Chapter 657 – Not a Monster in Treasure Chest Clothes

I have no name.

I’m a mere box with ego.

A box whose purpose is to protect what’s stored in me.

That’s all.

But I have to tell you one thing.

I’m not a monster treasure chest(mimic).

Just treat me as a magical creature for storage.


I woke up from a long sleep.

It was probably because I was hit by something.

I’m shocked.

However, that won’t make me open my upper lid.

If you want me to open my upper lid, you must have the key.



I never would have thought that I’d be in a situation where I’m surrounded by a group of terrible demon beasts.

What should I do?

Should I open my upper lid?


Wait, stop.

One of the black demon beasts tried to use magic on me.

Don’t you know that it might even destroy whatever’s inside me?

That’s the plan? Are you sure about that?

Don’t you care what’s inside?

Yoh, good good, human over there, nice block.

It’s great that you stopped it.

Well done but, who are you?

That demon beast is obviously stronger than you, right?

Are these demon beasts your familiars?

Ma-maa, good.

Good job, human.

I’ll give you the right to see what’s inside me.

B-but, I’m not giving it to you.

Just look at it.

If you look at it, you’ll probably be satisfied and go home.

He almost got close to me but, why did you stop?


No, well, it doesn’t matter if you leave now.

Yeah, I think that would be the best.


The demon beast tamer and the demon beasts stood at a place that is around 50 people(80 meters) far.

It can be said that they are quite far away but they are still at a distance where I can see them.

The area around us is a forest so I can only see them because there’s a strange straight path between us for some reason.

One end is me while the other end is them.

Is this how they found me?

There’s nothing around me. What happened when I was sleeping?

And what are those demon beast tamer and demon beasts doing there?

Ah, they’re eating?

Why there?

And more and more demon beasts arrive.

They are the same demon beasts but how many of them are there?

Too many to count.


After a while, many people gathered around the demon beast tamer.

What are they talking about?

I have good ears so I can hear their voices even at this distance but they are talking all at once so I don’t understand anything.

However, there are some of them who are looking at me from time to time as if thinking how they are going to deal with me.

I’m expecting a gentle treatment if they can until….I saw the godkins.

I became uneasy.

They’re violent.

They might even attack me with magic like that demon beast earlier.

I expect a lot from the dwarves.

Sky-high expectations.

Dwarves look rough but they like to craft.

I’m sure they’ll suggest to the demon beast tamer to use a key to open me properly.

Elves…..I guess they’re okay too but I don’t really care about them.

I only focus on those I’m interested in and I don’t care about those that I’m not interested in.


It seems like the discussion is over.

What’s the result?

Thud thud thud (King engine roaring).


It seems like it was the worst result.

They threw stones at me.

You’re going to break me by stoning?

These fools?

No, they’re smart?

Thinking of me as some kind of trap, they’re doing the right thing.

But I won’t forgive you.

Also, can you even throw stones that far?

They stayed at the place where they ate, which is quite far. That’s fifty people far.

They can’t hit me with stones at that distance.


Fuhahahahahaha, these fools!

The moment I thought so, something super fast passed near me.

It sank on the tree behind me.

It came from somewhere far.

Yeah, it’s not just something.

I know what it is.

A stone.

A stone as big as a human fist passed right by me.

At an invisible speed.


I mean a straight line.

Is that even possible?

I mean, can a stone fly in a straight line even if it came from a distance?

Considering air resistance and gravity, it should change its trajectory, right?

It means it was thrown with so much power that it ignores the effect of air resistance and gravity.

Who can do that?

That white woman.

What is she?


That white woman gives off signs of being a dragon.

Ah, hey, demon beast tamer, don’t give her another stone.


Gr-graze, it grazed me.

It grazed me.

I heard a chun.

I’m scared.

This is bad.

Ah, she’s already about to throw again.

That pose.

I had a hunch.

It will hit me.


「Areh? I missed?」

The white woman tilted her neck.


The woman next to her taunts the white woman.

Stop that.

Ah, that woman’s a vampire.


Vampires are famous for their bad personalities.

Also, how can she move when it’s still daytime?

If she’s really a vampire, she should only be outside at night…..only those who are closely related to the vampire’s true ancestor can move during the day. Is she one?

I don’t know.

It seems like I triggered their “mad curiosity”.

That means they’ll do everything to satisfy their own interest.

And I’m the target of their current interest.

「Weird. I’m sure I should have hit it. One more time.」

The white woman received a stone again.

Are you not going to give up?

Looks like it.


「I want to ask you something for confirmation.」

The white woman talked to the vampire.

「What is it?」

「Did that box just evade?」

「Are you making an excuse?」

「No, I’m not but….I feel like it moved a little.」

「Or, the stone just changed trajectory a little.」

「Maybe…..village chief, the next stone.」


W-what should I do?

I had abandoned my pride as a box and evaded but it looks like I can’t evade forever.

I’m just a box, they wouldn’t eat me, right?



I’m scared!


「It evaded.」

「It evaded alright.」

Ugh, I can only blame myself for being a scaredy-cat.

「In other words, that box is a monster.」

Ah, demon beast tamer.

I’m not a monster.

A box.

I’m a box.


I’m not a treasure box monster!

I can assure you I’m not a mimic!

However, a box can’t communicate!

I want to tell you what I am!

I am a box!

That’s one thing I take pride in.

That is my reason for existence!

Thus, I won’t give up!

Since it has come to this, I will evade all the stones you’ll throw to the very end!

I’ll do my best until you give up and go home!


Or so I thought but the white woman approached me a little.

The distance would be around twenty-five people(40 meters) far.

And poses that she’ll throw again.

Yeah, impossible.

There’s no way I can evade at this distance.

I opened my upper lid and expressed my intent to surrender.


White woman = Hakuren

Vampire = Loo

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