Chapter 27 – Miasma Hole of Doom

I advance while escorting Saint Ria who’s carrying the Saint Wand Holy Paul of the seal engraved with the sacred character of A-sama.

The members who’ll challenge the “Miasma Hole of Doom” with me, the hero, are the slave girl corps led by Sharon.  She insisted no matter how much she was persuaded.

Not being able to persuade at such time shows that I’m still Choro. I become sad as usual.

The slave girls are still good.

Sara insisted on coming selfishly as the corporal of my personal guard corps. I become blue since there will be no excuses for the Rod’s house if something happened.

Fortunately, though it is the Devil’s Mountain, only a large number of small fish monsters show up and they can be handled with guns.

I thank Louise who first came into the mountain and pulled out the Wyvern.

「Star shadow!」

I also brandish the sword of light. It cuts down the stone hammer set up by the orc lord in one hit.

The sharpness of the blade that emits a pale light, the sword of groaning light with the sound of cutting air like an image.

Is the effect of sacrament Sacrament? My footwork is also light.

I somehow manage to defend my comrades and put out the said lord.

Orcs and Ogres occupied many areas of the forest. I cut them down with a single blow while running swiftly and desperately on the mountain path.

It seemed that we approached the summit of the mountain. My foot stopped unexpectedly. The “Miasma Hole of Doom” is there.

「What’s wrong Takeru?」

「Ria, what is that…….」

「What a surprise! That is our destination. Miasma Hole of Doom-desu.」

「Eh. But….」

It was a dull, silvery shining square building that was at the top of the mountain where the black cedar continued.

A reinforced concrete building. Impossible.

Oh well, let’s talk while heading anyway.

「Metallic buildings are impossible in this world.」

「Incidentally, I do not see anything else.」

What is that unusual building?

I’ll be more surprised if a car is seen and they’ll say “The wild boar made of iron is running.”.

「Ria, when was it built?」

「Two hundred and forty years ago. I heard that the founding king Renz made it into an oddly shaped building to make it stand out.」

「It cannot exist for 240 years so it will rust normally.」

「It will not.」

No, Ria. I do not really understand that horrible thing.

Why are you not here Lyle-sensei?

Even if it is true that someone built, 240 years ago might be a lie.

Apart from the concrete part, the metal that became weather-beaten doesn’t seem to remain.

..the repair., Who is repairing?

「My master said that it was an alloy that used the hero’s electric shock magic.」

「Ah, Is it metal plating?」

I heard that armor made by modern electroplating remains in the present age.

Or, as a possibility, for 240 years.

It is impossible. Even galvanized iron rusts.

No. I don’t understand due to my limited knowledge.

As I approached, the bottom is a little rusty.

It’s hardly rusty.

Does this make the metal which rusts originally rather difficult to rust?

Isn’t it galvanized iron, or latten?

Or did it undergo stainless processing for it to not rust?

Rather, it is easier to admit if it is a case wherein magic is used.

I can’t help but think that it indicates a possibility that someone was able to make latten and plating products.

Even now, I desperately want metallurgical technology.

「Master, it is not time to say such thing!」

I was obsessed too much that Sharon got angry from behind.

「I understand. Sorry. I will go inside now!」

I run in from the square gate. A lot of big dokuromaku decorates the passage.

TN: Dokuromaku is skull with crossbone

「The legendary hero that founded this nation shows it’s dangerous.」

「It is scary!」

Your hobby is wicked, Legendary Hero Renz.

Though you likely died a long time ago, I absolutely don’t want to be your friend.

If you go through several doors, you’ll easily reach the hole in the middle.

It was on the large circular metal floor.

A lot of holes are open. Bluish white light begins to leak under.

What is this? I have seen it in a picture.

A danger alarm is ringing in my head.

「…. is this a nuclear reactor?!」

Does this mean that miasma is radioactivity?!

Then, a lot of strange monsters also come out!

Uaa, I don’t have protective gear!

「Here. Insert the Control Rod Holy Paul and seal it.」

「Ria! You just said a control rod, right?」

「I made a mistake, Saint Wand Holy Paul. I’m plugging it in! 」

「I don’t care. Just stop it as soon as possible. 」

「Loyal believer Steriana of the creation goddess A-sama prays and requests!  Please stop the gush of miasma that springs from chaos below in the name of the sacred world!」

A noise was made as the saint wand is being swallowed.

The blue light that begins to leak from the below gradually calmed down.

「Was it satisfied with this?」

「Yes! The sealing is completely successful! 」

This ending is really disappointing.

I only pray that there will be no radioactive contamination from the hole.

However, the light sword of hero is also blue.

The mystery of the Miasma Hole of Doom will remain.

Is it magic of a certain magical element? Or is the miasma that springs from the ground magical?

Why did it stop after inserting the Wand of A-sama?

I consider such thing making my brain hang.

Ria pulled out the failed wand. She still looks for the criminal who plots against and killed her master.

I’m planning to investigate it later.

Before a strange tentacle or feathers grew from our body.

We better leave this room as soon as possible.

——-Scene Change——-

A balance heart.

When I get out of the “Miasma Hole of Doom”, I take the light sword in my hand and look around the vicinity carelessly.

This is the most dangerous moment, when you achieve your goal after a long time.

The pattern I neatly understand.

The black forest, where the gush of miasma ceased, is eerily quiet.

Ah. With this kind of atmosphere, it will absolutely come.

I heard a keen, earth-splitting sound.

Hora, it came!

「Well, since the lord of the mountain returned, did the small fry disappeared?」

I, who looks up from the top, was convinced.

If such one is seen, every kind of monster will run away.

The surviving black dragon wyvern dives at a tremendous speed.

After that staged fight, the black dragon wyvern which has survived is ostentatious.

Among the black dragons, there is one with a particularly big body. Is that the boss of the crowd?

Even though we protected the Devil’s Mountain, they were angry. The miasma which is the source of their power stopped gushing.

From the black dragons point of view, we killed their companions and I understand their feeling.

However, I can’t be defeated here.

The black dragon flew before our eyes and opened its big jaw at the same time.

It spouts a black flame strengthened by miasma.

「What a bad breath!」

Apart from me to whom the defense power was strengthened, Sharon, Sara, and others run away neatly.

「A-sama, protect everyone, Holy Shield!」

When Ria came out, she puts up a silver holy shield that held down the breath.

Even if it is a bad chant, A-sama protected them properly!


The black dragons raise their cry of rage. The holy shield breaks.

Should I remain here and confront it?

「Master! Get down!」

「Take this!」

Sharon, Sara, and their corps fired simultaneously.

The firing line is concentrated on the huge black wyvern that arrowed here.

Though holes opens in its thin wing, it just take on the lead bullet that hits its hard scales.

The momentum of the black dragon that is falling rapidly does not stop.

For some reason, the black dragon comes straight down to me.

Is it because the mithril hauberk stands out by sparkling?

Oh dear, it is convenient.

「Fine, Come!」

My spirits are united. The sword of light is put out with the maximum output.

I took a fighting stance with positive eyes, look at the red eyes of the frenzied black dragon in one point, and concentrate deeply.

「Hokushin Itto-ryu heart and star king sword!」

I don’t need wasteful power. Just think only to cut off the enemy from the beginning wholeheartedly.

A big sword of light was raised. I shook and lowered it quietly.

Huge figure of the black dragon plunged and crossed it—

With a thud, the black dragon which became two exact halves made a noise, and lay on a place.

「There is no thing that can’t be cut by the star king sword.」

When the sword of light is used quickly, light converges. A balance heart.

「Takeru you did it! You’re a splendid hero!」

「Master, are you alright!」

Sister Ria si trembling with excitement while holding a big saint wand.

The slave girls and also Sara tremble with excitement while crying with a gun.

A good final episode.


Even if the sharp fang of the black dragon grazes, my mithril hauberk doesn’t even have a scratch.

However, the man inside took a considerable damage when cutting and turning it down.

I drink a recovery potion just in case.

Aloof from the impressed companion, while gulping the bittersweet potion.

My head began to use an abacus while looking at the red flesh of the of the black dragon wyvern.

Can I eat black dragon wyvern’s meat? Is it delicious?

Does black dragon wyvern’s scale sell high? Can anything be made if I process it?

After all, my essence is more of a merchant than a hero.

If there is no money, nothing can be done to survive.

「For the time being, it’s time to clean the battle field.」

I examine the damage of the deluge and meteor. The one that still can be used is picked up.

There was various expenditure, but there will be a large profit in total this time.



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