Chapter 695 – Joro Merchant Group Finale

We are currently sandwiched between a female devil and a man in butler clothes while being protected by a man called coach.

My name is Mick and I’m very anxious on what is about to happen.

Yeah, I won’t say my real name.

No matter how this turns out, my name will be Mick.

After making that decision, another intruder appeared.

「It will be troublesome if you continue to pour bloodlust in this place.」

The voice came from above.

When I looked up, I saw someone standing on the roof of a building.

The person jumped off the roof and landed beside the man called coach.


The maid first turned to the female devil.

「What is prohibited in Village Five is also prohibited in this city. Or are you telling me you don’t care? I’ll report this to village chief.」

Hearing the maid’s words, the female devil blatantly panicked.

Then, the maid turned her face to the man in butler’s clothes.

「Rampaging here means you are prepared to turn village chief to your enemy. Don’t you know that?」

Hearing the maid’s words, the man in butler’s clothes also panicked.

Finally, the maid turned her face to the man called coach.

「Please stop being reckless. I will be scolded by village chief.」

The man called coach bowed to the maid.

Who is this maid?

Her strength is…..she’s weaker than the man called coach.

However, it is obvious that this maid is the one who rules this place.

Little, young maid.

I know that age will not usually reflect on the faces of the citizens of the demon king’s kingdom.

She shouldn’t be as young as she looks.

There was a rumor about a young maid ruling Shashaato City.

Does this mean it’s true?


The young maid listened to our situation by talking to us one by one.

Of course, she also talked to us.

Mainly about the book.

I was a little worried about what to say but I honestly told her how I got the book since this is obviously a life or death situation.

We are members of a merchant group that came from another country.

We have been staying in Shashaato City for a while and heard rumors about a strange golem. Since we were free, we headed north to look for it.

We found a ruined city where we discovered a mansion where we got the book.

Of course, I won’t say a single word about being a spy.

If they find out, we’ll be captured.

We weren’t able to talk with each other beforehand but I’m sure Dan judged that it would be best to be honest like me.

「You are not registered adventurers, aren’t you? Then, it is a crime to bring things out of the ruin.」



That reminds me, she’s right!


In this world, there are countless of ruins and abandoned houses.

It’s not uncommon.

There were a lot of things from the past.

At the same time, there are countless of places and buildings that look like ruins and abandoned houses.

It’s not uncommon.

Only a few people can live in beautiful buildings or beautiful cities.

So, if you mistakenly took a place that looked like a ruin or abandoned house and took something from there, you’ll get into trouble.

In fact, that’s common.

It is not limited to the demon king’s kingdom. To most countries, bringing things out of a place without authorization is a crime.

Therefore, it is common sense to leave ruins and abandoned houses alone.

Though there’s a lot of loopholes.

For example, you can’t take valuable ancient items from ruins and abandoned houses. You can wait for thieves to steal them then, take them from the thieves.

Because of that, an exception was added.


If you register as an adventurer, you can bring things out in the name of investigation of ruins and abandoned houses.

Of course, it is necessary to check whether it is really a ruin or an abandoned house before the investigation. There is also a duty of reporting before the investigation. After the investigation, it is also required to submit a report about the inventory of items acquired. Very troublesome.

However, if you ignore those troublesome procedures, you will be treated as a thief even if you’re an adventurer. Anyone who’ll bring things out from ruins and abandoned houses will receive painful gazes nonstop.

I knew about it.

I knew about it but forgot.

I’m too focused on being in another country.

Also, our main purpose was to find the strange golem.

In addition, Dan and I are nobles.

Members of the army.

The army is allowed to take things out of ruins and abandoned houses if there’s a good reason….

No one can complain.

Even the king, if told by the general that it is necessary for victory, will shut up.

If it is a noble house, it will be a problem but if it is just a ruin or an abandoned house, there won’t be a problem at all.

Therefore….I forgot.

What we’ve done is a crime.


A miserable failure.

W-w-w-w-what should I do?


There is a female devil here along with a man in butler clothes.

There’s also the man called coach.

And a young maid.

 This young maid feels weaker than the man called coach, however….she’s still stronger than us.

Yeah, it’s impossible to escape.

Okay, let’s give up.

I’ll just have to make sure that our other companions will not get involved.

That’s what I decided.

Yeah, I won’t let anyone get involved other than Dan.


First of all….let’s apologize.

「I’m sorry. I was careless.」

I was really careless.

「Careless, is it….? That ruined city was discovered a while ago and there should be an investigation priority tag, did you not see it?」

Investigation priority tag?

Is there something like that?

「Miyo-dono, they are not registered adventurers so how can they know about the tag?」

The man called coach follows me up.

So, the young maid’s name is Miyo?

I’ll remember that.

「Please, wait. That place is a place we manage desu. That tag aside, you don’t have any right to investigate it.」

The man in butler’s clothes barged in and said so.

「Gucci-sama manages that place? I asked Doraim-sama before and he said he didn’t know about that place.」

「It started before Doraim-sama took office. If you had asked Bulga, Stifano, or even Prada, you should have been informed.」

「Ah, sorry. Bulga-san and Stifano-san are busy taking care of Kukulkan so there’s no way I’ll ask them.」

「What about Prada?」

「She’s basically a recognized member of Village Five so there’s no way I’ll ask her.」

「I see. Maa, I’m also busy lately. It looks like you missed asking me too.」

「It would have been helpful if we managed to speak with each other before….Actually, the advance team of the survey corps has already departed and they will probably arrive there. Is there any danger in that place?」

「At one place. As long as they don’t check that place out, there shouldn’t be any danger.」

The man in butler clothes said so as he looked at us.

No, he’s looking at the book we have.

「That book was in that place…maa, they should be fine. You can return that book to me then I’ll inform them when I bring the book back.」


He’s not going to blame us?

We’ll return it.

Right now.

Is Dan okay with it?

Even if he disagrees, I’ll return it.

The female devil is complaining but not that obvious because the young maid blocked her.

「Thank you. Is this the only book you took? 」

That’s right.

「This is just a confirmation but…have you read this book? 」

I tried but it’s written in characters I don’t know…..

「Is that so? I see. Please don’t approach that place in the future.」

Of course.

I’m sorry.


Dan and I were released.



Thanks for this good luck!

I survived!

To be honest, it’s a little regrettable to return the book I’ve carried but life is more important.

And I have no problem with that.

Ah, I suddenly felt really tired.

It’s almost dawn.

Normally, it’s the start of a normal day.

Once I’ve arrived at the inn, I’ll go to bed immediately.

Report to the leader?

We were not able to find the golem.

I won’t report unnecessary things.

Forget it.

Yeah, forget about everything.

However, I’ll definitely play baseball.

I’ll thank the man called coach once we meet him again.


Early afternoon.

I was woken up by Dan.

I told him not to wake me up before going to bed. Did he not hear me?



He looks serious.

What happened?

Dan did not say anything but he took me out of the inn.

And pointed in the north direction.

There’s black smoke in a place far away.


「Explosion. Probably at the ruins. 」


I won’t ask why it exploded.

I’m sure what exploded are the things I put together in one place.


The man in butler clothes should be mad, right?

He should be angry.

That place exploded after all.


Where can we escape?

「If we go through the magic gate called teleportation gate, it seems like we can go far in an instant. Our companions were looking into it. 」

I see.

Dan and I used that teleportation gate to escape.

Maa, we were caught by the young maid in the royal capital.

However, that young maid was also caught by a village girl-like person. Why?


At a later date.

The man in butler’s clothes was grateful.

He said he was bound by a contract so he couldn’t destroy them himself but that explosion managed to destroy most.

Is that so?

No, it’s fine as long as you’re not angry.

As a way of thanks, he asked me if I had a wish.

Ah, no, you don’t need to give me anything.

I understand.

Maa, if you can help me with that female devil over there…..

Yeah, she’s been staring at us for a long time as if she lost something valuable due to that explosion.

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AN: The Joro Merchant Group story is now complete but I know that there are missing parts.

Because of that, next time, I’ll write “Joro Merchant Group Omake”.

It will be about those who went to Village Five, those who examined the teleportation gate, etc.

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