Chapter 64 – The Strongest Man is Going to Fight

-Ayukawa Mayu’s POV-

Here we are, in the mountains, in the square outside the bandit’s cave.

And it was literally trampled.



The hand-riding rabbits jumped on the bandits and pricked and stabbed with their needle-like weapons.

Then, Ouroboros-san caught one of the bandits by his collar with her right hand and lifted him up.

「Let me go.」

「Let you go? Eh? What do you mean?」

Then, a loud sound of a slap resounded.


「Let you go」

「What do you!?」

Slap, slap, slap. Ouroboros-san continues to slap the bandit again and again.

「Give me your money!」




「Orichalcum coin!」




「And I’ll let you go!」

The bandit’s cheeks swelled up. He looks worse than someone who has mumps.



「I don’t want to hear a f*cking bug begging for his life.」

Then, she slaps him back and forth once again.





「Now, are you a little honest?」

When Ouroboros-san smiled deeply, I heard the loud laughter of the Demon King Cornelia.

「Hahaha! Bandits! I’ll show you something that is rarely seen!」

Then, Demon King Cornelia raised her right hand above her head—

Black Dragon Genecide!」

Ridiculous amount of magical power gathered at the demon king’s palm. At that moment, I fell on the ground.

A third eye, that looks like an eye of a reptile — opened on the forehead of the demon king.

「Kuhaha! Bandits! This is the improved version of an earth dragon’s golden roar—the secret skill of earth dragons! This can annihilate everything!」

Then, the demon king pointed in the direction of a distant mountain with her right hand.


Ah, the mountain was blown away.

No, to be precise, it looks like the surface of the mountain was blown away and the mountain turned into a bald mountain with only red soil and rock.

「Fuhaha! Bandits! Be scared more than you should be!」

Are you telling me, just to make them more scared than necessary….you did that?

She summoned tons of zombie dragons but she didn’t use them at all…ah, I see. Perhaps she summoned the zombie dragon just to scare them more than necessary.

「Thi….this is absurd. What the hell are these people….」

And so, I sent my gaze to uncle.

Then, I found a bandit creeping behind uncle—

「You are in danger, uncle! Elder fire!」


When I saw the bandit become a fireman, I was relieved….great.

It seems like my body has completely recovered. The sharpness of my magic did not change.

For now, it looks like no one has any intention of protecting uncle so I have to protect him…

And there, the bandit boss, with A-rank prize on his head, a former sword saint, the one who had beaten me a few days ago, appeared from the cave.

「Oi oi, what’s this…」

The moment he saw 100 zombie dragons, I can see that he completely lost his will to fight.

Maa, I know how he feels.

This looks like a scene from hell. If I was an enemy, I would have prepared to die instantly.

「It is as you can see. You are in a desperate situation. You can quietly get caught…and we’ll hand you over to the adventurers guild.」

Hearing uncle’s words, the bandit boss shook his head.

「If I ever get caught, I’ll be executed. Since I’m going to die anyway—I would want to at least die as a warrior. Who is the strongest among you?」

This person’s head has a bounty even in the imperial capital but before that, I heard that he was a warrior who dedicated his life to the sword.

I guess it is understandable that such a person wants to be slaughtered by the Demon King Cornelia in the end….

He’s now an evil person but he certainly has impressive sword skill.

He’s also decent in his youth….

Since he’ll die….he wanted to boast to others that he fought with the strongest opponent.

 Or at least that’s what I think he’s thinking…

If that is the case, he should have not fallen to the dark side.

Then, the Demon King Cornelia thought for a while and said something to uncle.

「You. Equip your hoe.」

「Eh? I’ll be the one who’ll face him?」

「That’s his request….you’re the strongest melee.」

「Oi oi, seriously…..what a pain.」

Then, I froze uncomprehending what the Demon King Cornelia was saying…or what was going on.

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