Chapter 718 – Sil’s Morning

My name is Sil.

I’m a happy beastkin with many wives.


Ah, no, I’m okay.

I’m not fooling myself.

I’m happy.

Yeah, there’s nothing to be worried about?


No, I’m not.

It’s true.

Thank you for worrying about me.

Oh, I guess so.

If I had to say, I guess I don’t sleep well.

Yeah, lack of sleep.

Hahaha, I’d be glad if you wouldn’t ask why.


Compared to village chief, I still have a long way to go.

Okay, I’ll do my best again today.


I sit on the chair prepared for me in the oval office of my mansion.

This is my workplace.

This mansion is near the royal castle and it seems like it was originally owned by the noble who ruled this land.

In other words, the former feudal lord’s mansion.

It’s so big and spacious.

It is said that the demon king used to live here before the royal castle was built.

I wondered if it was okay to live in such a luxurious place but the previous owner was the Leg family, the family of one of my wives, Hou.

All the important people from the Leg family came to the house and asked(pressure) me together to accept it.

I resisted and said that I’ll just rent it but it became my mansion.

That time, I realized how immature I was.

I have a lot of wives so I should really move to a big mansion like this.

There are also a lot of maids, butlers, guards, civil servants, and assassins living here. My wives brought them here.


Don’t mind the details.

Yeah, it’s good that I have a lot of demon resources.


「My lord, this is for today desu.」

The butlers that my wives had brought fought among themselves and this old man, who became the chief butler, placed several sheets of paper in front of me.

There should be several hundred times as many papers as these but the civil servants that my wives had brought had already gone through them in advance so my workload was reduced to this.

However, I can’t underestimate these few pieces.

Their contents are too important to be judged by the civil servants themselves.

I read them with great enthusiasm.


All of them were messages from my wives’ parents about their grandson’s names.

That’s too early.


I need to free my mind again….


What else do I need to check?



Didn’t Tiselle ask me to do something for her?

The people my wives brought are taking care of it?

He said they’re in the process of catching dangerous spies and getting them to spit out information.

Don’t do it using the painful method, okay?

You’re just giving them good food?

The first time is service but the second serving can only be exchanged with useful information….

Will that work?

I hope it does…..

Also, could you pass the information to me….I’m in the middle of putting them together. Can I hear it at lunch?


Then, what else should I do?

Should I go to bed and get rid of my lack of sleep?


Good idea, let’s do that.



My wife and I eat lunch together in the dining room of my mansion.

My wives have their own work to do so they take turns.

It looks like it’s Lovia today.

Ah, right.

Lovia is the one who gathered information about the spies, right?

She told me spy-related information.

「I think we already eliminated most of the spies with dangerous plans. As for other spies….rather than calling them spies, I feel like they are trying to reach out and make some good relationship with the Demon King’s Kingdom. Of course, we are catching those who do not choose the mean.」

I see.

「Some countries have already succeeded in building good relationships with us while other representatives are on their way here. Check this out for more details.」

Do you have to write it on paper?

I took a quick glance and found there were about seven.

Why is it that only small countries are sending their spies?

「A big country is a big country. They won’t be able to move as they will because there are too many fences. The only one from a big country that came here was the prince of Goruzen Kingdom but that was almost entirely at his own discretion….」

In addition, the Goruzen Kingdom was destroyed and became a new country.

「Come to think of it, about the destruction of Goruzen Kingdom, there’s a rumor that it’s the work of the Demon King’s Kingdom.」


Is that so?

「It is said that the prince asked the Demon King’s Kingdom to lend him strength or something.」


And how did they bring the forces of the Demon King’s Kingdom to Goruzen Kingdom?

No matter how you think about it, it’s impossible.

Teleportation gate?

That’s not something so convenient that you can install it anywhere you want. To use it just to attack a human country is even more absurd.

Maa, if I didn’t know the downsides of the teleportation gates, I might think like that….

「The information about the teleportation gates is disclosed to all other countries.」

They know the downside but don’t believe it?

「It’s because those countries don’t teach all those information about the teleportation gate to its people. They only spread information that the Demon King’s Kingdom has something called teleportation gates and they can come from anywhere.」

Oh, I see.

Spreading anxiety like that, they are planning to make everyone hate the Demon King’s Kingdom.

「That’s right but only in the royal capital of each country. As for other places, they don’t ride with the flow that much.」

It’s good that there are contradictory news about the Demon King’s Kingdom floating around.

「They are all Count Chrome’s work. 」

Uncle Beezel knows how to do his thing.

 「Let’s get back to the spies. There’s one merchant group that caught my eye. 」

Merchant group?

「Yeah. It is led by a merchant who calls himself Joro. The size of that group is reasonably large but they suddenly stopped moving after arriving in Shashaato City. They weren’t mentioned in the list of spies that was sent by Village Five so I’ve been putting them off but I’m personally curious about them. 」


Sounds familiar.

Where did I….ah, I remember now.

Joro merchant group is okay.

Shashaato City’s Miyo-san has already checked them.

They are ordinary traveling merchants.

「Is that so? 」

It seems like they stopped moving because the members of that group started working in Shashaato City and Village Five.

「Are they here for Marla and Ramen street? 」


In addition, the members of that group have already made contact with Uncle Demon King and they did not do anything so they are not assassins.

They are even playing baseball with him.

「I see. Then, I’ll put the Joro Merchant Group in the “no problem“ group. 」


Go ahead.


I told Lovia that but I also think that the Joro Merchant Group is suspicious.

The speed at which they got in contact with Uncle Demon King is strange no matter how I think about it. It’s also strange that Miyo-san vouched for them.

However, my current job is to check whether the spies on the information list are really spies and if they are, catch them.

Those who are not on the list are not targets.

Since she vouched for them instead of including them on the list, it means they are already involved.

The Joro Merchant Group is already involved with either village chief or Tiselle-sama.

And I can’t do anything to them without permission….

There’s no Gol or Bron with whom I can talk about these things.

I haven’t told my wives all about village chief or Tiselle-sama yet.

If I can take them to Big Tree Village, the ban about that will be lifted….

The three of us are already planning on taking our wives to Big Tree Village but we can’t just find the right timing.

I can talk about it to my wife Hou but I talk to her alone, my other wives will sulk.

Besides, Hou is busy with the finance of the Demon King’s Kingdom.

I can’t say anything unnecessary.

Maa, Miyo-san won’t forgive me if I cause any problem with Shashaato City and Village Five has Youko-san and Prada-san.

Whether my prediction is right or wrong, it shouldn’t be a problem.


That’s the end of this story.

Now that lunch is over, let’s get back to work.

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I watched Lovia walk out of the dining room. As for me, I went back to my oval office.

Ehto, what should I do according to my schedule?

I asked the head butler who was standing beside me.

「After lunch, we will be practicing baseball in the garden. We have already prepared our family members who wish to participate. 」


「After practice, we’ll prepare hot water for you to bathe in. Please enjoy. 」

No, I’ll do my best.

Can I just ask something?

You’re trying to keep me on the compound, aren’t you?


I need to know.

I’ve been confined in this place for a while now.

 「Oh…..I’m just talking to myself but, your wives want you to impregnate them first before you get more.」

What more?

「More wives」

Are you telling me that I’ve been evaluated as someone who brings back a wife every time I go out? I didn’t do anything so spare me from that prejudice.

Alright, let’s just work hard in our baseball practice.

Uncle Demon King said that he wanted to spread baseball all over the world.

Practicing won’t be in vain.

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