Chapter 4.4 –

「Please wait…..!!」

It was a female’s voice that stopped Mitsuki’s sword.

The spectator’s gaze gathered at her immediately.

Sylvia, a woman in robe, came out of the crowd.

She was one of the two women who were dining at the public guild earlier.

「Why are you stopping us? Are you one of them?」

While pointing her sword and sending pressure to the shivering man, Mitsuki threateningly stared at Sylvia.

「No, but I think that punishment is too much.」

「…it’s too much?….is that so? Oh, you can use the <Truth Eyes> right?」

Sylvia was confused by that sudden question.

「Why are you suddenly asking…」

Sylvia is wearing a robe of Erisamir, a religion of this world.

If you are a sister with a certain amount of power, it will be normal for you to master the <Truth Eyes>.

The <Truth Eyes> is mainly used by clerics to determine if a person who committed a crime is telling the truth.

「Can you use it on this guy? I can use it too but that won’t convince you, right?」

「That can’t be! However, if you want me to do it, I’ll do so.」

「Hah, you probably already know what I mean. It will probably take you time so just use it after me.」

Mitsuki said so and immediately used the <Truth Eyes> at the man.

Sylvia casted <Truth Eyes> on the man too.

The <Truth Eyes> is similar to the so-called lie detector.

Those who have been casted with that skill will glow red if they lie and glow blue if they are not telling a lie.

Sylvia’s eyes popped out a moment when she saw Mitsuki casting <Truth Eyes> in an instant without chanting and soon she also casted <Truth Eyes>.

By the way, even though it is called <Truth Eyes>, it is easy for the caster to cheat.

All the caster needs to do is use another light magic to cover the light of the <Truth Eyes>.

If a person can use light magic, it will be as easy as ABC.

Mitsuki invited Sylvia to cast it alongside her because she thought that the other party would not trust her even if she used it.

「Now….we have a few questions for you.」

Mitsuki pointed the sword towards the man.

「Wh….what do you want to hear?」

「First….right. You guys have been doing the same thing for a long time, right?」

「W-what are you talking about….?」

The light around the man turned red.

「Look at that. There’s no point in lying so you better answer correctly, okay?」


「Yes yes. That’s good.」

When the man tried to say something to Mitsuki, she interrupted him by putting a little pressure on him again. The man shuddered.

「I-I understand. I’ll answer properly….properly you hear. Please, stop it…!」

However, Mitsuki is only putting pressure on the man alone so the people around don’t know what’s happening.

Therefore, they only thought that the man was so frightened of Mitsuki because of the battle earlier.

「Then, let’s continue. Have you ever done the same thing to double digit women?」


To Mitsuki’s abrupt question, Sylvia’s eyes opened wide and looked at the man.

The man remained silent. However, he is covered with blue light.

「Let me tell you this, there’s no point in not saying anything. Maa, as long as shrine maiden-sama here understands, it’s okay. I don’t really care about you.」

The man has been cold sweating for some time.

He understands that no matter how he answers, he won’t be able to escape Mitsuki’s punishment.

「Next question, how many female party members have you killed?」

「…… did you know! No, wait! I don’t really remember….I can’t count them all!」

「Yes. Thank you for saying the answer I wanted to hear.」

Hearing the conversation of the two, Sylvia and the surrounding spectators are speechless.

This man was a famous adventurer for being crude and violent but they never thought he would be this much.

For a person like him to be walking around town casually, the people around are terrified.

However, they were even more terrified with Mitsuki’s next question.

「If that’s the case, how can you casually walk around the city?」

「….what do you mean….?」

「I already told you that I don’t want to waste time….or, should I ask it clearly?」


This time, he tried to stay silent but when Mitsuki’s sword was about to strike his throat, he started to confess.

「Yeah, you’re right. We have a backer that can take us out of prison even if we are caught….!」

「Good. Thank you.」

After smirking, Mitsuki turned to Sylvia.

Sylvia and the spectators around are completely speechless with the man’s confession.

The man is clearly a criminal and should be imprisoned but he is connected to a powerful person of this city.

It might be impossible to not be surprised.

「Do you understand now? That’s the reason why I tried to punish him.」

「B -but…..that’s….!?」

Sylvia, who was told that by Mitsuki, tried to say something but words won’t come out of her mouth.

That’s because the officials themselves can’t be trusted.

She didn’t even wonder why Mitsuki knew of that from the beginning.

Seeing the reaction of the people around, Mitsuki kept holding her sword.

「Well, even though it no longer matters, it still will be done.」

「….what do you mean?」

「Ara. You said that with this much audience. Your worth to the man behind you has been expended, why would he keep you alive? Rather than that, he’ll do everything necessary to get rid of you before you can talk.」

The man opened his eyes wide, perhaps hearing it from Mitsuki he finally realized what had occurred.

With a roar, he immediately dashed towards Mitsuki.

However, Mitsuki treated him lightly and just punched his vital spot to make him unconscious.

「Yes, it’s over. You will be cleaned up by your backer, in various ways.」

Mitsuki said so as she left the men behind and walked towards Kousuke.

Sylvia could only silently see them off.

At that time, Kousuke, who had been silent about what Mitsuki was doing, was talking to a woman who approached him.

It’s Collete. The person who was sitting with Sylvia back in the guild’s dining hall.

「….your companion really did it. 」

「Yeah….She shouldn’t have stopped your companion in the first place. Do you think trouble will end with this?」

「I don’t think so. 」

Collete sighed.

It would have been great if she stopped her earlier but she wasn’t able to do so.

In addition, she clearly heard the conversation between Mitsuki and the man so it is already too late.

「She doesn’t seem to care about what will happen next. Are you not worried about taking the blame? 」

「….didn’t you see that we were just defending ourselves? 」

「Will those words be useful….? 」

Collete was speechless with Kousuke’s reply.

Looking at her, Kousuke took something from his backpack and presented it to Collete.

「…..this it? 」

「Communication device and a note for the hotel we’re staying at. That communication equipment can be used in this whole city. 」

「Communication device….another rare thing. Great. Thank you. 」

The communication device that he gave Collete is a very expensive thing and it’s also something disposable.

Few adventurers bother to buy it for a purpose.

「You’re welcome. Well, I can’t just abandon you. 」

Besides, both of them are beautiful so Kousuke didn’t even hesitate.

Kousuke, who joined Mitsuki, went to the inn while being paid attention to.

It wasn’t until he had entered the inn that he noticed that he never heard the names of the two ladies.

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