Chapter 26 – Lure Your Enemies!

Finally, the time has come to start a major offensive towards the “Miasma Hole of Doom”!

Lyle-sensei purposely advertised the expected date of attack and sent the report to the royal capital.

Then, arrange four bronze artillery cannon at the foot according to the scheduled time of the expected date.

These were encircled by the fast gunman corps.

「Why didn’t we go out before?」

「The general should not move from here until I say so. 」

Around that time, Louise’s cavalry corps will be running up to the top of the Devil’s Mountain.

After attracting Black Dragon Wyvern, they should descend the mountain path as if rolling.

The force that will engage it is at the foot of the castle. I think that plan is a little too shallow.

I and Lyle-sensei are watching the scene at the base of the spire where the entire battlefield can be seen.

Because the view can be seen from the naked eye, Lyle-sensei who can use the telephoto magic will have better view of the war situation.

TN: I changed it from Zooming magic

Eventually, the cavalry corps of Louise, who came desperate as they descend the mountain path, runs next through the artillery corps as instructed.

A group of black dragon wyvern chase Louise group after they descended.

Though it is said that wyverns are green,  due to the influence of the Devil’s Mountain, their scales are dull black.

The body far exceeds the imagination and it is large.

Though the shape of the wings or the foot might be different, their power is on par with dragons.

Though the magnificence of the springing black wyvern is a wonderful one, Louise who descends the steep mountain path with a dashing horse is more wonderful.

Is it across Yoshitsune’s dusky thrush?

The black dragon wyverns that exaltedly chasing the horses flew when hit by the bronze cannon’s bombardment.

「Gyaaaa! 」

The leading black dragon wyvern raised the high squeal, and rose in the sky.

Originally, it was supposed to be a fatal blow but it was still alive even if it got hit by a bronze cannon.

Still, does it become as hard as an average dragon because of miasma?

The gunman corps tried to take over the black dragon wyvern but the arquebus shows a little effect.

For the strengthened black dragon wyvern, the lead bullet of a gun might feel like a mosquito bite.

Uwa! This time a black dragon wyvern spit out a breath.

It is not the usual flame breath but a black and burning flame.

The soldiers that were engulf by it rolls painfully.

That time.

A big rain cloud suddenly emerge from the Devil’s Mountain causing heavy rain to fall on top of the bronze cannon and gunman corps.

Fortunately the flame of the breath went off. What is it, uh, strange cloud?

「We can’t do it. 」

Sensei launched a red rocket firework from his hand.

It was the third series of fireworks which colored-gunpowder firecracker in the form of a rocket. I never thought that it will be used as a signal bullet.

Red is a signal for retreat.

「Ah. Are we retreating? 」

Soldiers, bronze cannon, and arquebus are getting wet with the rain. We won’t be able to shoot so it is best to withdraw all forces towards the castle.

I crossed the trench and shut myself up in the castle like Louise who retreated already.

That time, on the spire of Ox’s castle at the side of the tower, the nearest black dragon wyvern face off with the first and the third batteries.

Unlike bronze cannons, these are large iron cannon that has a long range.

The two shot but only scratched the wings of the black dragon.

Still the group of the black dragon wyvern has begun to fly like the character of eight and check in the state which looks like a competition shuddered by a powerful enemy’s appearance.

TN: 八 this is the character of 8

Is this the time where it will be a battle against the cannon of the castle?

At that time, suddenly, a sound of rumbling and torrent flowing pops out.

From the other side of the valley in the mountain,the deluge that generates suddenly flowed.

「Is this a water magic? 」

「It is a disturbance caused by a guy for example. I thought that it will come…. 」

The bare rock of the valley, even trees and the soil rolled. The deluge that turns into the rampaging mud flow. It approaches and swallowed the City of Ox.

The only thing I could do from the commanding stand is to look at how the city is being swallowed.

「Ah! The city will be swallowed by water! 」

At the moment when I thought so, the flow of torrent flowed away avoiding only the city somehow.

「Wow! How is this possible sensei? 」

「The outline in the town is surrounded in the embankment of the tree and stone dike. It is in the shape of a battleship of the ocean that goes forward. It were made for something like this to come around.」

「I see….. 」

I certainly thought that the shape of the city is a rhombus. So it was an image of a battleship.

「As we dug the pitfalls, we dig not only the visible moats but also invisible drainage ditches. Even if the valley became the river, the unsinkable warship Ox will not sink! 」

A thunderstorm was poured on. Whether you perceived it as an interference of mysterious magic or a cataclysm from heaven, an intense squall showered.

「Ha ha ha! It is useless! There are dozens of waterproofing measures on side towers that have a battery. Though the angle of bombardment has been limited, rain or wind magic will not affect it! 」

Sensei’s character has changed. Is this okay?

「How is it Takeru-dono? I name it “Camp of a Land Battleship”! A first in history strategy!」

「Wow! It’s amazing…」

It’s amazing, but sensei’s tension is more amazing.

「This is the weak point of the cannon that I mention in the report, water magic. After all, the culprit is someone from the kingdom’s upper echelon.」

「Ah! That report was a trap?」

「I think the deal with new weapons is not to reveal its weaknesses.」

「As expected of sensei…」


「What! Meteor strike!」

Lyle-sensei, who’s character broke’s, screams.

Behind sensei, I also looked up at the sky. I felt like I wanted to scream too.

When thinking why the starry sky seems to darken suddenly, meteorites with scattering sparks aims for the City of Ox.

What large-scale magic is it! This is a foul!

「The enemy is using the highest tier magic… but what would they do if it doesn’t hit!」

Sensei occupies the commanding stand, and doesn’t move an inch while grasping a handrail by both hands.

The magician strategist isn’t flustered!

I trust you, sensei!

This will cross somewhere by all means!

Those make serious thumping noise. Many meteorites landed on the city.

They were absorbed. Even the fortress makes a crumbling sound.

The commanding stand was not hit directly. It can be said that it is nothing but good fortune.

「Damage report!」

Sensei seeks a report from the messenger in the castle which is full of confusion.

「The third and the fifth battery was destroyed. Connection path is fine.」

「How about the remaining battery?」

「Can still be use!」

「Good! Follow the strategy. Begin the bombardment at my signal!」

After giving instructions, Lyle-sensei looks at me and laughs kukkukuku.

「Takeru-dono, I’ve won this match.」

In the castle where sparkles and dust flutter, Lyle-sensei gives off a fierce smile.

Shining in the middle of the storm…

「The brilRiance of the stars at night that illuminate the darkness. It’s there!」

Lyle-sensei used it. The magic of starlight.

It is a magic to “shine with a big-high intensity light” an arbitrary place.

Because meteor strike, an ultimate large-scale magic, was shot.

Lyle-sensei now knows the position of the enemy who was hiding with magic.

That place that Lyle-sensei showed with the light was the place where an enemy’s advance magician wearing a black robe for hiding is located.

「I will tell you that the era where war is determined only by magical power is over, advance magician-shi!」

With sensei’s mutter, the entire castle trembles with the roaring sound.

The batteries breathes fire simultaneously. Number six, number four, and number two the most. The bombardment has landed at the light that sensei indicated.

Furthermore, from the window of the outer wall of the castle, soldiers who were not dead shoot at the target.

It is more fearful than the meteor strike which can only be used once due to huge magic power consumption.

The barrage of attack from the batteries continues until the batteries burn.


「Did the enemy magician die, sensei? 」

「I don’t understand. Advanced magicians in the class that can use Meteor Strike are all tenacious.」

Even Lyle-sensei is an intermediate mage.

There are not many advanced magicians in one country. One advanced magician alone can overturn the progress of a battle.

An special existence.

「The bombardment that pours down can be averted. If he did not die instantly, he’ll survive. 」

「Is something still there? 」

「Even if we failed to kill him, they will do it. 」


In the place of Lyle-sensei’s bombarded, a bright sparkle of magical power had occurred many times to prevent shelling.

A group of black dragon wyvern descending from the mountain rushes there.

「If you use intense magical power, you’ll definitely pull out the attention of black dragon wyverns. It is foolish to think you can hide by using water magic.」

The black flying dragon spews black and blazing fire breaths and the advance mage who seemed to have lived starts a shootout.

「Now,  the black flying dragon wyvern will come to this castle too. We must prepare defense.」

What a frightening strategist….

Was it somewhat calculated until the advance magician’s hidden form resolved and the black flying dragon herd reacted to the magical power attacked it?

The aim is neither the enemy magician nor the black dragon wyvern. The purpose is for them to fight each other.

This is a piercing solution that looks at the momentum of the villains.

「From here, it is the work of Takeru-dono.  From this place, I made a communication passage to escape to the Devil’s Mountain from the city even if it is submerged in water. With this chance, please seal the “Miasma Hole of Doom”.」


「Attracting the black dragon wyvern will be the job of us and of that stupid advanced magician blinded by his  mighty magic.」

The glimpse of sensei who looks at the light twinkling in the fierce battlefield was so beautiful.

Well, if you do sensei’s instruction, I’m certain that everything will go successful.

That is what I believe.



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