Chapter 2.13 – Women’s Battle

A certain clear and beautiful afternoon. At Magdalena’s invitation, four concubines, who were given their own rooms in the palace, appeared in her private quarters.

「It looks like everyone’s here. Just the other day, Juris was given a new room in the inner palace. I wanted to take this opportunity to deepen our friendship. I’m sure everyone’s curious about what Juris was like?」

The queen said so while smiling radiantly. There is no way the other three concubines can say they dislike the newcomer so they smiled slightly and agreed.


「That’s right desu wa….」

「Maa, kind of….」

Magdalena then turns to the young woman who just entered the palace recently and smiled cheerfully.

「Juris, this will save you the trouble of greeting them one by one, don’t you think so?」

「Ye-yes! Thank you for your kindness, queen-sama! Everyone, please take care of me from now on!」

To her who lowered her head without hesitation and was smiling cheerfully, the other three replied with subtle damning expressions.



「Nice to meet you….」

While dealing such a farce with a smile, Dione, the biological mother of the first prince, was cursing in her heart.

(What is this? Did the queen summon us to receive this cheeky woman? Is she telling us that she will be the guardian of this woman from now on?)

She glared at Magdalena in a way that she wouldn’t be noticed by the other party.

(Stop joking around! Just because you never had a child of your own, you’re going to use this young woman at your command and make her child inherit the crown? If you really think I will let you, watch how I chase that woman out before she bears a child!)

Although she has given birth to the first prince, he was only one year older than Aaron, who was born from Renate, a concubine like her. Dione was very nervous when a new concubine arrived partly because her family is far inferior compared to the newbie’s. However, Magdalena, who is either aware of the tension and doesn’t give a darn or not aware at all, speaks to everyone in a relaxed tone.

「Now that you know each other, I’ve prepared something entertaining just for this tea party. Would you like to try?」

「I don’t mind but….」

「What is it? And it sounds like everyone can participate?」

They couldn’t reject the queen so they asked her with a puzzled expression. Magdalena gave the details while smiling gracefully.

「It is called vagrant life. Carla, prepare it.」

「…….as you wish.」

For some reason, Dione’s face cramped while sitting quietly and thinking what will the maid bring.

(What is it? What the hell does the queen want us to do?)

Her confusion was further deepened seeing some unfamiliar things placed on the table where everyone’s sitting around. Magdalena ignored their confusion and began to explain.

「Now then, I’ll explain the rules.」

Dione, who was listening quietly, immediately lost her interest.

(What? You’ll proceed depending on what number will appear on the korokoro? What is the queen thinking about making us play something so simple?)

While the others are stunned, Magdalena asks them if they can start.

「Then, shall I begin?」

「Please do so, queen-sama.」

「Thank you. Then, here I go.」

When they urged Magdalena to throw, she only got one. Dione was pleased while Renate smiled and snorted.

(Fuh, this silly thing, I’ll end this quickly. Of course, I will be the one who’ll win.)

Thus, a quiet women’s battle broke out but the worst result came out.

The one who finished first was Juris, the newcomer and next was Magdalena. Renate managed to finish and got third place. That time, only Ericia and Dione were left playing.

「…..Yes, Ericia’s finish too.」


Magdalena spoke cheerfully but Ericia looked at Dione smugly. In response, Dione forgot to smile and glares at her as if she killed her parents in front of her.

(What kind of joke is this….how can I be the last one!! And how can that woman get first!!)

And when she angrily glared at Juris, she became fearful and began to apologize while crying.

「A-ano! I’m sorry! I should have been last as the newbie!!」


Suddenly, someone laughed which is very not suitable for the current heavy atmosphere. They were surprised to see Magdalena laughing and Dione even angrily glared at her.

(What’s wrong with you! How can you make me a laughing stock!?)

Magdalena, who seems to have noticed her gaze, apologized to her while laughing.

「So-sorry….The other day, Carla turned blue when she won first in our game. I remembered how she honestly apologize for winning.」

「Queen-sama….please don’t make fun of me.」

While looking alternately at the maid and the queen, Dione can only say (What!) to herself as if she never expected what Magdalena has said.

「Actually, when I first played this stray life, there were 7 of us and Carla got first place while I was last. Then, Carla started apologizing to me while crying.」

She laughed again as if she remembered something truly funny. The startled concubines turned all their gaze to Carla.

(What!? You dare play with the queen side by side and beat her up in the game? No way!?)

Magdalena, who’s trying hard to suppress her laughter, resumes talking seeing Carla being uncomfortable with their gazes.

「At that time, though it’s a pity I didn’t win, I still enjoyed it so I recommended it to everyone here.」

「You enjoyed it?」

Magdalena responded with a wry smile when Juris asked her instinctively.

「Yeah, a lot. I want to ask everyone, when you throw the korokoro, do you only think of what number will show? When you or anyone else move, did you look at the instructions with worry? Did you completely forget some troublesome things in reality?」

The people asked looked at each other for a moment and talked one after another.

「……now that you mention it.」

「Certainly, I’m like that desu wa.」

「I mean… is impossible to think of anything else desu wa.」

Seeing their reaction, Magdalena nodded in satisfaction.

「Right? Therefore, I thought we should all forget our troubles and spend some time together. Right, Dione? It is impossible to cheat in this game and victory or defeat is all based on luck. It would be a pity if you put it in your heart so don’t let it ruin your mood.」

Seeing her smile, Dione realized her difference with the queen.

(As expected of queen-sama. Now that she said that, I can no longer complain. If I do, I’ll be treated as a narrow-minded person.)

Dione immediately changed her way of thinking and replied while smiling like Magdalena.

「It’s a pity that I didn’t win but the same thing has happened with queen-sama before. Being able to share the same fate as queen-sama is an honor.」

As Dione no longer looks bitter and even said a follow-up, Magdalena smiled deeper and looked at the others.

「I’m happy that you said that, how about everyone?」

As soon as Magdalena asked them, the other concubines expressed words of approval without letting their usual aggressiveness surface.

「I really forgot the passage of time!」

「I can only think of what’s happening before me!」

「As expected of queen-sama! The way you see things is different desu wa! I want to show this to the people of my parent’s house too. Where can I purchase one?」

(And Renate sold flattery to the queen just like that. This is depressing.)

Nobody noticed Dione clicked her tongue. However, with Renate’s question, the topic flowed to an unexpected direction.

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