Chapter 117 – Koa and Chai’s Pup

-Pup born between Koa and Chai’s POV-

I’m running through the forest with mother and father to catch prey.

I can’t hunt alone yet but my siblings and I can hunt killer bobo’s ourselves.

Killer bobo is one of the strongest prey in the forest.

My goal is to be able to hunt one myself.


As for mother and father….yeah, watching them instantly kill those is a sight to see.

My goal is to surpass father!

After father, I’ll surpass mother!

I’ll work hard.


The golems will dismantle the prey as soon as we bring it back home.

They’re so fast so it won’t take long.

…..they’re amazing!

We have no problem eating prey as soon as we catch it and we usually do that for lunch or if we hunt small prey.

However, to be honest….the taste is better if they’re dismantled so I even thought of bringing the golem to hunt with us.

It’s still delicious no matter the state though.


My siblings who were born together with me seem to agree.

That’s mainly the reason why we are looking forward to eating at home.


It looks like his lordship is here today.

He’s an amazing person that mother and father respect and admire.

I think he’s a human.

He’s human but why would Fluffy-san, Flying Lizard-san, and  Marshmallow-san respect him too?

Not only us but other children from other species want to know why too.

Once, I asked father.

However, neither he, nor Boss-san knew.


His lordship’s magical power is mysterious.

We, children, are not yet able to distinguish magical power yet.

All we can do is to tell whether a magical power is from a certain species.

However, his lordship’s magical power is different from everyone else.

I thought it was because he was human but apparently, that’s not the correct answer.


Mother told me that his lordship’s magical power is a mixture of various kinds.

From within his lordship, you can feel magical power unique to humans.

However, if you look for magical powers of other species, you will find them too.

That’s why his lordship only looks like a human but he’s not one.

I wonder if that’s even possible.

Looking at mother and the other kings of the forest, Shuri-san and the others, you can see that they don’t particularly care.

They respect his lordship because he is his lordship.

If you ask me, I don’t particularly care what his lordship’s species is either.

All I need to know is that he’s an amazing person.


Mother and the dragons are trying to train.

Not only mother and the dragons but Boss-san is also at the square full of motivation.


Ah, his lordship stopped working today to watch them.


That said, mother, it’s still too early for us.

It’s okay since we can run away?

No, that’s not the problem.

Boss-san, if that attack hits us, we’ll die.


Do you think we will have a chance to even do that?


I’m glad that father stopped them.

I swore in my heart that I won’t get close to mother when she’s in the square.


—Scene Change—


I’m running through the forest.

I’m doing it with every power in my body.


An attack on the world tree happened a few days ago.

When the world tree took root in our home, the dragons taught us the importance of the world tree.

That’s why when I saw the world tree suffering in front of my eyes, my whole body trembled with the thought of the world tree dying.

I still tremble when I remember it now.

When I huddled with my siblings, I wasn’t able to stand so I sat down and shivered that time.

Mother and the others look calm on the surface but you can see that they are pretty tense and are even in a state of shock.

When his lordship rushed in, I was relieved but at the same time, my head was in a mess.

I feel like crying, or rather, I’m already crying.


Even in the midst of that terrible situation, his lordship calmly looked at us and nodded saying everything will be fine.

After that, we were overwhelmed with his bestowed defense and attack, especially his wrath.

I could only stare in amazement at the sheer amount of magical power he used.

His magical power aside, it was also the first time I felt his lordship’s wrath.

It wasn’t directed at me or anyone around us but….it was terrifying.

Thinking that it should be directed at someone, that someone will definitely….it should be an enemy so I don’t need to care.


His wrath and intimidation only lasted for an instant.

After that, his lordship returned to his usual self.

It seems like all he just did didn’t affect him a little.

That night, mother told us that even if all the magical power of all the kings of the forest were combined, it wouldn’t be able to match his lordship’s magical power.

I see….that’s amazing.

When only us pups were gathered, we swore that we would follow his lordship to the end.

We also agreed to work hard and become stronger.

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I don’t know if she heard us but we are now undergoing severe special training.

Mother, can’t you be kinder to us!

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