Chapter 480 – Children’s Job

The children of the village that have grown up to some extent were studying in the morning while working in the afternoon.

As for playing, they do that once work is over.

For me, as long as they are studying properly, they don’t have to work but the mothers persuaded me that it was important to give children roles.

The children are also not reluctant to work so I accepted it.

I accepted it but I have concerns about their work so need to hear it first.

No, I did not just listen to it.

There are many jobs that I have not actually tried so I don’t know their difficulty.

Because of that, I decided to try them.


First, cleaning the barn of cows, horses, goats, sheeps, and chickens.

It was the beastgirls who usually take care of it.

Since I’m only helping, I thought it would be easy but….it was surprisingly hard.

It’s especially a pain to take manures from one place to another.

Then, I thought of using the AFT to turn them into fertilizer on the spot.


For now, I asked the mountain elves to make a trolley.

It will be used in barns so the wheels should be big enough to be able to go up the steps.

No, shouldn’t a one-wheeled wheelbarrow better?

Trolley is canceled.

I asked for a one-wheeled wheelbarrow.


Why only one wheel?

From what I remember, it only has one wheel.


Next is brushing the cows, horses, goats, and sheeps.

This is also the beastgirls’ job.

I’m only helping but I’m doing the same work as the beastgirls.

Caution should be taken since there are brushes tailored for each type of animal.

Also, I need to check the state of the animals.

If there’s something unusual to them, it seems like I have to report it to the beastgirls.

I see.

For now, I borrowed the tools and tried them.

The cows and horses are obedient.

No problem.

Maa, I’ve brushed the cows and the horses before so I know what to do.

The problem will probably start once I’m brushing the goats and sheeps.

For some reason, the goats come to me.

Yeah, they even queued up.

I didn’t even need to tell them.

Why are you listening to the beastgirls?

It is probably the difference between those who feed them and those who don’t.

The sheeps don’t come near me though.

Once they see me, they run away.


They somewhat scared my heart.

The kuros guarding the area gathered the sheeps for me.



But, why do they hate me?

They probably thought of me as someone unfamiliar.


Collecting chicken eggs is also a child’s job.

It is usually the oni maids who do it but there is no fixed schedule on doing it.

There are some chickens who lay eggs early in the morning while others are laying eggs at noon.

In the morning, the oni maids will take the eggs from the chicken coop.

The children will gather eggs for the rest of the day.

It sounds difficult but it is easy to get used to especially when you already know which chicken will lay eggs during a specific time.

I collected eggs while having the children tell me where the eggs are.

There are indeed eggs on the places they pointed at.

Before I knew it, I already had a basket full of eggs.

This basket is for adults so the children might find it difficult to use.

I need to make baskets for children’s use.


They are also helping in cleaning the village.

Basically, each home will be cleaned by those who are living in it so what we’ll do is simply collecting garbage.

Collecting garbage on designated areas and putting in new trash cans if needed.


A trash can is not heavy but it is not light.

Its size is a little too big for children to carry.

If we use a one-wheeled wheelbarrow….won’t it make garbage collection easier?

Let’s just ask the mountain elves to make a trolley dedicated for garbage collection.


Waterway and reservoir cleaning.

This is done by not all the children but only by lizardmen hatchlings.

Their job is to remove fallen leaves and stones in the waterway and reservoir.

For caution, they are not allowed to do it at the waterway away from the village.

Since monsters and demon beasts outside the village are dangerous, cleaning the waterway outside the village has become the job of adult lizardmen.

I want to try it out too but…the water is still cold.


I think there should be some tools that can make their job easier….


Lizardmen don’t need them.

They don’t even need to snorkel.


My apologies.

If you need anything, please let me know.

You don’t have to hold back.

You don’t even need a reward medal.


Honey harvesting.

The beastgirls only need to give bottles to the spiderlings and they will harvest honey for them.

Aren’t you keeping the jar lids too tight?

Is it to prevent the children from tasting them?


To prevent the fairies from tasting them.

I see.


Are they fairies really doing it?


I’ll talk to the fairy queen about this matter.

It should be fine.

I’m sure she’ll cooperate if I say that I’ll decrease the amount of honey on her desserts.


Exercising the kuros.

Throwing flying disk and ball and have the kuros return them.

I see.

I do this from time to time.


Do the children really have to do this?


Why are the kuros charging here?


Helping the blacksmith.

That doesn’t mean that they will do work at the forge. They only help with bringing tools and materials that the blacksmiths use from the warehouse.

It’s not so difficult since they are instructed properly.

Thinking about the safety of the children, they are also only allowed to go to certain places.

There’s no particular problem here.

However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to worry about.

Gutt is explaining the job carefully.

Since he’s a craftsman, I thought he wants them to remember but I guess I’m wrong.

「It is better to teach them what they are doing so they’ll appreciate and get motivated by it.」

I see.

「Also, if there’s any child who’s interested in blacksmithing….that’s my ulterior motive.」

I understand.

I feel the same since I don’t think they are interested in farming.


Helping in cooking.

The work content includes washing the ingredients and peeling them.

The children peel the skin using knives dexterously.

They look better than me but….isn’t that dangerous?

Since they are using the knives correctly, their fingers won’t be cut.

In case of emergency, it will be time to have an actual practice in healing magic.


That’s reassuring….

I asked Gutt to make a peeler.

To use this, you only need to do this…see?

Cheers broke out.

Mainly from the oni maids.


I was probably like you when I first saw a peeler in action.

This is such a convenient tool

I wonder why I forgot.

My apologies.

By the way, if you replace the blade with this one, you can also use it to cut vegetables in a jagged shape.

Yeah, I’ll make sure the children and oni maids have one each.

I’m sorry, Gutt.



So this is what they call children’s job.

I’m not looking down on it one bit and honestly, it was quite hard.

Immediately after harvesting, it seems like there will be more jobs for them like processing crops or placing crops into the barrels.


Until now, I thought I’m already trying my best to help but it seems like that’s only my wishful thinking.

I’m sorry.

And again, thank you.

For the time being, I will improve what can be improved from my perspective.

There might still be more inconveniences that I haven’t seen.

If that’s the case, don’t hesitate to tell me.


For now, let’s make baskets for the children.

This will be their basket when collecting eggs.

At the very least, each should be able to use one.

The mountain elves….they are making wheelbarrows and trolley for collecting garbage. They’re working hard.

I’ll work hard for the baskets too.



What’s up, Alfred?

Want to help me make some baskets?

Tiselle and Ursa too?

It is something you use yourselves and also your reward for me because I helped you with your jobs today?



Then, let’s make them together.

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