Chapter 529 – Life in the Capital, Tiselle, Departure

My name is Tiselle.

Tiselle Machio.

One of the daughters of the village chief of Big Tree Village.

The heir is Al-anii so I’m in a very free position.

However, when I said that I’ll just live a leisurely life, my mother got angry. Because of that, I’m doing what I can to support Al-anii.

Maa, most of my efforts will just be wasted.

We’re still too young.

Also, my idea as a ten years old is a little ahead of my father’s.

Occasionally, my idea is diagonal compared to his.

Most of the time, the opposite.

But father is truly amazing!


Now, we are going to the royal capital of the demon king’s kingdom.

Our objective is to go to school….

Honestly speaking, there’s nothing to learn.

Father said that making friends was important but those friends were also prepared by Gol-anii’s group.


I was expecting a faction struggle like dancing over blood and boiling meat of the enemies but none of that happened.

It’s because the faction that Gol-anii’s group has prepared is the school’s biggest faction.

When we enrolled, we automatically belonged to the biggest faction.

I expected a lot from the number two faction but they were easily repulsed by Ur-anee.

They’re useless.

Why are they targeting Ur-anee?

If you want to target us, no matter how you plan your offense, the target should be me, right?

Putting Ur-anee, Al-anii, and me side by side, I look the weakest!

Why didn’t you target me who looks weak and target Ur-anee…..I can’t take it anymore!


Considering the school system and the life of demons, it shouldn’t be strange if there are powerful students….

Thinking about it, mother Frau took those promising individuals and brought them to the village.

They are the demoness aunties called the civil servant girls.

After that, Aunt Yuri took the talented demoness out again.

There are only a few promising demons that remained and they became Gol-anii’s and the others’ wives.



All those promising demons that were pulled out or became wives are demoness, right?

That means there should be promising demons left.

However, why can’t I find any?

There’s no way a powerful man won’t be caught up by my search.

But it is also possible.

When I thought of that, I asked one of the students from Gol-anii’s class.

「There are many women who move behind the scenes or conspire. Men are often the type who attacks without thinking. Those who attack without thinking are already educated by Gol-sensei’s group in advance…..ahahaha. In fact, I was also one of those who attack without thinking but now, I’m farming while thinking before doing anything. Ah, do you want some radish?」

The school no longer has what I want.

I clearly understand it now.


We live in a house built inside the campus.

It is a two-story house built by the craftsmen of the royal capital.

Gol-anii….no, Gol-sensei’s group prepared them for us in advance.

It is very small compared to our house in the village but it is nice because the rooms are close to the dining area and the dining area is really close to the entrance.

There are six of us living here: Ur-anee, Al-anii, Earth, Asa, and Metora.

On the first floor, there’s a kitchen, dining room, bath, and toilet.

The dining room also serves as a living room.

The second floor is all private rooms.

The private rooms are so small that you can only put a bed and a table.

The walls are thick so you won’t hear anything from the next room.

「Al—–, Tiselle—-, let’s eat—–!」


Like I was saying, it’s easy to communicate with each other in this house.


After eating, I laid out my course of action.

If I can’t find it in school, I have no choice but to look outside school.

The royal capital of the demon king’s kingdom.

I can expect a lot from it.

When I tried to leave with enthusiasm, I was stopped by Asa.

Ano, Asa?

Why did you grapple and pin me down on the floor?

It doesn’t hurt but if I move, it will hurt, right?

And what stop resisting are you saying to a little girl? If someone sees us, they’ll surely say that what’s happening is nothing but a little girl being abused.

「Asa, what did Tiselle do again?」

「Tiselle, don’t cause Asa too much trouble.」

Ursa, Alfred, and Tiselle.


Ur-anee, Al-anii, you’re terrible!


Asa is a resident of Village Four.

He had been in charge of managing the teleportation gate in the hot spring area for a long time but he was chosen as one of our companions.

I don’t think it was planned but the one in charge of Ur-anee is Earth and Metora is taking care of Al-anii.

In other words, Asa is in charge of me.

I see.

It was my mistake to ignore Asa before moving out.

I have to explain it properly.

「I thought of making friends in the royal capital.」

「You can’t.」

I already explained my purpose but it was rejected!


「Of course, you can’t.」

「You can’t alright.」

Ur-anee, Al-anii, can you shut up for a moment?


「You don’t have to say anything else. It will surely be not anything good.」

I don’t think Asa and I have been associated with each other for a long time so I don’t know why he has the “I know what you’ll do” expression.

Also, can you stop grappling me?

「That only means it is easy to grasp your intention even though we have only been associated for a short time. Please, just go to school obediently. Also, when you’re going to school, you shouldn’t do anything underhanded to settle the situation no matter what. I won’t release you until you say “yes”.」


If that is the case, it can’t be helped.

My last resort.

「I command you as the daughter of the village chief of Big Tree Village. Asa, set me free.」

It’s taboo to us brothers and sisters to order someone using our position as the village chief’s children.

It’s because father hates that kind of thing.

However, I can’t choose the means now.

For freedom!

「I command you as the son of the village chief of Big Tree Village. Asa, hold Tiselle down.」



After a very very long negotiation, I won my privilege to go out of school.

I did my best.

I really did.

There’s a rope wrapped around my waist.

Am I a baby or something?

The end of the rope is held by Asa.

On top of that, I can only move by being held by Asa.

I’m not allowed to walk on my own feet or fly.

There’s no freedom.

Isn’t this the human rights violation that father was saying?

I don’t really understand what human rights mean.

Moreover, since Asa can’t move freely because of this arrangement, Earth was lent out by Ur-anee.

Earth has the look of despair but it was because he would leave Ur-anee’s side. It’s not because he’s with me, right?


Asa and Earth are dressed as butlers. I wonder if I look like an ojousama walking around with two butlers.

Maa, in any case, I’m finally moving around the capital just like I want….

Tied up.

Then, something happened.

There are five thugs.

As expected of the capital!

However, Earth, isn’t it a bad move to suddenly beat them down?

We have to listen to what they have to say first.

No need?

I see.

Ah, the thugs have withdrawn.

They’re gutless.

「Asa, Earth, what are you doing? Chase them.」

「Tiselle-sama, we don’t have to do that, do we?」

Asa disagrees but Earth agrees.

How naïve but….

This is what I’m looking for.

「Don’t you remember what the thug has said before he ran away?」

「It was….”remember this” right?」

「Right, correct.」

「What about it?」

Lacking in brain department huh.

「”remember this” means “I’ll definitely take revenge so remember this”.」

Or is it my misunderstanding?

No way that’s true.

There’s no way they’ll say “I’ll go to you to apologize later so remember this for appropriate compensation.”. I feel like it’s impossible for them to say that.

「It is so wrong to let someone who’ll say they’ll get revenge go. Moreover, their revenge target won’t always be us. Ur-anee, Al-anii, and even the villagers….there are a lot of targets.」

They agreed with what I said and started running.

That’s good.

Their expressions have changed too.

They have the eye of someone who’ll eliminate the enemy of the village.

「Tiselle-sama, we’ll chase them but…do you know what we should do next? Do you have a method to deal with them that village chief won’t dislike?」

「It’s okay. If you keep hitting them, someone will eventually call the one we can talk to.」

「It would be great if that’s the case….they are heading to….is that their hideout?」

「Earth, make one of them ready to speak.」

「As you wish」

Thus, our debut in the royal capital begins.

I wonder if there’s someone who can enjoy being behind the scenes and conspiring with me.

This is so much fun.


AN: Tiselle’s story began before Alfred’s.

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