Chapter 30 – Princess of the Falling Kingdom



When we enter the City of Est, it is currently in a turbulent uproar. Did a report of the Kingdom’s Capital fall reach this place?

Though there cannot be any good means of communication, the speed that a rumor spreads out is fast.

While thinking not to depress upon absorbing it, we went to meet the earl.

Ria and Louise are both unusual.

As for the slave girls, we brought them as if we’re begging because they don’t want to leave the fight there. I understand their feelings.

I throng a great number of people. It will trouble Earl Donovan but it’s too late.

「Takeru, I heard what happened to the capital. You’re safe.」

「Earl, it’s been a while.」

Earl Donovan seems to be depressed.

That’s a given. Earl is an aristocrat of Silesie kingdom.

Though the country is going to fall, I can’t laugh.

I’m welcomed in an inspiring feeling. It might have been good.

I also wanted to apologize for the trouble that was caused by supplying too many volunteer soldiers even though we have no time for it.

「Ah, I’m glad that Takeru is safe. I don’t know what to do.」

「Earl, please get a hold of yourself. This is the time to have a strong mind.」

「Oh, whoa. Yes, I am the Lord for such a time. I have to hang in there….」

The earl seems to have pulled himself together.

I’m also troubled with the state of emotion but I should not be too depressed.

Then, the entrance of the residence suddenly became noisy, and someone ran in.

It’s the Earl’s favorite maid.

「Earl, ano, a fine carriage arrived on the table. It seems to be the royal princess!」

「What? Let them through immediately.」

The count rushed and went to receive.

「In that development, the royal family survived…」

I was as surprised as the earl.

He said something like everyone from the royal family was killed. It seems that Gale’s coup was not perfect.

Wait, why not escape to other nearer territory? Why bother to escape to the territory of Est?

「Oya, that was early.」

Sensei nods with a known face.

Is this also part of sensei’s strategy?

Along with Earl, a petite princess comes in wearing a regal white dress with a deep hood.

Her face is hidden, so I can’t peep at it. Long blonde hair with curls, although she’s entirely different, she seems like Ria with the hood she’s wearing.

Longer than the pale blonde hair of Ria, the color is darker with a shade of pink. Oh, this is strawberry blonde!

As expected of a royalty from a fantasy!

The noble one is of different  hair color. It strikes my favourite!

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, thank you! Thank you!

I was shot by the gratitude to the goddess of the world and reverence for the princess.

I instinctively kneeled on the spot.

「Hey, why are you suddenly kneeling?」

Lyle-sensei tries to pull me up in a hurry with a thin hand.

「Because the other party is a princess of the royal family, it is natural to kneel…」

「Because the other party is the princess of the royal family, if you kneel here, the power balance will be bad!」

Sensei is desperate.

It seems that there is no other way, so I decided to stand up reluctantly.

I didn’t only see the beautiful hair colored princess. An astringent brown bearded old guy and knights wearing full plate mail from head to foot streams from behind.

There are a lot of people in the group. The castle of the earl is now full.

It is unlikely that guests will come to the earl’s place when they have spare time, so it is hard for the maids to serve.

「Hero Takeru, this is the first time we meet. I am Nicolas Laertius, a guardian for the royal family. I can not express my gratitude no matter how much I am willing to say it. Thanks for the rescue this time.」

The brown-beard magician at the prime of his life comes to me and kneeled.

In addition, I feel like he’s a Hollywood star or I was just tired of seeing it a little.

I’m a japanese. The actors from the movie I see were all cool westerner. His voice is quiet and can be employed as a good voice actor.

Is it due to power balance that the princess did not thank directly? Dealing with aristocrat’s is troublesome.

But what is this rescue? I do not remember helping at all.

「I rescued the guardian? 」

「Takeru-dono, I will tell you ahead of time. The princess’ guardian, Nicolas Laertius, is my father.」

「Er, that is your father?」

「That’s right. I ordered the volunteer army along the border to rescue the princess. I’m sorry for not getting your approval but given the circumstances, there is no other way.」

Listening to it, the astringent(meaning ikemen) guardian makes a bitter face.

As expected, Lyle-sensei’s father is beautiful.

Their eyes and hair quality are sure similar.

I say you resemble your father, was he a girl?

「Are you the one who helped us, Lyle?」

「How is it, father? The feeling of being helped by the youngest you abandoned like an odd person? I can’t tell if my older brothers lived while on their castle duty.」

「I thank you for rescuing us, to the extent that I think it’s good to have kept you alive.」

「It’s superimposed.」

「If possible, I would like you to help your elder brothers….」

「So far, I don’t know either. It is not heard that other surviving royal families exist. It is correct to consider that she was missed daringly by Gale right? It is because Princess Silhouette is an odd person like me.」

Here, the father, Nicolas, glared angrily in insolent politeness and was enraged.

「Shut up. I’m not going to leave you alone if you insult the princess.」

「I told you that she is the same as myself, isn’t my father mocking me?」

「Know your stupidity. The meaning differs between you and the princess!」

The relationship between Lyle-sensei and his father is terrible.

I heard that you are abandoned, such a heresy.

It seems like there are circumstances, but I should put a mouth in a complex parentage relationship.

「Oh my, I’m sorry for heating up, but what are we going to do now?」

When I said so, everybody looked at me and remained silent.

No one thought anything.

—Scene Change—

For the time being, the good-after measures were discussed in the living room of the earl’s castle.

Between those, the progress of the battle in the capital is reported steadily.

The capital was occupied by Gale’s troops and declared the new generation Silesie kingdom. Gale is even the king. That was quite a promotion.

All the royalty who were in the royal city was killed and many aristocrats were killed by Gail.

Earl Donovan, who is the feudal lord here, becomes the prime minister of the kingdom’s provisional government and is promoted to a marquis(the territory remains as it is).

Lyle-sensei negotiated with the government Prime Minister (a result race). I formally became a baron and received Ambazak barony.

They seem to divide the old Loraine margrave territory, the one that sensei  wants, to the knights and nobles taking sides with the princess.

Everybody from the knight captain’s group of the princess faction was overjoyed after being promoted to a viscount, baron, or general.

Even if the one they received are collapsed towns and villages due to the monster, it’s just fruitless.

As an alternative to the province, Lyle-sensei manage to give me the mining rights of the Ye Mountains. The state mine, where money is produced, became mine in substance.

The large profit gives me dangerous quiver!

However, the capital was conquered by Gale. I must not rejoice since the coup d’etat forces approaches this place.

This is a situation wherein the high rank given to those who aide is useless if the country is ruined.

There are very many neutral parties when I see the strategy map for some reason.

The regional aristocrats has not taken sides, except for Earl Donoban.

What about aristocratic patriotism?

In the present situation, the pursuers from the coup d’etat armies from the capital are also stuck in a stalemate with my volunteer corps and the Princess’ s army at the border of the Est territory.

One of the reasons is that the third corps that stuffs into the important base “Fortress of the Eagle Bandit” beside the highway. They have not made their standpoint if they are ally or enemy.

I understand if they still support Gale. Since they are neutral, it means that they are only thinking about themselves right?

I’m not so conscious of patriotism, but I think this is funny.

「What the hell is going on in this country?」

「It can’t be helped. Princess Silhouette becomes the banner. She’s hiding her ears but she’s an illegitimate half elf. It’s not something you can claim to inherit the throne.」

「Is the princess being a half-elf that bad?」

「That’s bad because all aristocrats in Silesie Kingdom are humans. Someone with mixed blood will not be admitted to the royal family formally.」

「That’s strange.」

「The lineage of the Silesie Kingdom is mixed with the royals and aristocrats of other countries. If you do not do well, neighboring countries will claim inheritance rights.」

Earl Donovan probably guessed what is happening at this stage that he became the prime minister.

Even if she is illegitimate, she’s going to be the queen soon.

What a troublesome other world fantasy.

「Rather, I consider that Gale missed Princess Silhouette on purpose.」

「Why would he do that?」

「Rather than inviting other countries to intervene with the royal family eradication, he let only the princess to survive.  After slowly crushing opposition forces in the country, he intend to be the legitimate king of Silesie by killing the princess if she go against him or marrying her if she obeys.」

「Wow, that’s too much…」

Gale. What a vulgar fellow.

But well, it’s a rational way of doing things. Even though it is vulgar.

「Let’s strike the hands we can hit this way. The City of Est is too defenseless, so I’ll remodel it to an impregnable fortress. Afterward, it will be the work of the provisional government…」

With a glance, Lyle-sensei saw her father who took office as a provisional government minister.

The viscount and the general are discussing with other high ranking people with a roar.

The other side does not try to look at sensei.

「Fu, it is hopeless. Let’s do what we can. 」

—Scene Change—

I am tired of a strategy meeting that will not go anywhere due to intense debate alone. I’m leaving.

The Earl’s maid gave me a cup of coffee. I was able to relax in a separate room and was called by the white-dress wearing Princess in a deep hood.

「Hero Takeru-sama. 」

Ah, I thought of Ria momentarily.

Ria is here. If you were to take that white hood, they can be seen as a big Ria and a small Ria.

No, to compare a noble princess with an abnormal sister, I am foolish.

「It is impolite of me, your highness princess. 」

I kneel deeply as if to lick a foot.

What supreme bliss, for that day to come that I’m in front of the princess. If you talk about etiquette, should I kiss the back of her hand?

「Ara, you’re on your knees. Won’t your sensei get angry? 」

That’s right, sensei said such a thing. The power struggle between nobles is irrelevant to me.

Oh dear, it is just now though, I’ll endure  it if sensei is here.

「No, I do not care about political bargaining.」

「I see… Hero-sama has changed.」

「It is often said.」

The princesses by whom choro is being talked about.

「Your Highness, could you please take off the hood and permit me to see your face? 」

「Is this alright? 」

A beautiful princess who has a strawberry blonde hair was there.

I don’t care even if she’s a half-elf.

Yes, in fact isn’t it a plus point?

Somehow, Ria grumblingly says, “Your attitude to me is opposite…” or something.

I’m wearing a character, I was aware of it properly.

Kukkukku, your times were over.

「Your Highness, you’re really beautiful, like an elf.」

「Yes, I’m half-elf, but didn’t you hear that?」

「I heard that.」

She’s one of the elves. Ria is pleased when I compliment her that way, is it different?

Ah, is it subtle if you made it for the princess who cannot inherit the throne because of Elf’s blood?

「Then, please stop calling a child of a concubine Your Highness. At any rate, an illegitimate child from a concubine has no place.  An odd princess like me is far from Your Highness.」

「What would I call you then?」

「We haven’t had a greeting yet, I am Silhouette Silesie Albert. An illegitimate child of the former king, the Silesie Kingdom 17th generation king, King Gaius Silesie Albert…. No, I am the daughter of a prostitute kept by the king. Please call me Silhouette instead of calling me princess.」

She is a strawberry blonde special fantasy princess, but is refracted…..

It’s also a disgusting part of real fantasy, dude.

「Then, Princess Silhouette.」

「It is excellent to be calling by the first name.The shadowgraph silhouette is putting a posthumous name from my parent. A mistress was a rogue who isn’t even recognized as an illegitimate child.」

「Princess Silhouette-sama….」

「It is a waste, call me by name without any honorific title. Compared to Hero Takeru-sama who sealed the “Miasma Hole of Doom”, I’m just a child of a concubine which is comparable to a garbage rolling on your feet. Better yet, even if you look down on me with garbage,I don’t mind.」

Ugh, it’s not going to be undone.

She was also raised that way,though she knows the king and Lyle-sensei’s father.

She is a noble strawberry blonde princess. If she’s that unconfident, look down and get covered by a hood, isn’t it spoiled?

「Well Silhouette. I’m not a big deal either. I am a hero for now but only a third grade hero certified by a sister. I cannot use lightning magic and my magic power is zero. I’m an odd man.」

「Ano, since I became a saint, you were promoted to second grade …」

「Be silent Ria!」

When you appear, talk becomes complex.

Even though the talk is simple, it became complicated.

I’m still wearing a character, so I don’t line up with Princess Silhouette.

「Was Takeru-sama an odd person too? That’s good. Then, it seems that we will be able to be a well-matched married couple.」

「Yes I am. So Silhouette…… Married couple?」

「Are, did you not hear it? Your sensei Lyle said that even if I am a child of a concubine, marrying a hero will authenticate my inheritance to the throne of Silesie Kingdom.」


I did not hear it.

Please consult with the person first.

If you think you are not close to being odd, did you try to do such a thing?

Even if my partner is a princess, I cannot be married off suddenly….



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