Chapter 28 – Ice Cream


While eating the red-black savory soup called “black dragon’s internal organs soup” made by Louise in the dining room (seems to be fine but taste bitter).

Corrective measures are being discussed by Lyle-sensei.

“Miasma Hole of Doom” was sealed several days ago.

The battlefield cleaning is finished already.

It seems that it will still take time to repair the fortress’ streets who suffered considerable damage from the meteorite and deluge.

The gunpowder too is quite moist and has become useless.

It’s a great loss.

I hate that stupid advance magician.

「In the report from Ona village, recruitment of volunteer soldiers seems to be terrible.」

A lot of people gathered since the war ended.

The number of the volunteer soldier approaches one thousand people.

Even the City of Ox can only accommodate three hundred station soldier.

A thousand soldiers clearly exceed the capacity of Ona village camp.

With that momentum, it may become bigger than the City of Est.

It is a scene I can’t imagine.

「Sensei, I will stop recruiting for a while….」

Earl Donovan would be holding his head with just supplementary expenses such as clothes, foods, and drinks.

Is it human nature to gather after war ends?

「What are you talking about? You have additional worker, general.」

「Eh? Is that so?」

「Please think about it and see. First of all, there is the reconstruction of the City of Ox and other villages of the old Ambazak territory.」

「Sensei, isn’t that a baron’s job?」

Well, Baron Louz is dead.

At least it’s not my job.

「No, you’ll receive the old Ambazak territory as it is.」


What’s that?

「In the northwest is the old Roren margrave territory, the southwest is the old Ambazak barony and at the southeast is the Silesie’s king territory; are surrounding the Devil’s Mountain.  Shall we snatch everything to along the highway?」

「No sensei. This is not a kingdom stealing story.」

I want money, but I do not need the territory.

I do not want to have any more headaches to manage.

It is already difficult managing business alone.

「Since Takeru is a hero who sealed the hole, you must take advantage of this achievement to the fullest extent. It is a territory that collapsed anyway. Wouldn’t it be okay to take over with the reason of the hero monitoring the Devil’s Mountain? 」


For sensei to make such judgement.

However…. the idea is not of a hero.

It is of a thief.

「You’ll be giving away so much to the other party. It is not only the barondom, there is also the rights of the mines of the Ye Mountain Range.」

「Oh, that’s good.」

Mines are deeply involved in my business.

If we have the mining rights, we can expect a large profit.

Is that your favorite? Sensei is indeed black.

「Well, joking aside.」

「That was a joke? 」

I don’t understand sensei’s joke sense.

「The matter of the traitor behind the “Miasma Hole of Doom” incident has not ended yet. It is better to have more fighting power.」

「That is a job of the Kingdom of Silesie right? 」

「Most of the soldiers we gathered from our recruitment are refugee from the capital. 」

「What does that mean? 」

「Unnn, I do not know. But probably it is a mess enough for the citizen to abandon the capital. 」

「Sensei…. 」

Ah, something like that. I abruptly become senile.

Because our association has considerably become long, I understood  the scheming face of sensei.

「Well, there is a rumor in the capital that it is hopeless to wait for the legendary hero to seal the “Miasma Hole of Doom” and that there is no longer a salvation for the capital. 」

「Please stop it for a moment…. 」

Sensei who begins to say such thing by like reading in a singsong manner.

An intense joke.

「Hero Takeru is kind to both common people and slaves. Even poor people can participate in the volunteer army and somehow… 」

「No more than that! 」

It will really make me angry if such sutema was done.

TN: ステマ(Sutema) – Stealth Marketing = a marketing strategy that advertises a product to people without them knowing they are being marketed to

It is a joke.

「Joking aside, Takeru is the person responsible for liberating the Ambazak barondom. Former residents of the City of Ox and other villages naturally wants to stay.」

「Well, I understand what you want to tell me sensei…」

「Thank you for understanding. I will keep pushing hard on strengthening our war potential in the name of Hero Takeru.」

Please don’t overdo it.

Even if I understand it, the whole scenario is not visible. Although I understand that there is still a threat.

If the annoying advance magician died, it will at least be a less hassle.

Being attacked by a group of black dragons after casting a large-scale magic, I wonder if he died.

However, Kukkukku, that fellow. Being alive after that? This is a living flag right?

Why am i assuming that the villain left?

If someone like that came out again when we are immersed in a product, the Sawatari commercial firm will go bankrupt.

It has become scary somehow.

I should ask my subordinates to look for a corpse….

I come to look like a villain on one event after another, but when there is something to protect, a person becomes timid.

—Scene Change—

「Sharon, is the manpower of the business enough? 」

「Yes, it’s going well.」

Once I got off the ground, I have become worried about the my commercial firm.

I ask Sharon who’s eating delicious soup in the dining room.

「Is it true? The slave girls are in the war cutting our staff considerably so I think shift in the store isn’t going around.」

「I already outsourced contract farmers for making niter and soap.」

Ah, did you finally learn outsourcing?

What kind of fantasy is this?

「However, is outsourcing safe as the slave girl employs and handles the person? 」

For the time being, Sharon and the others are slaves. Their status is lower than free man.

「They are careful because we are slaves of master. 」

「Well, if so, I hope they are. 」

To be honest, I’m already thinking of releasing them from slavery.

「For instance desu ga, who is more credible? The property of a merchant who’s also a famous hero-sama? Or the local girls there? 」

「Ah, I understand.  It is comprehensible.」

Even if you deduct not being old enough, Sharon is wise as expected.

She grew to be a better merchant than me.

「Master, though it is not necessary now, when thinking about the business expansion in the future, it may be good to buy new slave girls soon. You might raise them as gunman or as commercial firm member.」

「Well, I’ll leave it to you. Please do as you see fit.」

I did not think that the day where Sharon will proposed purchase of slave’s come.

Don’t receive Lyle-sensei’s bad influence.

When I met Sharon, she said “I’m a slave merchant.”. Don’t tell me that is a foreshadowing of what is happening now?

I will not participate in the business of buying and selling slaves.

「When a new slave child comes, it’s bath time again.」

「Ah, I believe so? 」

That is still not ethically black.

「From that master, there is something I would like you to see for a moment desu ga.」

「What? 」

「Viola, please come in here for a moment.」

Half nymph with blue hair, Viola is summoned.

This child is reserved and doesn’t talk with me easily.

When nymphs have received persecution from people, I heard that they will cope with difficulties.

Behind Sharon’s skirt, a small hidden Viola is watching over here.

「Here, please take out the example for me.」

「Yes. 」

Viola put a blue colored bottle with cotton in front at my desk.

「Well, this is a recovery potion. 」

「Yes, I cooperated with Sister Steriana and succeeded in making a recovery potion.」

「Ohhh! You made this? This is amazing! 」

I raise the recovery potion and look it up.

Impressive-desu, impressive!

Because this is an essential item for the military and it is super important.

How long did this fellow pressed the finance of my commercial firm…

Indeed, Viola has the divine protection of the water spirit.

Is this water magic + recovery magic? Are medical herbs and holy water mixed?

Viola is whispering something to Sharon.

「……. 」

「The area around here has a lot of highly effective medicinal herb due to the influence of strong miasma. It seems that they succeeded taking a lot.」

「Is that so? Anyway, you did well. It is necessary to reward Viola. Is pocket money good? Or do you want something else?」

I begin to smile and make the gold coins jingle for Viola.

I look like the bad adult who cajoles a child by some money and goods.

I also want Viola to open up slowly.

「It seems that master’s praise is enough.」

「Sharon might be translating arbitrarily.」

「It is true, Viola says so.」

Umm, that kind of reward choice is most troubling.

That time, the sister who’s covered with hood up to the eyes, Ria, came.

「Please wait Takeru. You heard the story of the recovery potion making. Are you not forgetting that half of it is my exploit? 」

「Ah, yes. Thank you.」

The end.

「……. 」

「……. 」

「Takeru, for a moment, it doesn’t feel anything.」

「Haa, still saying something? 」

Now, this is a meeting of the Sawatari Company. People who are not involved should not enter.

「I am. I’m very good at holy alchemy so I’m very useful for potion making. 」

What is it? What do you want to say?

「In fact, holy magic can be used by me only. Rather than an outsider, I can be called the main axis of the team. 」

「……. 」

「I don’t want to say it but I certainly can work harder if I receive some rewards.」

Conversation with Ria is long.

「I see. Then I will consider something for Sister Steriana as well. I will consider the distribution of reward positively.」

「First of all, please stop acting formally with only me.」

What? Did you notice it?

「Are you still mad-desu? From the thing before?」

「Wait a minute! 」

She tries to take the talk in a doubtful direction.

More than that, in the dining room.. You………….

Hey, my slave girls are looking here with a face that seems to be suspicious from “the thing before”!

「What? I definitely want to talk about it.」

Her mouth has a fiendish grin!

Do you intend to intimidate me by raising your hood with your hand?

「I understand. I’ll stop being formal.」

「Because the two of us are not strangers.」

「Don’t you think I’ll get mad due to your teasing?」

In this case, I’ll say it again.

Is playing with my pure heart every time your religion?

If you think calmly, Ria is so useful that it is possible to say that her cooperation is indispensable.

But teasing me everytime makes your usefulness disappear!

Being toyed by women is embracing my old wounds. Me who doesn’t have any decent relationship with woman.

「You said trauma but there was no relationship with woman at all.」

「Don’t read my mind! What do you know about my past?!!」

Basically I’m not good at meeting women first; I lack a bit of communication skill and women never had good impression on me in general.

Louise-anego’s case is different. There is no discomfort even if I get involve with her from top to bottom.

In business mode, there is no problem since it is only surface relationship.

The faction that disturbs and depressed me the most is Ria’s. That type is like my weak point.

Compatibility is fatally bad.

「Takeru, I think it is better for you to get accustomed to the other party’s goodwill desu yo.」

「You mean it?」

「I’m also counselling everybody as a sister. We should seclude ourselves in the City of Ox church’s confession box. I think it would be nice for you to receive a sacrament to help you with your secret rage of regret in order to buy springtime.」

Her lines are long.

Moreover, when Ria says, “kaishun” sounds somewhat different.

***TN: MC thinks she said買春(Kaishun) which means hiring a prostitute. The meaning is different if symbols are separated 買(buy) 春(spring/springtime). ***

「You already understand what I want to say Sharon!」

「Yes, master.」

「I heard that Sister Steriana is going back.」

「Yes, everyone!」

「Ah, I have not eater all my rice meal yet!」

「Yes, Sister, let’s eat there.」

Sharon encloses and captures her. She took her out of the dining room.

As expected, my slave girls with abundant battle experiences are competent.

I didn’t listen to the talk directly and should done it this way from the beginning.

「Well, Viola.」

「……  Yes.」

The interpreter Sharon is no longer around. Viola is not related to the ruffian’s play of Ria.

Ria’s way of speaking was lowest, but she certainly is accustomed deeply concerning a person. It is mortifying how she hits right on the target.

「I want to do whatever you like so I’m hoping you to say it. You have a legitimate right to do so.」

「……  Ice cream」

Is it so? She was eating deliciously the one I made before.

Ice cream making. It is possible to make it from milk as long as there is ice.

You may put seasonal fruit and it can be an expensive imported item. You can also use vanilla beans.

「Alright, I will let you eat plenty! Sensei please! 」

Because ice cannot be made without magic.

Though it is bad to use sensei for this every time, he’s the only one who can use magic. I can’t use magic so it can’t be helped.

「No. If it’s just ice, Viola can also make it. 」

「Eh? Really? 」

「……  Yes.」

Since when?

「Viola has been learning water magic from me all the time. In case of water magic, she reaches beginner class magician.」

「That’s amazing.」

This doesn’t seem like a reward.

「Well, I’m sorry but Viola, will you help me make ice?」

「……  Yes.」

「Collete is also coming. Let’s make it together.」

「The preparation is already complete.」

Collette who’s in charge of the kitchen was listening to the story and prepared pieces of equipment such as bowls.

If you make it in large quantities, then how about producing a hand-held stirrer agitator?

It seems that business boundaries are likely to expand again.

Oh no. Its supposed to be a reward making for Viola. It’s a bad habit to consider only the development of business.

For desserts on this day, various ice creams were made. I decided to behave.

We cook together so I think the shy Viola opens up a little.

Depending on her attitude in the future, I might just consider giving Ria a chance to be appreciated a little.

Let’s keep it at that.




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