Chapter 45 – The Most Normal Character

We’re currently in the city, eating our way down the main street.

「Oh? Moraris fruit. Seeing something like that is quite rare….」

Arisa ran to the fruit stall.

She gave a few silver coins which means it’s a pretty expensive fruit. One silver coin is around a thousand yen after all.

「Hey, Tatsuya-nii, this is my favorite food.」

She gave me one of the two she bought.

Thank you

It looks like some kind of pear although it’s longer and slimmer than a pear. The best description I can think of is that it is a combination of apple and pear.

The crunchy texture was pleasant and the sweetness was not bad.

However, Arisa looks uncomfortable.

「What’s wrong?」

「No, I just thought it doesn’t taste good enough.」

「Why? I think it’s tasty enough.」

「No no. I don’t think it tastes as good as it used to. The cherry tomatoes that Tatsuya-nii cultivated is better than this.」

No, that’s a tomato, it’s not a fruit.

I set its sugar content to the maximum so it was almost at the level of confectionary sugar….

I mean, I think it would be better if I did it with a melon or something.

Other crops like pumpkins and potatoes may also become as sweet as that.

If I make a watermelon like that and juice it, I’m sure everyone will be happy.

Girls love sweets after all.

Okay, let’s make it next time.

「Maa, that’s all I have to offer after all.」

「No, you….are one of the strongest people in the world.」

「Thanks to that I became a little popular.」I said that with a bitter smile.

In fact, the women living in my house are beautiful enough to make Japanese actresses and idols a run for their money.

In Japan, even if I handstand in front of them, they won’t even give me a glance.

「No, that’s not it….I don’t think that’s the only reason.」


「In my case, for example, I think Tatsuya-nii is a good person.」


「That time when I ripped you off, it’s already at a level where I won’t be able to complain even if you tie me up and dismember me. The amount of money I took from you is just way too much.」

「Maa, it seems like the rule with regards to punishing robbery is very strict.」

「Also, today’s shopping is not about buying your things but buying for everyone’s needs, right? Even the farm expansion and renovation are basically because you want everyone to be better.」

「Well, that’s true.」

We decided to go to a women’s clothing store after we finished buying our daily necessities.

「I think you are wonderful. You’re even doing these kinds of things even though you are powerful enough to be self-centered and do whatever you want.」

When Arisa said that casually, I got a little nervous.

No, I think it’s more of “embarrassed”.


「I’m not sure how to say it but, I’m sure everyone’s attracted to a lot of things about Tatsuya-nii. You are even from another world and you are a lot more different from people here but…in a good way.」

「Is that how it is?」

「Yeah, that’s my honest opinion.」

I’m embarrassed to hear someone saying something like that about me.

「So, what are you up to?」


「Today, you purposely took me out to the city….you half forced me, didn’t you?」

When I said that, Arisa made a sour expression while saying “ah ah”….

「So, what are you up to?」

「Even if you tore my mouth, I won’t say anything.」


「Can’t say.」

She looks pretty determined.

「If you don’t….」

「Please, listen to what I have to say first.」


「You’re staying at an inn tonight, right?」

「Yes, I will.」

Then, Arisa looked up to me while blushing.

「Today, it will only be the two of us so, I’ll do my best to serve you well.」

「Do you think that will be enough to fool me?」

「Do you dislike it….?」

And so, I replied in all honesty.

「I don’t dislike it at all.」

Arisa began to giggle.

「So I guess it’s enough.」

「Maa, I won’t deny it.」

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