Chapter 4.5 – Finally, Name

After receiving the communication device from Kousuke, Collete heads toward Sylvia.

They have to leave that place fast before the official comes.

The people around will talk about Sylvia anyway but the two of them have to talk first.

Collete managed to get Sylvia who had become stunned while looking at the leaving Mitsuki.

「We have to leave the inn immediately.」

Collete said that to Sylvia as they walk towards the inn.

When Sylvia hears that, she has a puzzled expression on her face.

「What do you mean?」

「Haa….you didn’t realize it after all.」

The usual Sylvia would have noticed.

However, she’s been acting different from usual since she saw the commotion between Kousuke’s party and those men.

The usual Sylvia wouldn’t rush into a commotion like what she did earlier.

「Do you remember the expression of the man in his last attempt to attack?」


「….what happened? If it’s the usual you, you should have noticed.」

At that time, Mitsuki obviously induced the story to have the man talk.

When he smelled the possibility of assassination, he already knows that the backer got exposed.

Hearing Collete’s explanation, Sylvia remained silent for a moment then, the color of her face faded as soon as she understood.

「….I’m sorry desuwa.」

Since the man will be assassinated by his fellow organization member, that means that Sylvia, who was involved in that commotion, could also be a target too.

She should have been barely related in that commotion until Sylvia uses her <Truth Eyes>.

She’s now one that can be said to be a direct witness.

「You don’t need to apologize. I was more surprised that you took action.」

The usual Sylvia won’t move without thinking about the outcome unlike what she did earlier.

However, she can’t think of a reason why Sylvia would do that.

「For some reason, at that time, I thought I had to stop it. I feel like that person shouldn’t be involved in such an act….」

「Fuhn….maybe you fell in love at first sight?」

Collete said that to make fun of the depressed Sylvia.

It was supposed to be a joke but her reaction is different from what she expected.

「W-w-wh-wha-what are….!?」

To be honest, from Collete’s point of view, Kousuke isn’t the love at first sight material given his appearance.

It was an unexpected reaction because they didn’t even talk.

「….I was just kidding….」

Hearing Collete’s murmur, Sylvia stopped moving.


「No no, wait wait. Personally, I was just surprised why you reacted like that.」

「I-It’s not like that. But for some reason, I’m just a little worried….」

Collete thought that it might really be love at first sight but she should not talk about that topic anymore so she’ll put it on hold.

「Maa, it’s fine. Anyway, that’s why we’ll move out of the inn and join them.」

「Join? How are we going to find them?」

「We’re going to use this communication device. Before we can act together, we should negotiate first.」

「When did….」

「While Sil was talking to the woman, I was talking to the man….jealous?」


Collete laughed and teased her. She thought that it is a great teasing material.

—Scene Change—

Away from the place where the commotion occurred, Kousuke and his party visited an item store to check out the items that can be bought in that city.

This is because by checking the items for sale, he can confirm the technological level of that place.

Since Kousuke was someone who can even create a divine tool, the magic tool sold in that city is only about that level.

Kousuke didn’t notice that he only managed to do that because the books he was reading at the tower in his spare time are knowledge from gods.

As long as he has the materials, Kousuke can make any magic tool sold in the store himself. It was at that moment when he realized that the communication tool he has is reacting.

When he spoke with the other party using the communication device, the other party said that they wanted to meet and have a talk about their next move.

Kousuke gave her the communication tool for a reason so he has the intention of talking with her too. He agreed immediately.

While heading to the restaurant designated as their meeting place, Mitsuki asked.

「Are you going to make those two join us?」

「Yeah….if possible.」

「May I ask why?」

「I’m not going to hide it….Esena seems to care about that elf.」

When he heard that, Mitsuki was convinced.

Kousuke and the world tree Esena are mutually connected.

Their situation is still the same even after leaving the tower.

Since Esena cares about that elf, there is a reason for Kousuke to dare make a connection with her.

「I see….I thought you were targeting her because she’s beautiful.」

「Yeah, I won’t deny that either.」

Mitsuki laughs hearing Kousuke’s immediate reply.

Kouhi and Mitsuki do not shy away from increasing the number of women around Kousuke.

On the other hand, it looks like they are trying to actively increase their number.

It is evident looking at Shrine’s case.

They did not force her to come to him but let her stick with Kousuke the way she wanted. Unfortunately, there is nothing happening between him and Shrine.

They don’t know what she wants to do but as long as she has no ill intent towards Kousuke, they’ll leave her alone.

「Ano, that shrine maiden, doesn’t she have Kousuke-sama’s favorite boobs? It looks like hers is bigger than mine.」


Kousuke instinctively replies like that from Mitsuki’s extra information.

When they are about to reach the restaurant, Mitsuki notices that an incident is happening.

「Are we a little late?」

「Geh. They are quick to act. It looks like that organization is better than I thought.」

「Right. There’s still time, should we go in a hurry?」

It seems like no battle has started yet but it would as long as there’s a trigger.

「Yeah….Ah, right. Nana, Wanli, go ahead and help. It looks like they are surrounded, you should know which ones you’re going to help.」

Kousuke said so and removed Nana and Wanli’s collars.

Nana and Wanli quickly ran away. The current Nana and Wanli can communicate enough to understand that instruction.

Kousuke and Mitsuki decided to deal with the enemies outside who are equipped with long-range weapons.

When Nana and Wanli break-in, the tension ends and the battle begins.

With that as a signal, Kousuke and Mitsuki(Main force) cleared up those guys who were trying to shoot bows and magic from the outside.

With Mitsuki there, it didn’t even take 10 minutes to defeat the 10 assailants.

As a result, the two ladies were stunned but Kousuke didn’t even bother.

「Thank you. You saved us. Let me introduce myself first, I’m Collete…」

「I’m Sylvia desuwa.」

Sylvia stuck out her chest and gave her name and for some reason, Kousuke instinctively stared at her chest.

She’s certainly bigger than Mitsuki.

Before Sylvia could ask him, Mitsuki introduced herself.

「I’m Mitsuki, this is Kousuke-sama.」

He bowed pretending he did not stare at her.

「Nice to meet you.」

After greeting each other, they decided to change places to talk.

They don’t want to enter the restaurant now because of the commotion and decided to move to another place.

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