Chapter 26

A few hours have passed since we started our study session. It was time for the library to close so we moved to a famires in front of the station to have dinner. Until we ate, every one of us studied at our own pace but none of us wanted to study after dinner.

「I think this is already too late for me to ask since we’re done eating but, is Souta okay with coming here? 」

「Why? 」

「I was wondering if you’d be okay to not cook dinner for Yuna-chan? 」

「If you’re worried about Yuna, it’s okay because they have just finished their exam. They’re celebrating via a sleepover at her friend’s house so she’s fine. 」

However, do you really need to stay over at a friend’s house? Do you find it difficult to celebrate at home? Could it be that Yuna doesn’t like to be with me that much?

「Sleeping over at a friend’s house, huh. 」

Mei is staring at Wakamiya-san. Mei is the oneechan at home so she probably wants some break.

「Shall we do that too when the exam is over? 」

「Of course! 」

Mei embraces Wakamiya-san, who allows her to have a sleepover at her place easily. When did you guys become that close? That’s too fast. It has only been 3 weeks since you started talking. Is this the communication power of positive people?….I’m unlikely to be able to imitate it.

「Let’s celebrate after the test is over. What do you think? 」

「Why do you want something like a celebration? 」

You guys don’t even know what will be the result of the exam. If you plan a celebration and fail to a certain extent, won’t it be painful? If that is the case, I probably prefer not to be a positive person for the rest of my life. Well, even if I wanted to, I will probably be repelled by the positive side.

「Isn’t it good? There’s no event in June.」

「No, there’s a very important event called final exams.」

「It’s not important.」


At least say that when you get a certain grade. In your case, you’re even walking on a tightrope without a lifeline.

「But it’s true that there’s no event in June.」

「It’s the rainy season and I don’t have the motivation which is a perfect combination.」

「You don’t seem to be motivated all the time.」

That’s harsh. But it’s true. However, why are you saying that while smiling, Wakamiya-san?

「Souta will do it if he has to.」

Mei, that’s not a very good follow-up. You’re saying it like my mother. When I was still a junior high school student, she used to tell me “I know you are a person who could do it if you wanted to.”. Areh, thinking about it, is that even motivational? It looks like mother has already given up. I only realized the sad truth after 2 years.

「Let’s not think about the next exam when the incoming one hasn’t even started yet. You can talk about it after the exam. It’s a good way to escape reality.」

「But there’s nothing to talk about.」

「Then, let’s talk about the celebration party.」

「Celebrate, let’s celebrate.」

I don’t think it’s a bad idea but it’s too early. Maa, my opinion won’t be accepted though. As a last-ditch of effort, I said,

「Well, I hope everyone can go all together.」

「I-I will always be with Souta.」

Mei blushed after saying so. Why did you say something that can easily be misunderstood? Won’t it be easier for you to say “I’ll make sure I won’t get red marks.” In your usual tone.

「Hey, stop ignoring me. I’m embarrassed.」

「How should I even react?」

「Well, say “I will always be with Mei too.”.」

「Are you embarrassed, Mei?」

「Stop it, Nana-chan. I’m so embarrassed after saying that.」

You’re a meanie, Wakamiya-san. You should focus on Shinozaki instead of us. If you’re going to be like that every time we talk, I don’t think I can handle it mentally.

「By the way, wasn’t it last year when we had swimming for PE?」

Yeah, I remember. It started when it was still too cold to swim and ended when it was really hot and we wanted to go to the pool.

「I thought there was no swimming once we turn 2nd year.」

「Kazuya is right. Swimming is only for 1st years though there is one class in the 2nd year that has to clean the pool.」

What’s with that super unpleasant division of labor? What a disgusting assignment. I’m already sorry for that poor class.

「As expected of a student council member.」

「You don’t have to be a member of the student council to know that. Also, I’m sorry for Amane-kun but the class that will have to clean the pool is our class.」

Eh? Seriously? We didn’t even get to use it and I’m sure no one dared during winter. It should be a place for bug civilization now. We’re assigned to clean it? Let’s think of a way to skip it.

「Pool? It’s still early after this exam but I want to go to a pool at the end of the semester!」

「Then, let’s go when it’s summer vacation.」

「Yes, let the four of us go together.」

“Oh, let’s go.” Said the three happily.

What’s going on with this group? I’m the only one on the dark side while the three are on the bright side. Don’t do it, my HP is already at zero.

「Let me remind you again, that’s still 5 months to go. We have two exam periods in between.」

“Boo” said Shinozaki and Wakamiya-san.

「The first exam is coming up soon. Let’s go home.」

「Is it that time already? 」

The shorthand of the clock was about to point to nine. It’s a good time to go home.

In the end, our study session ended with Mei’s words.

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