Chapter 25 – Forbidden Sacraments

After taking a rest for a while, all schedules for tonight were cancelled. I then joined the cursed sacrament “Sacrament”.

***TN:They called the cursed sacrament “Sacrament” which is written in english.

It is a mystery that somehow, I was told that we should heat a bath.

Perhaps it uses a lot of holy water.

Is there also a cold-water ablution in Western countries? But there are no cold-water ablutions for hot water.

What would I do if I’ll be soaked in boiling water bath in order to test perseverance (that’s impossible).

When I went to the bathroom, the hood-wearing Ria was waiting at the dressing room.

「I’ve been waiting for you.」

「Yeah. It is an unusual ceremony, Ria.」

She raised the hood that had been covering her faintly eyes.

The light blond hair which became wavy shakes a little.

Ria’s so beautiful that she can be mistaken as an elf.

If she keeps silent, you can see her as a compassionate saint. Only if she keeps silent.

Looking at these sea blue eyes with a serious look on them.

Air is heavy. What has been prepared?

I hold my breath in tension unconsciously.

Because it isn’t the Ria which usually plays around. I’ll get crazy.

「First of all, there is something you must absolutely protect.」


Ria put her hand on the robe, then it dropped beneath.

That ……. Under Sister’s robe, it was a pure white underwear with a lace.

Compared with the modern day, I feel a bit uneasy, but there is a shiny silk underwear with a knitted pattern properly.

It seemed that it would be a quite luxury goods.

At the same time, I was surprised from the bottom of my heart.

Ria was the type that looks thinner in clothes.

No, her belly is not fat. Rather it is slim.

Her chest…. What cup is it…..? My boobscouter is broken!

TN: It’s over 9000!!!!!!!

It is impossible to measure.

Fool, this size is unlikely for humanity.

The bottom might be only raised with the pad.

「Do not be absolutely horny ……」


「Takeru this is not a joke!」

While saying so, the hook of the bra was removed.

The cloths fell and Chomolungma appears.

TN: チョモランマ (Chomolungma) is the Tibetan name of Everest

I instinctively kneeled.

You did not have a pad, didn’t you?

Just what did you eat to have this size?

Is it muskmelon?

「(Gulp) … … if you are not joking, what is this for you!」

「This.., it is real, serious, and it is necessary.」

So don’t take off your shorts while saying that!

Ahhhhh, it was cast off too short.

Was the bottom also light blonde for a blonde?

She becomes naked too blankly so I could not react.

「Okay, let’s hear the explanation.」

「Before that, take off your clothes Takeru and get naked. I will not explain until you do.」

Huh … why? Everyone and this fellow as well.

Because I am a choro anyway, I have no choice but to take off with this momentum.

It forced me to skip high hurdles to take off from the opponent.

I feel like I am about to take off.

When I’m about to, it made me conscious.

「To the Vow of Sister’s Chastity, there is something that one should not show her skin to anyone.」

「Why did you take it off …?」

It is getting sad to tsukkomi.

Or, because I was suddenly touched, I looked straight at the body of Ria … already ….

「However, there is a loophole in the vow of chastity.」

「For the time being, I’ll hear it.」

「Then, let’s speak slowly while stepping into the bath.」

「Ah, it is already good. I have understood.」

I enter a large indoor bath quickly.

It’s better one hundred times more than being confronted naked.

「Takeru, you have to do something with the hot water.」

「I know even if it isn’t said!」

Who do you think I am? A trueborn Edo bath lover.

I entered the bathroom. It was good hot water.

Even at such a cold mood, the bath is warm and pleasant.

「Then I will tell you the truth, in fact the bath is a foreshadow.」

「Oh, foreshadowing or whatever.」

I hate fellow who gives the advance hint and say it looking triumphant.

Not noticing that it would be a bigger secret.

「There is a teaching of A-sama in the “Supplement of the Vow of Chastity”. An accidental encounter in the bathroom is inevitable.」

「Is the goddess like that too?」

The doctrine is okay with lucky pervert time.

「Moreover, this is not a coincidence no matter how you think.」

「Do you mean that what we are about to do is inevitable?」

In this situation where you are soaked in a bathtub, it is possible to shine by blushing your cheek!

「So, first of all, this is a sacramental spiral that enhances offensive magical power.」

「That’s right, I wanted to hear that! 」

「Originally the saint just hugs the hero, but the power given if there are clothes in the way is weak.」

「Wait a minute.」

「I will go first from the back!」

「Were you waiting!」

She swam in the bathtub and hug me from the back.

「Its hitting my back!」

Indeed, I must focus and return.

「I’m sorry, I have too much meat on my body, it feels bad.」

「Uhhh, I don’t feel that bad….」

It was better for me to return with a joke.

Ria is seriously rubbing her boobs on my back.

This is not a joke nor anything, it feels through the skin.

It was a really heartfelt, soft feel.

That’s why I am in trouble.

「This is really a ritual! 」

「That’s right. That is why I first told you that it will make you feel horny.」

That’s why it is impossible.

You’re teasing a virgin. It’s already bad being in the bathtub.

「Next, I will go on ahead.」

「No! Now is slightly bad, please wait a moment!」

「Takeru, be strong. There is a reason for this to be called forbidden curse.」

「No.  Even if you don’t mention it, I understand.」

I swim and try to escape in a hurry.

The movement is getting dull like somehow hot water entangles.

Damn, maybe my feelings are rather flowing in the direction I want?

I have been driven into the four corners of the bathtub soon.

「Up to this point, many historical heroes and saints have tried this disinhibition and they have scattered their pure blood forever.」

「Won’t you be banned from the church!」

Ria is truly unforgiving, she really came from the front.

「It’s okay, Takeru. A-sama prohibits abortion. Even a child without love will be nurtured well if it will be a case.」

「No! Saying it like that while doing it!」

Ahhh, this is really bad…

「Is it safe? Please endure for another five seconds!」


Uh, something safe … ….?

「Sacrament of strengthening offensive magic power complete.」

「Thank you.」

I said thank you in what they say is only a feeling.

Well, I told you that you did nothing wrong in return.

「Don’t mention it. The following is the sacrament of the physical defense power strengthening.」

「Let’s wait for a moment. I really need to prepare my spirit.」

Reverberations of a little while ago still remain.

「You said you are prepared for it?」

「I never thought that it was such a ceremony.」

「Please be relieved. Physical strengthening is better than earlier.」

「In what way?」

「Originally, it will be finished by kissing once.」

「Ah, I could read it somewhat.」

When she rose up with a big splash of hot water, she kissed the top of my hair.

「By kissing in the body, we strengthen the defense power evenly.」

「Is that so?」

Before my eyes, there’s less damage than Ria’s chests coming.

I do not want to say this but, her boobs were floating on hot water.

The buoyancy is too high.

Ria kisses like licking slowly from the top of my head.

My hair feels ticky and I feel a little unsettled.

If it is the original ritual, the hero goes in a war.

It seems that it was a picturesque scene that the saint hugged, kissed quickly and gave the goddess’s blessing.

Who made it such an erotic ceremony?

The legend is bending screws somewhere.

「Eh, mouth too?」

「It is natural. It should spread intraoral evenly.」

Is it not a deep kiss?

「The intraoral is said.」

「Do you not know the story of a dragon that immersed in an invincibility spring? It died by being stabbed in the throat since it did not soak it in the spring.」

「No. That’s plausible, but I have not experienced it.」

Far from deep, it is not shallow.

「I’ve never done it. Are you dissatisfied that I am your first partner? You cannot permit the lips since you have a favourite child?」

Ah, even Ria’s mood is getting kind of bad?

I thought she won’t be moved.

「No, I have nothing to complain about, but I guess that’s what others like to do …..」

「It’s implied. Saying you dislike me?」

「No, that’s not it! 」

「So what do you mean? I thought I’d end the ceremony as quickly as possible, but I can’t continue if you are not certain. I can not do it anymore.」

「Well, what a strange thing … we have not met so much yet….. I mean, we’re not even dating…」

My idea may be old, but after going through a lot of twists and turns, there are confession events and so on. Having a date several times, becoming a couple and finally deepening  love for each other.  Forgive me.

What’s annoying you? I do not have experience, not even a date.

I’m a dreamer, but I’m bad, damn!

「Takeru is different I guess. We step in a bath mutually naked but it is not possible to kiss since we are not dating? Even children won’t think that way.」

「Ah well, a child seems to seem to kiss readily reversely.」

「Now just accept it in a child’s mood.」

That said, Ria piled up lip with me.

「How is it? Something changed?」

「No, but … I thought it was unavoidable.」

「Once I kiss your lips, the defense force should have gone up overall.」

「Ah, I see, hmmmm.」

I do not feel like it changed too much.

「Is  it not? After all, I do not have the level as a saint.」

「No, because I am immature as a hero.」

「Well then I will kiss you more, maybe I’ll change it.」

Once again, the soft lip of Ria touches me.

「A little while ago…..」

I could taste better than before.

「Oh good, then again.」

A soft feeling.  A lip is inserted by a lip just slightly.

Ria smiled fluently.

Oh, what feeling right now.

「I felt it. The magic power went out for a moment just now.」

「It is so… It was different for a moment.」

I should not feel it because my magic power should be zero.

Perhaps, I feel something has changed.

In addition to kissing several times.

When thinking how long it will be repeated, Ria.

「Well, then, inside the mouth this time…」

That said, she have made a warm tongue crawl in my lips.

The sound echoed in the bathroom.

What is this obscenity? it seems that my hips will escape just by kissing.


「N, I’m sorry, was it stuffy?」

「No, I am fine but it was so sudden.」

「That’s right, but the lips are essential to the ceremony. They are so important that it can’t be helped.」

That being said, she also screwed her tongue into my lips.

Ria’s tongue and my tongue mix up with each other and makes a noise.

「Wha … …. Ria, that stuff」

「I am sorry. My saliva is dirty but if my tongue does not reach the back of your throat, I won’t be able to strengthen it.」

No, I will not say it is dirty.

I wanted to say that I do not need to swallow up your saliva.

「As expected, it is OK.」

Any further, it seems that it will not build up anymore.

Somehow this has become an unbearable feeling.

It may have been a bit hot water.

「Well then, I will kiss even more in the body.」


As it is done, I am kissed as if Ria is licking my whole body.

It has now come to the vicinity of a chest, so I rise up from a bathtub and sit down on an edge of the bathtub.

「How do you feel? Is it pleasant?」


My body feels heavy somehow. It is not possible to go against Ria.

Surely I have never thought of it. That my whole body will be tasted by a lady.

I wonder what will happen to my life in the future as a high school student.

I have not even dated yet, why is this …?

Even my fingertip is tasted.

I’m not worried about it being not good.

My head is sluggish and I don’t even know what is wrong.

However, I am held by Ria’s soft body. My whole body is licked.

When Ria’s tongue started reaching the lower half of my body, I shivered.

「Ria, that place is certainly not good!」

「But we have to increase defense power. I am fine.」

「No! I am not fine because it’s not okay!」

「It is all right. Please leave it to me by all means.」


Absolutely avoid it.

「Stop it seriously! It will not work. Ria will not be able to be a bride!」

「There is no certainty. I am a sister anyway so I can not be a bride.」

No no. Devote oneself to God if you are a sister.

What would you do after serving me?

「No! I will refuse it. No matter how much a Choro I am, there is a limit!」

It’s a man’s pride. Don’t let her run over. Show male obstinacy.

TN: To the feminist readers, I’m just translating so please don’t sue me.

No. Don’t show it. You have to run away…

「Fufufu. What’s wrong with you?  It is showing effect slowly.」

「Ha! Even if it works…」

Incidentally, my body doesn’t move freely since a little while ago.

「No way Ria. With aphrodisiac … ..」

「What kind of sister do you think I am? You misunderstood me.」

「No but… I can’t move my body and it feels hot.」

「Didn’t you just feel dizzy? Hot water of the bath was being converted to “Holy Anesthetic” secretly. Though that might not be the reason.」

What is that strange medicine.

I understand holy water or recovery potion, but it is anesthetic!

「I mentioned before I am adept at sacred Alchemy. Now your body will certainly not move.」

「No, it’s useless! Please stop it already ….」

「No, I will not stop. Now give up. It will be fine to strengthen for the first time. It will end soon so leave everything to me.」

「Ah, let’s stop already! 」

「I will not stop. 」

「Because we will soon conquer the “Miasma Hole of Doom” . 」

「Ha !!」

「So just give up…」

「No. We already come this far. Is it terrible to hate it this much? Even I am a lady!!」

「It’s not that kind of dislike! I am already at my mental limit!!!」

I am me in various ways.

I do not want to experience the first time in such a place.

Give up, give up!

I can only move my neck. It is not possible to escape from Ria’s hand.

My body becomes numb and it doesn’t move. Only a part is energetic.

It is amusing…….

Ria lifted my body from the bathtub with a splash.

Oh! Powerful!

「Now, let’s sleep here.  The bath might be good because it will be warm for another ten minutes.  The mat of the towel cloth was prepared specially for Takeru.」

「Haah … …. as it is done.」

If it becomes such a thing, I will not become a hero.

Where did I make a mistake in the choices I took?

While being licked further by Ria, my heart is searching for the past options with the feeling of escaping from reality.

To be a hero was an option that can not be refused by the strategy already, and it seems that it is inevitable for conquering…..

「Takeru, this is certainly destiny. Let’s decide on your resolution.」

「Is it so or perhaps this… Is the foreshadowing that Ria meant?」


Let it be. As Ria’s tongue approaches the part that should finally be absolutely avoided.

「Now, leave it to me with peace of mind. It’s absolutely okay. It does not hurt and weak parts of the mucous membrane will carefully raise the defense power.」

「Can you tell me why it’s okay!!!」

If you make the anesthetic, you should know that eve the senses of the the skin is numb.

I don’t feel pleasant at all.

Damn! It is absolutely no good. Stop it. My body can’t move.

Ah … … AAA!

Finally my numbness rapidly went away. Did the effect of the anesthetic receded?

It is already late ……



—Scene Change—


「Ah. Did you awaken master?」

Uu. My body feels heavy somehow.

「Sharon? …where is this place?」

「The changing room in the bathroom. Master is down and is naked so I dressed you in a bathrobe.」

「Is that so? Where did Ria go?」

My body can move.

Thout it’s still numb, my body has a refreshing feeling.

「Ria? Is it Sister Steriana? I did not see her.」

Sharon’s face has a suspicious look on it.

I got up and looked into the bathroom. There is only an empty bathtub.

There is even no hot water.

「Maybe they were all dreams …」

「Are you okay master? You did not slip and strike your head right?」

Sharon brings her hand to my forehead as to check whether my head is okay.

Yeah, maybe. I do not have a fever. I do not think I have hit my head though.

「I’ll brush my teeth and go to bed.」

「I’ll go with you master.」

I saw a nightmare that night.

A dream on which my whole body was swallowed by a big snake.

—Scene Change—

「Good morning Takeru.」

「Oh, oh ….」

The next morning.

Sister Ria who is covered by a hood up to the eyes passed in the hallway of the castle.

Ria seems to be nothing in particular and greets me as usual.

Due to what happened yesterday, I am very conscious about Ria but the other side seems to be her usual self.

Yesterday was a dream. I wonder if I should think about it.

Yeah, it is easier for me to keep up with dreams or realities or vagueness in the future.

That was a secret ceremony. It was treated as nothing. It might be consideration of Ria.

「I heard something wrong. You fell down in the bathroom? How do you feel?」

「Well, I slept overnight and I felt refreshed.」

Ria glanced from her hood and remove it upon checking whether if anyone was there.

Wasn’t the sister shows her skin in vain?

…… Huh… Her complexion, she is awfully glowing.

「The reason behind this is that I actually ranked up to Saint yesterday!」

「Oh, that’s awesome」

It leads to the improvement of the war potential.  Though It is a good thing, I have a bad feeling on such a rank up.

「The basic magical power has improved a lot. It seems that the Saint levels up along with its Hero.」

「Is it so? Then that means I also raised my level?」

Oi, what is this dangerous conversation.

It is blur or sounds vague to me.

「Today’s Takeru is a bit weird.」

「Not as much as you.」


Ufutto, her shiny cheeks is now dyed with cherry blossom color and then smile with her plump lips.

After all, she have to suffer on being covered with hood forever.

「Ara-ra.. Even if you say that. The me of today is still the same right?」

「For a moment…..」

Wait, if you talk any further, it will be a strange story again.

Let’s forget what happened in the bath yesterday.

「Takeru is a guy, so you do not have to worry about anything.」


「I told you that you will feel horny. Since you are young, physiological phenomena are certainly … …」

Without hearing it anymore, I walked away from Ria and left.

Since I was chased from behind, I ran away with all my might with the power of Hero.

I wish Ria will not be angry.

So I was just running away, and was perhaps too choro, but I decided not to listen to her for a while.



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