Chapter 27

The week-long midterm exams were over in a flash and it’s already Friday after school. The results were posted on the wall in the hallway.

「Amane-kun, how did you do?」

「Wakamiya-san, it’s just as it says on the wall.」

According to what is posted, the name of the top of the grade is the president and the score is 700 and below him is Amane Souta with a score of 693. Unfortunately, I did not become the grade’s number 1. What’s with that perfect score in all subjects?

「99 points in all subjects?」

「That would be rather difficult. There’s no 1 point problem. It should be near misses. I’m going to go mad.」

「So that’s how it is.」

「How about the others?」

The top 20 are posted in this hallway but those who are to take retest will be posted in another hallway of the school building. Shinozaki went to check there. I want to believe that he’s not there to confirm the number of his retest attempt but confirmation of whether his name is there or not. So, how did it turn out?


He showed me a picture of him with a peace sign pose with the paper with names of retester in the background. Shinozaki’s handsome smile is annoying but his name can’t be found on the paper behind him.

「You actually avoid the retest?」

By the way, Wakamiya-san’s name is written in the middle of this paper.

「That’s good. Now we don’t have to worry about anything for Monday.」

「What’s with Monday?」

「Eh, it’s Mei-chan’s birthday. I was talking with Kazuya-kun about celebrating it at my house. Didn’t you hear?」

No, this is the first time I’ve heard about it.

I never heard about the celebration and I didn’t even know that it was Mei’s birthday on Monday.


She looked at me as if she was looking at garbage. I guess they thought that of all people, I should have known that Mei’s birthday is on Monday.

「So, what are you going to do? I don’t know the plan.」

「I’ll tell you the details later. Mei-chan is coming.」


Mei, who had been talking with Ashi-san’s group in the classroom, showed her face to us. They said they were going ahead and walked toward the entrance of the building.

「How’s everyone?」

「I’m in 2nd place. The 1st placer is the president as usual. He got a perfect score again.」

「I’m 13th.」

「Wow, you two are amazing.」

I missed the 1st place and Wakamiya-san missed the top 10 which I think is shocking.

However, thinking about it, Wakamiya-san is amazing. She said she couldn’t remember most of the science terms and had to memorize them overnight but she still got a good score and her name was posted.

「I won’t have to retest this time either.」

Shinozaki, who had come back from the other side of the school, joined the conversation.

「I got a better score too. That study session wasn’t bad!」

「If you think so, then, it’s good.」

「I’m really grateful for it. I want to celebrate after this. I have a plan with Risa and the others today so I don’t think we can do it now.」

「Then, let’s celebrate at my house on Monday.」

「Sounds good. I’ll definitely go!」

Mei replied cheerfully and even raised her hand.

I see. So we’re going to give her a surprise birthday party on the pretense of having a post-test celebration. Good plan but what would happen if Mei is not available?

「Yeah, we’re going to have a meeting about it now.」

“I want to join you but I can’t. I’m really sorry.” Said Mei as she apologized.

I feel like we’re just going to talk a little but I hope Ashi-san’s mood doesn’t get worse.

「I think you’ve kept them waiting for too long already.」

「Ah, right. See you on Monday.」

She turned, waved her hand, and ran to Ashi-san’s group.

「So, what about Monday?」

「We only have classes in the morning so we’re going to have lunch at my house then, we’re going to serve a cake to make it feel like a surprise birthday party. I’d like to ask Amane-kun to prepare lunch and present for Mei-chan.」

I have no problem with making lunch but the gift….What do these days’ high school girls want? What’s trending? To be honest, I have no idea. I guess I have no choice but to rely on Yuna. I feel like I’m going to be asked with a lot of questions but it can’t be helped.

「Okay. Can I go over there and make lunch?」

「If possible, I would like you to bring a lunch box or something. If you cook it at my house after class, it will be quite too late for lunch.」

「I see. I like that arrangement too. By the way, is it alright to do it at your house? Won’t that bother you?」

「I live alone.」

You live alone? We are in a similar situation but why is a high school girl living alone?

「I just have to prepare food and present, right?」

「Right. Nanaka and I will decide on the rest. I’ll call you if something comes up so be sure to pick up the phone.」

It seems that it is already deeply rooted to Shinozaki because I ignored his calls during the long holiday at the night we encountered the two of them. He says that every now and then.

「Yes yes. Then, can I go home now?」

「Yeah, see you on Monday.」

「I’m expecting delicious food.」

I left quickly. They are holding each other’s hands unconsciously and are flirting. It’s bad for my eyes.

However, Mei’s birthday is on Monday. I didn’t know. I mean, I really don’t know much about her but Mei knows a lot about me.

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