Eseria, what do you think?」

「…..oneesama, does plain square paper is not in existence?」

The things in front of her were clearly paper for writing but with Eseria asking while suppressing her disappointment, Cornelia was confused.

「Plain? What do you mean? And what kind of paper is a square paper?」

「A square paper is a paper with the same length and width.」

「I’ve never seen a paper like that. What on earth are you going to use it for?」

(Kuh….are you telling me that I should start from here!? They are probably only using paper for writing or recording. Then, of course, there’s no one who’d use them for origami….fuh, good! If there’s no square paper, I should just shape this to one!!)

Looking at her sister who is seriously tilting her head, Eseria almost wanted to crouch on the floor but she immediately changed her mind.

「Eseria, are you okay? 」

「 Oneesama, is there a paste that can stick papers together? 」

「 What’s a paste? 」

「 Eh? It’s the thing that you put on the edge of the envelope to seal a letter!? 」

「 If you want to seal a letter, you have to use wax, right? 」

(Wait a minute! Are you telling me that even paste doesn’t exist!?)

Eseria was of course surprised with what she learned but Misty fearfully talks there.

「 A-ano….. Cornelia-sama. I think that paste that ojousama is talking about is the one used in repairing wallpaper and furniture….」

As soon as she said that, Eseria looked at her with tremendous power.

「 Really!?」

「 Yes. Eseria-sama, do you want some?」

「 Please!」

「 Please wait a moment.」

After she bowed and left, Cornelia asked curiously.

「 You’re amazing, Eseria. How did you know about those things? You’ve never seen a servant repair something, have you?」

「Ehto, I somehow managed to see something like that….」

「When they are repairing something, they usually do it in a place where we can’t see them, right? Or, did you enter the servant’s building without permission?」

「N-no way I’d do that, right?」

Seeing Cornelia’s slightly smiling expression, Eseria made up some excuses and was upset so she deliberately laughed with “ohohohoho”.

(Dangerous, that’s dangerous. It would be a problem if I don’t act like a lady and be punished with confinement.)

While thinking like that, Eseria was fidgeting while waiting for the thing she asked for.

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