Chapter 606 – Plan’s Anxiety Elimination

A large chunk of salted meat with bones was boiled with vegetables such as carrots and onions. It’s the dish that’s served at dinner.

I don’t know the name of this dish.

It is not something I taught.

It is the result of the oni maids’ effort of trying to make the salted meat purchased from the Goroun Company delicious.

Thus, I’m not going to complain but…’s salty.

You have to eat it with another dish to cheat the saltiness or else, it would be a pain to eat it.

Purchasing it from the Goroun Company is all my idea.

There were a lot of types like beef, pork, goat, mutton, and even which parts are arranged in an orderly manner.

As for their taste….salty.

That’s normal since they are basically a type of preserved food, salted meat.

In order not to rot, they are salted a lot.

Since they are made with the use of a large amount of salt, their price is higher than raw meat….well, preserved food is valuable in a lot of ways.


As for why I purchased salted meat, I want to know about adventurer’s foods.

I have heard about it from Gulf to some extent so it piqued my interest a little.

I heard they eat preserved food so I tried purchasing salted meat without thinking much about it…..

「Salted meat is a kind of luxury goods so adventurers rarely eat it.」

That’s what the guy from the Goroun Company said when he brought the salted meat to me.

Even Shashaato City doesn’t have much supply of it. Salt is valuable after all.

Salted meat uses a large amount of salt and it makes it expensive.

As for what kind of meat adventurers eat, they eat meat with herbs that are dried under the sun instead of salted meat.

When they are on a mission, they’ll carry a chunk of dried meat which is as big as a notebook. It seems like they cut it little by little when they have to eat.

I failed.

I should have consulted Gulf first.

I ordered a certain amount so I was hesitant to return them and it’s my mistake in the first place. Thus, our dinner has become like this…..


You don’t have to force yourself.


「Ah, this is nostalgic.」

Tier and the other angels.

「The saltiness is strong…. However, this is something great after battle.」

High elves.

「This taste…it’s the ingredients we were longing for before.」


「There’s salt so it’s not bad.」

Mountain elves.

「We used to make and sell it for a while. However, we have never eaten it ourselves. So this is how it tastes.」

The minotaur errand maid.

「When I was working hard on sericulture in our old village, salted meat was distributed once a year as treats. We can only eat it one bite at a time….how nostalgic.」

The centaur liaison.

「In the mansion where I worked, there’s a large amount of salted meat in a warehouse as army ration. Of course, I was not even allowed to touch it….」

It seems like salted meat brings back memories.

However, not everyone accepted it.

The dragons look gloomy.

「There is nothing we can’t eat but it is better to eat ordinary grilled meat….」

That’s what the representatives of the dragon said to the oni maids.

The kuros, including Kuro and Yuki, also have bad appetites because it is too salty for them.

As for the spiderlings…..they are eating the inner part of the meat.

The outside part is the saltiest after all.

On the other hand, the dwarves are in high tension.

「Good for beer! Perfect partner! Why didn’t we ask for this sooner!?」

「Bring new barrels! Let’s try to check which beer is its best match!」


It looks like we’ll have to continue to purchase a certain amount of salted meat for the dwarves in the future.

By the way, this meat.

It is not served to the children because it has high salt content.

Thus, the children are looking at us with envy.

It certainly looks delicious but it is too salty.

I’m sorry for the oni maids who did their best to make it taste better…..

Ah, they are attracted to it because it has bones?

Got it.

Then, tomorrow, I’ll make…..spareribs with bones.

Other than the salted meat, all our other ingredients are okay since we’ve properly stocked.


The next day.

In order to cook spareribs, I started preparing from noon.



「This is good too! It goes well with alcohol!」

The dwarves were more pleased than the children.

Maa, they are making all kinds of alcohol. I think it will be harder to serve meat dishes that don’t match any alcohol.


I got interested in adventurer’s food since Gulf consulted me in addition to Youko’s restaurant plan.

「The demon king-sama’s plan has spread and it made the adventurers uneasy. They are thinking they’ll lose their job.」

If you are talking about adventurers, you’ll imagine people who fight monsters and demon beasts in danger zones to search for something. However, most of their careers will be spent on jobs as company bouncers or escorts.

If the short-range teleportation gate of the demon king is installed, their escort job from the royal capital up to Shashaato City and vice versa will be lost.

Certainly, no one would hire escorts just to pass through teleportation gates.

Once the teleportation gates are installed, it will be the demon king’s responsibility to protect the teleportation gates and the villages and cities on the way.

The merchants and travelers will be safer and they won’t even spend much.

However, there will surely be people who’ll oppose it.

To people like those, they’ll be recommended to work as escorts at the east side of Shashaato City.

The plan of short-range teleportation gates of the demon king has only become possible because all of those territories are under the direct control of the demon king. If a noble’s territory got involved, things would become troublesome.

Since the east part of the kingdom after Shashaato City is basically noble’s territories, it is not possible to install short-range teleportation gates there.

I explained that to Gulf.

「Can I say this to others?」

The demon king permitted me.

It’s okay….

「Who are those others?」

「The guild masters of the adventurers guild of Shashaato City and Village Five.」

「Those two again」

「The two of them consulted me and ask me about it….」

「I see. The two of them became worried after hearing rumors but….why did they ask you?」

「Because they know that I’m acquainted with Randan-sama.」

「So, you want to get information for them?」

「Rather than for them, I want to know it myself.」

「Is that so? I thought that the adventurers guild should have already been informed….why aren’t they doing anything? Or did something delay them….」

「The adventurers guild is an independent force and it doesn’t try to get involved with politics in the kingdom….that’s why no one from the kingdom informed them anything.」


「That’s how it is….Those two guild masters don’t even know who from the kingdom they can talk to.」

「Can’t they talk to Randan?」

「He’s too high.」

「So, they are left with you.」

「Looks like it.」

「You can tell them what you know. I’ll tell the demon king to talk to the adventurers guild.」

「Thank you very much.」

After that conversation, I heard more about the life of adventurers which made me curious about their food. That made me purchase salted meat on a whim.


Reflect, me.


It is like this, it is impossible for two presidents (guild masters of the adventurers guild) of small and medium-sized companies to ask the president of the large company (Randan) about the outline of a large-scale project.

They can only ask Gulf, who’s the fishing buddy of the large company president.

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