Chapter 681 – Protection


I’m looking around the fields that are soon to be harvested by riding the flying carpet.

We harvest three times a year and this will be the 2nd harvest season.

Summer harvest.

During my early days here, I kind of felt a little weird seeing rice grains growing in summer.

But I’m okay now.

I got used to it.


Kuro and Yuki are walking beside the flying carpet I’m riding and an oni maid is walking behind me.

Because of that, my flight speed is slow.


I wonder if I would get fat if I continue using the flying carpet like this.

However, I like riding the flying carpet.

Since the flying carpet was made to be used like this, I think the flying carpet wants it too.

Maa, until the harvest starts, let’s continue this lifestyle.

The problem is when harvest is over.

How do I persuade the carpet?

Also, recently, I’m kind of being bothered by how the horses and centaurs are looking at me.

It’s not like I don’t like you.

However, the horse is getting old.

Ah, you don’t feel that at all?

Not long ago, you even took the lead among the other horses in the ranch area?

Isn’t it because you like the food that will be served?

Or is the active age of a horse longer than what I knew?

I’ve heard that when it comes to horse racing, eight-year-old horses should retire since they are already past their peak…..

Is it because of its breed?

Maybe riding-horse has longer active years.

Or are horses of this world that strong?

I don’t know.


When I was done looking around the field, I thought of looking at the pool to check the children next but Beezel came to me in a hurry.

Did something happen?


I’m currently on the east side of the royal capital.

A wall-like mountain range is in front of me.

I usually look at it from the opposite side but I haven’t approached it.

This is a little fresh experience.

Beezel brought me here using teleportation magic along with my guards, Gulf and Daga.

By the way, Doraim will be checking if the radishes are ready to be harvested so I have to get back soon.

「Village chief, over there.」

The direction where the Gulf pointed at was a group of people centered on the demon king.

It’s a small group.

It’s only the demon king and six soldier guards.

Ah, Alfred and Ursa too.


I hugged the two who came to me.

The demon king didn’t come to me.


After a while.

I already heard the rough explanation of what’s happening from Beezel but I heard the detailed story from the demon king.

「We found an inferno wolf and I thought it was an inferno wolf from your place. When I approached it, it attacked me.」

He was attacked but he didn’t seem to be hurt.

「I won’t be.」

The demon king sticks out his chest.

He’s not hurt but I won’t say anything about his reddish right cheek.


He was attacked but the demon king still wants to make sure that it’s not an inferno wolf from my place so he called for Alfred and Ursa.

「I’m sure it’s not someone from the village. However, we can’t ignore the possibility that it was born outside Big Tree Village so I thought of summoning Kuroichi.」

「However, if he called Kuroichi, there’s a possibility of them starting a fight. This place will be trashed if that happened.」


The forest is important.

Ursa stopped Alfred and suggested that the safest way to take care of this is to call me which the demon king did.

I’m sorry for troubling you.


I now understand the situation so the next thing to do is to handle the inferno wolf.

Where is it?


…..near the foot of the mountain range. It is lying down in a rocky place.

It is currently in its big form. Even if we’re in a distance, I am certain.

However, why is it doing that?

It also looked depressed.

「Is it village chief’s wolf?」

No, it’s not.

If it is someone from my place, they will come to show me their faces at least once no matter where they were born.

Given how this one looks, it should be a male of around 6 years old.

It is certainly someone unfamiliar.

However, I can’t just leave it be because it is not someone I’m familiar with.

Since it came here, there’s a possibility that it will be subdued by adventurers.

Let’s just say that this is the start of our familiarity.

I’ll take you back to Big Tree Village.

「You’re going to bring it back? How?」

The demon king asks but why is he even asking in the first place?

Of course, by Beezel’s teleportation magic.

Maybe you have forgotten that Kuroichi was sent back that way when he was summoned in the vicinity of the capital before.

「No, that’s not what I mean….will that inferno wolf be obedient?」

It should be, right?


Let me try.

We’ll know after I try.

Ah, Gulf and Daga, don’t get close.

It will be wary.

I came in front of the inferno wolf alone.


Even if I approached it, the inferno wolf did not move.

It is someone I’m unfamiliar with after all.

As for me, walking towards someone like that is something new.

However, when I advanced to a certain distance, the lying inferno wolf stood up.

Maa, it’s big.

The kuros can get much bigger but they don’t get big near me.

I have to do something to its big body.

Maybe Beezel won’t be able to teleport it if it is this big.

When I proceeded nonchalantly to the standing inferno wolf, it only stared at me.

Yeah, it’s not even getting excited.

When I got a little closer, the inferno wolf jumped.

Yeah, as expected.

I used the AFT in spear form and parried the legs of the inferno wolf to the side.

The inferno wolf rolled to the side, falling to the ground on its back.

I immediately patted its stomach right away.

There there.

Good good good good, okay, I’ll stop.

You were just scared because you got into a place you’re unfamiliar with?

It’s okay.

I’ll take you to a place where you can find a lot of friends.


I return to Big Tree Village with Gulf, Daga, and the inferno wolf via Beezel’s teleportation magic.

I wanted to bring back Alfred and Ursa too but they are still attending school.

Well, I’m glad to see that they are in good spirits.

Are you going home this winter?

Or will you come back to join the village’s martial arts tournament?

I look forward to seeing you again.

The others will stay at that place to check out the route of the inferno wolf.

By the way, as the gatekeeper dragon, doesn’t Doraim has the role of preventing monsters and demon beasts from going out of the forest of death?

We still have time before we harvest radish so you can check things first.


First of all, I introduced the newly brought inferno wolf to Kuro and Yuki.

Kuro and Yuki are the bosses of the inferno wolf pack.

It’s impossible for it to stay here if the two won’t let it.

Since Kuro and Yuki decided to accept it, it’s now a new and certified member of the village.

I’m relieved.

Next is….bath.

Yeah, because it’s dirty.

If it is as it is, I will not even let it enter my mansion.

I’ll wash you first…..

However, if I’m going to wash a newcomer, I have to wash everyone else too since I can’t give it a special treatment just because it’s a newcomer.

That would be physically exhausting.

When I was worried about what to do, four kuros came.

You’re going to take this new guy to the bath?

That will help me a lot.

Though that will help me a lot, I know what you are planning.

The four kuros who came to look after the newcomer are all females.

They are four who don’t have a partner yet.

The new inferno wolf is looking at me as if I cheated it.

No, I have no such intention.

You don’t have to lament that you were born in this world only to suffer.

Okay, got it.

I’ll wash you myself.

I won’t let those four lay their paws on you.


Also, you don’t have to be so stiff.

But you should work hard in familiarizing yourself with this place.

If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to tell me.

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AN: Next will be the new inferno wolf’s POV. In case you want to know why it was there.

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