Chapter 4.3 – Trouble (Template)

Kousuke’s group’s guild cards were made from Ryuusen so in order to work in another city, they need to update their cards.

To update, they just need to present their card from Ryuusen to the receptionist of the Nansen’s guild.

Only after recording their cards in Nansen can their activity there be recognized by the guild.

Kousuke’s guild card renewal did not cause any inconvenience in particular and was even immediately approved.

After the two’s update ended, they went straight to the mission board to check the missions.

The missions on the mission board are only basic, normal things and there are only a few special missions.

Most of the items are individually requested by trustworthy parties and people.

Especially those missions related to craftsmanship.

There are mainly two types of craftsman-related missions in the public guild.

One is requests for craftsmen.

As for the other one, the request from the craftsman guild itself.

The latter’s mission is when the guild is in need of a talented person so they have to identify their skills first.

If you do good on that mission, you might even be recruited.

What Kousuke’s party is checking are what craftsman-related missions are there and who the requesters are.

Though he doesn’t understand things entirely, Schmidt advised him to check the trend.

When Kousuke and Mitsuki were checking the mission board, someone called out to Kousuke.

「Yow, you there, how about talking about business?」

When Kousuke looked back, a strong-looking man was looking down at him while grinning.

Looking around, he found out that it was a group.

After confirming that, Kousuke thought that what’s happening is a template. It didn’t happen in Ryuusen but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen anywhere else. Or so he thought.

However, that doesn’t mean that he’s going to take them seriously.

「….hah, what is it? Can’t you see I’m looking at the requests on the mission board?」

「Anyway, a kid like you won’t make a lot of money. I’m kind so I was thinking of sharing money making ideas.」

To the man who’s looking down at him, Kousuke just casually replied.

「I’m fine. I can find my own job. If that’s all, get out and don’t disturb me.」

「You! How dare you not accept my kindness….Oi, don’t ignore me!!」

The man reaches out at Kousuke, who ignores him and continues to look at the mission board, to grab him.

However, his hand did not reach Kousuke.

There was someone who got in between the two of them. That someone grabbed that person’s arm and threw him away.

The surrounding people were watching the whole time but they did not see what happened because it was too fast. The person in question did not understand what’s happening either. All he knew was that he was thrown down.

「Yes yes. Kousuke-sama already said no so you should have pissed off already. If you do anything more, I’ll take care of you.」

That was Mitsuki.

By the way, Nana and Wanli were intimidating that person too but Kousuke calmed them down.

After stroking the two’s necks, Kousuke moves forward and talks while looking at the guild counter.

「… looks like we no longer need to look for a job so let’s get out. I’m scared of the eyes of the people at the counter.」

Several staff, who are receptionists of the guild, are paying attention to what’s happening.

Conflict in the guild is strictly prohibited.

「As you wish.」

Mitsuki laughed meaningfully and agreed with Kousuke’s proposal.

Ignoring the man who’s still lying on the floor, Kousuke’s party left the public guild.

「Oi, wait.」

Kousuke’s party, who left the guild, was chased out by the group they left.

Needless to say, it was the man and his friends.

The place is the street just outside the public guild.

「….things like this, should I be surprised or not?」

Kousuke blatantly said what he thinks of the current situation to the men who behaved as he thought they would.

No, it can be said that their stupidity knows no bound.

Kousuke already expected them to follow them and eventually attack in an uncrowded place. However, he never thought that they’ll magnificently pick a fight in the middle of a busy street.

「For now, should I pretend to be surprised?」

「Wh-what are you saying!?」

The two parties made a fuss with the other making a fool at the men.

「Oi, do you really think you can just make a fool of us?」

「That woman might be a little capable but did you really think that she can take us all?」

「Did you really think you can just ridicule me!」

The commotion drew attention and people began gathering around.

However, it looks like it was a daily occurrence. Majority of the people only glanced at them.

「Not really. Did you not feel the difference in ability earlier?」

「Shut up. No matter how strong that woman is, if she’s surrounded by the five of us, she won’t be able to do anything!」

Starting with that man’s declaration, the other men pulled out their swords.

Seeing the situation, the curious spectators have begun to rustle.

They are mainly criticizing the men.

「Shut up! Everyone, shut up!」

The spectators shut up. They probably don’t want to get involved.

However, Kousuke sighed with relief upon seeing that.

「With this, it will be legitimate self-defense, right?」

In this world, no one has ever pulled out a sword and tried to kill Kousuke with it until now.

「As expected. However, you don’t really need to worry about that.」

「Is that so? I’m still in the process of adjusting in that aspect….maa, Mitsuki, don’t immediately kill them.」

「I’m not Kouhi so I won’t go that far.」

「….you mean Kouhi will do it….」

「Maybe? They are targeting you after all.」


Kousuke was somewhat convinced.

By the way, keep in mind that he only asked her to not kill them.

Seeing the two not taking them seriously, the blood of the men boiled.

Perhaps those men are a bit capable, they didn’t just rush in. The four attacked Mitsuki while the last one attacked Kousuke.

They must have taken the strength that Mitsuki showed in the guild.

However, their strategy did not work.

Mitsuki cleaned them up easily.

She didn’t even pull out a weapon.

She did not face the four first but threw the one who attacked Kousuke into unconsciousness.

Like what happened earlier, the man did not even have a chance to react and was thrown on the ground.

After that, she turned around and beat up the four successively.

They were unable to keep up with Mitsuki’s speed.

Mitsuki beat up the three with her bare hands while she took the last one’s sword and pointed it at his neck.

It was the man who spoke with Kousuke in the guild.

「….hih. I-I’m sorry. I apologize. Please forgive me.」

「Ara. What are you apologizing for?」

「T-that we picked up a fight with you!」

Mitsuki looked at Kousuke, asking him what to do.

「….i-if the other party said the same thing you said earlier, wouldn’t you have done the same? C-can you forgive me now?」

Kousuke considered them as habitual offenders.

He can see it given the reaction of the people around.


「Right. You’ll never do that intentionally.」

「….I-I’ll never do it again, do you forgive me now?」

「Well, I wonder….」

Kousuke said so while he looked at the man with his arms folded.

He’s really troubled about what to do.

If he let them as it is, they’ll repeat the same thing and even attack them again.

「For the time being, you’re likely to do the same thing again, why don’t we make sure that you can never hold your sword again?」

「….yo….you’re joking, right?」

Ignoring the man, Kousuke looked at Mitsuki.

Mitsuki nodded and swung the sword to the man.

The man tried to escape but he was stopped by Mitsuki’s pressure so he was unable to move.

The moment Mitsuki swung the sword down towards the man’s dominant arm, a voice trying to stop her was heard as the spectators held their breath.

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