Chapter 29 – The Fall of the Kingdom’s Capital


「Takeru, please come with me for a moment.」

「What? Are you going to make fun of me again?」

Ria has come.

「I am not. We’re to going to talk seriously.」

「All right.」

She looks over here upon moving the hood.

The blue eyes show a color of earnest anxiety. It does not seem to be a lie.

If this is a strange talk, no matter how much of a choro I am, I will never trust this woman again.

「Ah, have you called?」

The destination, Lyle-sensei’s room.

It is sensei who makes the room assigned a disorderly laboratory.

Today it was cleared up neatly and the Saint Wand Holy Paul was placed on the desk.

「This is…」

「Yes, it is the imitation of Saint wand that Ria’s master used for the failed seal.」

「As expected, is it fake?」

「Yes, a magic is casted that projects the past afterimage speculation concerning the thing. It is magic used for the important crime investigation, but」

「As a result of the investigation, General Gale’s strong thought remained. His involvement is almost certain.」

「Yes, I understand it somehow.」

It was bad for Louise that advocated the pride of the knights, but I thought that General Gale did it.

I guess this is a proof.

「I am going to visit the capital and condemn the General Gale with this.」

「There is no choice but to do so.」

I dislike dispute but I understand that it is necessary to face Gale given the evidence.

Because the other party is not foolish, there is danger that it is possible to be killed here if we do not face and condemn him early.

Ria holds the “fake saint wand”. Under her hood, her eyes deepens and became foggy.

「Takeru, A-sama prohibits taking revenge by commandments.  We were taught to forgive sins.  However, I……」

「Ah, yeah. I think it can’t be helped.」

To put it out, Gale is evil.

I do not know what kind of person Ria’s master is.

「My master was my foster parent that raised me who was an orphan. A person who is too kind… … I will never forgive Gale who conspired and killed my master.」

「Understood. He will surely compensate for his crime by all means. Look forward to it.」

After doing such self-indulgence, Gale will be executed.

Though I don’t know whether there is a death penalty in this country, execution is certain in medieval fantasy.

Ria doesn’t need to dirty her hands.

Thus, we decided to head for the kingdom’s capital for Gale’s denunciation.

—Scene Change—

When you go around the mountain road, the distance is quite far, but if you cross the “Devil’s Mountain”, the distance between the City of Ox and the royal capital is close.

I’m very concerned about the metalwork of the “Miasma Hole of Doom” at the top of the mountain.

I can’t drop in and check it when I think about Ria whose master has been killed.

When I arrived at the capital, I was welcomed unlike the previous time.

We suddenly have an audience with his majesty the king. We are shown into an luxurious room that is reserved for distinguished guest unlike last time.

The old man with white mustache wearing a luxurious formal clothe, Prime Minister Rogue is waiting with a smile on his face.

「Prime Minister, it’s been a long time.」

「Ohhh! The country’s saviour, Hero Takeru,  please be at ease.」

He’s in a good condition.

「I’m preparing for the audience with the king. This is a sordid place but please heal your fatigue of travel first.」

「Haa …」

The reception is warm. Does the prime minister’s character changed?

The treatment has changed so probably.

Even with zero magical powers, I have a reputation of a hero as authorized by the church.

「Prime Minister, isn’t there something you have to say to us? 」

「Ha ha, of course, I apologize.」

The Prime Minister puts his luxurious clothes to the ground. Even it is not a ground(it is carpet), his head looks like it’s almost rubbed on the ground upon kneeling.

「I apologized, Knight Louise.」

That is.

I intended him to apologize to Lyle-sensei.

「My decision to have you taken the blame of the last failure and drove you away from kingdom’s capital were a mistake. I would like you to return to the Knights by shedding the past.」

Oh, he should apologize to Louise too.

Well, that story preceded it.

「Prime Minister, I have a story about the Knights Order. Actually, General Gale…」

To Lyle -sensei’s explanation, the Prime Minister makes a blue face.

「Such a thing, Gale himself! Capture him at once!」

The Prime Minister called for his aides and moved to condemn Gale.

With this, is it going to be settled?

Gale came into the room.

When I thought that it was too early to catch him, he appeared with a military unit with crossbows.

「Your Excellency Prime Minister. 」

「What are you trying to do, Gale?!」

What Gale has in his hand was the head of a dignified man who wore a crown.

Moreover, it is a gross development.

「Ha ha ha, even if you call your lord the King, this is inconceivable.」

「You, you, you are crazy! 」

Gale throws the King’s head to the prime minister.

A sword pierced the prime minister deeply.

It is impossible for him to do anything for the assault of the kingdom knight, the prime minister who is a common old man.

「I’m crazy? Who do you think can reprimand me in this situation?」

「Guahhh! Gale! You!」

Gale pulls out the sword.

The prime minister collapse and ceased to breath.

「Ha ha ha ha, the man who was so bossy. I feel great!」

「Gale! You’re out of your mind!」

Louise pulled the straight sword saber toward Gale.

「I’m sick of hearing it. Why don’t you try to admit that this is the end?」


「Look at the foolish king and the prime minister who died there. The kingdom’s royalty and aristocrats, I killed them all. The authority of the Kingdom of Silesie has ended.」

「Gale, you are a knight who swore loyalty to the kingdom. Why…..」

「HAHAHA,  wonderful, Louise. Are you still saying that? You’re going crazy.」


「Even though you did nothing wrong, you’re still forced to take responsibility and expelled. You’re not even a knight anymore, you don’t know that this country is already rotting from the roots. 」

「Even so, a knight exist to fight for the country! 」

「That is only for you who were born in a knight’s house. For me who doesn’t even have a father, it is difficult to rise in this rotting country. 」

「That does not matter, if you are a proud knight, try to fight with me with a sword fair and square in this place!」

I hear it from the sidelines, and I did not get it enough which is funny.

Certainly, because there are places which are not good in this kingdom’s capital where the weak is oppressed and being done in. A thief may have thirty reasons.

Though Gale is evil, there might be people who listen to his words.

A situation where Louise and Gale fights one on one. Here and the other side reads the air and watches calmly.

If Lyle-sensei uses magic, she will be able to blow away Gale.

The other side has a crossbow corps. That might be dangerous.

In the situation in which I cannot unskillfully move, Louise and Gale repeatedly crossed over.

「As expected, you are strong, Louise. 」

「Gale, to the sword of yours who doesn’t have a knight’s belief, I won’t be defeated! 」

「Louise…regrettably… since you were reduced to an adventurer, I thought that we might be able to understand each other.」

「Prior to being a knight, I dislike your face physiologically! 」

Louise is a bit terrible. You overstated it.

I understand that Louise and Gale are not compatible but to extend to this point.

You were really hated.

「Is it so? Then hold the knight’s grand pride and die.」

「Gale, you! 」

Ah, the face comment was ignored.

I understand your feelings.

「I got it, it is good already. You guys, shoot this fellow dead! 」

「Na, that’s cowardly. 」

The crossbow corps shoot towards Louise the same time Gale pulled out and signaled.

Uwa, not good.

Sensei’s surprise magic attack can’t make it in time.

It is a foul to break a duel scene in medieval fantasy!

However, the ugly face of Gale who’s been smiling in the room was distorted for the first time.

「HAAAA-? Being directly hitted by crossbows of this number and still unscatched? Are you a monster?」

Louise is wearing it. “Black Dragon Wyvern scale armor”.

There is no way to penetrate the hard scale even with a high-speed, high-powered arrow of a crossbow which even a lead bullet did not pierce.

Though Louise that deflects the arrow approaching at a little less than 100 meters per second aimed at the vital part that is not protected by the armor with a sword is enough to call her a monster.

「I’m not the same as the old days, Gale! 」

Louise puts the sword away the moment she deflects the arrow. She equips a small bow and shoots at Gale.

If it isn’t a duel any more, Louise has the flexibility to use projectile.

「Chi, pouring entertainment! 」

Louise’s precise arrow was brushed off by a steel gauntlet. I have a feeling that Gale is more than human.

As expected of two people who has the ability to be a knight leader.

「We heard enough from General Gale. Withdraw Leader Louise, I will defeat him.」

The calm voice of sensei echoed in the room.

「Kukkukku. How will it be done? Are you going to use magic Secretary Lyle? The current state with which you’re surrounded is a proof that will not change.」

In the meantime, the crossbow corps puts the next arrow.

「We’ll do this.」

In the signal of Lyle-sensei, the slave girl corps came in.

Their number exceeds Gale crossbow corps.


Toward the deplorable cry of Gale, a salvo of the gun man corps attacked.

Smoke burst out.

「Did you do it?」

The crossbow unit which was defenceless while pulling a bow. Gunfire is received, all members fall, and all lies down. Gale is…

Surprisingly, Gale pulled a desk down immediately and made it a shield to stopped shooting.

It is admirable in spite of being an enemy.

You have no right to say Louise is a monster.

「Well, don’t think you already won with this degree, Louise!」

Gale escapes while holding a big desk leaving behind those lines to Louise.

Even without doing such a thing, the arquebus can’t fire in rapid succession, but you don’t know it.

Ah, are you going to barricade by hanging on the door of the room?

「Should we pursue, sensei? 」

Louise, she tried to pursue him by getting over the desk that Gale left at the entrance in the room even without hearing it.

Because it is Gale, I am at a loss because there can be a trap after this.

「You must not chase, Louise! 」

It is not good Louise. Her eyes looks back to us with severe dissatisfaction.

「But, what does sensei intends to do?」

「Master’s enemy will escape.」

We failed to catch Gale. Ria voiced out her opinion and seems to cry.

For her, it is the enemy of her benefactor.

Aside from usual times, I sympathize with today’s Ria.

As long as we defeat Gale, this commotion will come to an end.

「Gale’s order will join the regular army of the kingdom. There is certainly a trap ahead. Even with Takeru, we can’t do anything!」

The gentle sensei got angry. That’s true.

Since the mouse is out of the bag, is letting it escape better?

Sensei deserves a credit, I’m sorry.

「You should understand it. Now everyone will escape. The entire  capital is not yet enclosed. We only have to break through the defence of the castle. 」

Under sensei’s skilled tactical command, the enemy’ s enclave which was deployed double – triple in the castle was broken through by the attack of the gun man corps.

It is good to know that my gunman corps cannot be defeated even with the latest mechanical bow as the opponent.  It’s good but I feel dark.

Finally, humans are killing each other.

As Gale said, there are troops surrounding the castle but it seems that the military doesn’t have enough power to surround the whole city.

TN: Lyle is the one who says it earlier so the writer is probably just tired

The city is in a tumultuous state. The side who wants Gale and the neutral knights and the soldiers are fighting.

It seems to be easy to escape from this city.

When I was relieved to go out of the capital city of Silesie, I looked back. The royal castle was burning.

Perhaps there was a battle between court magicians that ignited it.

The fall of the kingdom’s capital. Flame goes up everywhere.

It was already a terrible city full of refugees, but it is sad when this happens.

Gale is doing such since his plot came out.

How will you get this under control?

In spite of being an enemy, I begin worrying.

「Sensei, which way do we escape? 」

「Of Course, we’re heading toward Count Est territory. 」

「Eh? Isn’t the City of Ox closer? 」

「Gale is probably not a fool, so he’ll chase us with a fast-footed knight. I want to avoid unnecessary fighting.」

Sensei took out the volunteer corps from Ona village along the border of the King’s Territory and the territory of Est. Allied troops was stretched.

It will be safe to escape to Est territory.

I was relieved, but if you already read this far, sensei could have prevented Gale’s plot.

I was wondering whether to ask sensei who jolted in the carriage with composure. I hesitated and left it after all.

Also, I’ll get angry and be rude.

I’m going to think of Lyle-sensei as a universal cheat, but it’s not like he can do anything because she’s a mage.

Rather, I am the one who is said to be a hero but became phlegm in this story.

The future development, I can’t read it at all.

I made the Prime Minister lower his head, Gale was driven into a fall and I will live happily ever after.

What on earth is going to happen after this…?



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