Chapter 31 – Secretary’s Ambition



「That will not happen at all. It is not possible for Princess-sama to marry Takeru.」

Ria intrudes the marriage talk of me and Princess Silhouette.

I think so too, but I have a bad feeling when she comes out and steps over the scene .

Just stay back.

「Why do you say so Saint-sama? What is the reason?」

No, marrying someone she do not know suddenly. Will  Princess Silhouette be fine with it?

「Takeru is not going to marry someone he never dated.」



「Huh, Saint-sama, what is the meaning of date? 」

「Takeru is a person who never dated someone before.」

「Ria, you, really, I’m going to kill you!!」

I gripped the collar of Ria’s robe and pulled it up. I was stopped by Sharon.

Get out of there or I won’t be able to kill her!

「No, Takeru is too intense in such a place. Undress me where there is only the two of us.」

「Aaah? Seriously, I will make you cry once, GORAA!」

I’m the one who’s crying though.

Even so, why everyone stop me? Stop that girl’s mouth!

I was pulled out by the slave girls and was torn away by force from Ria.

「Master, what’s happening??」

「Hey, you said what you should never say now!」

Before I knew it, there was a sword of light coming out of my hand though I did not even call for it.

The blade which shines palely is in maximum output which has almost reached the ceiling.

That’s right, the Star King Sword, it is the only one who understands my wrath!

「Master, the sword of light is dangerous!」

「Ria, disappear!」

It doesn’t matter whether I am a hero in an another world fantasy or anything. Ria disappears now.

「Sorry, I did not expect Takeru to get so angry.」

Ria suddenly prostrate.

She might have tried to avoid the Star King Sword that I swing.

Damn, this is where the sword that I raised is going to go… Huh.

「You’re the one that made me angry, you idiot!」

Everybody is dumbfounded. It’s impossible to just keep silent and watch this.

I look at Ria. Because of you, the development of the story became messed up!

「Fu, Fufu…… Ahahahahahaha」

Princess Silhouette burst out a laugh.

She’s holding her belly while laughing.

No, it’s good to be happy, but there is no laughing element earlier.

Setting being toxic aside, me who got furiously angry and even Ria is silent while kneeling on the ground, looks at the princess, who becomes the の character, having a hearty laugh.

「Aha, Ahaha, I’m sorry for laughing. It is because I have never heard of a hero who cuts down his saint.」

「No, I guess there probably won’t be.」

It’s not my fault, I can’t have a saint like Ria.

「However, if you are such a hero, even a princess from a concubine might be acceptable.」

「No, Princess Silhouette. I want you to ignore what Ria says, but I can’t marry someone I’ve just met.」

「Is that so? However, Hero-sama’s sensei says so. I do not know about my camp but they are convinced on the surface.」

「That’s not it. Is Princess Silhouette okay with it? Being suddenly married to a person you don’t know?」

「There is no good or bad for a concubine. I have no choice but to do what is told by everyone around. It is fortunate that my mistress mother was kept by the king. Because I’m a concubine’s daughter, nothing change by being a slave of Hero-sama.」

「Princess-sama, that is not the case.」

I have to deny this.

「Could you tell me?」

「My slaves are living by their own will. I will not marry someone I do not know, I will not let it go.」

Sharon and others nod too.

It is natural and I did not make them do it.

「However, because they move like with the condition of their master in mind, aren’t they slaves? 」

「Well, I will not let my master do it. You too, Princess Silhouette-sama. Such a forced marriage, I will destroy it.」

「Well, Hero-sama is interesting. But looking at the problem, isn’t it the best thing to do?」

Then, Lyle-sensei who heard the commotion came in holding a paper bundle.

「The conference here seems to have become complicated somehow.」

A refreshing smile. It doesn’t look like you’re trying to get people to get married without permission.

How far ahead are you reading? What are you plotting?

「Sensei, marrying Princess Silhouette, I will not do it.」

「It’s the first time, isn’t it?」

「What is, sensei?」

「For Takeru-dono to defy my plan.」

Lyle-sensei looks at me in a very happy way.

「You know I was going to oppose it, didn’t you?」

「Well, I thought that there might be such a thing.」

I’m sure it is. You waited for this to reach a conclusion and entered.

「I’m against it anyway, what are you going to do with that sensei?」

「That’s my line. Besides the marriage of the Princess Silhouette and Hero Takeru, do you have a plan to break through this stalemate?」

Lyle-sensei seems to have purposely brought the strategy map.

He quickly spreads the whole map of the Kingdom of Silesie.

Somehow it seemed to be Lyle-sensei’s homemade and she had written notes by with various pens.

「I only have to defeat Gale.」

「Yes, that’s right. I took the marriage talk as the best measures to break the current equilibrium. If you’re going to break it, a counterproposal is necessary.」

He turns her thin jaw to me and laugh provocative as if saying that I can’t do it.

No way, I never thought that it would be a tactical match with Lyle-sensei.

Certainly, if it is the usual, I will not be able to win Lyle-sensei’s talented strategy cheat.

However, I have knowledge of a modern Japanese.

For example, how about a sneak attack on the Kingdom’s Capital from the City of Ox?

No, Gale can think and form a battle array with such.

There’s no way that Lyle-sensei can’t make a simple diversion.

Think, there is absolutely a hint somewhere in this strategy map Lyle-sensei wrote by all means.

Both militaries which takes up its position across the boundary of Est and the kingdom. All the noble and  military corps that do not take side too. Their movement is dull due to watching breathlessly which one will win.

The key by which it’s victory or defeat is the third corps, which stays neutral, that defends the important base “Fortress of the Eagle Bandit” on this hill.

I have seen this kind of figure, somewhere ….

「How is it Takeru-dono? Have you come up with something groundbreaking?」

「Well, it’s like the Battle of Sekigahara.」

「Haa? Sekigahara?」

「That’s right, Sekigahara!」

Yes, it was the age of guns and artillery.

There is a strategy of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

「Sensei, I have a plan. I’ll put the third corps on my side.」

「Were you listening to me? The third corps commander is Zawa Haruto. He has a character apt at making profit. He’s sending a lot of demand for them to become an ally. Either way … if you do not see which one will win …」

「Sensei, lend me your ear.」

「Yes? … … Oh, no, this will be bad.」

「Is it useless?」

「Rather than useless ……Such an unreasonable method, there is no analogy in the military history which I learn.」

「How is it? In sensei’s point of view, will my plan work?」

「Well, no. I can’t predict it at all. As expected, only Takeru-dono can think of it.」

Lyle-sensei looked at me with a stunned face.

Sensei cannot predict it. My behavior will not be predictable to anyone in this era.

「Then, I’ll take responsibility, and do this plan. It’s much better than being forced to marry a woman I just met today.」

「Is it useless?」

「Takeru-dono who’s usually wavering is now confident to that extent. You probably think that there is a high chance of winning. I understand….」

Sensei is probably dubious at a point.

I do not even know if it will actually work.

The Human Heart, it might be the one which does not change in neither different world nor modern Japan.

—Scene Change—

I took an artillery unit and my personal guard corps and came before the ““Fortress of the Eagle Bandit” “.

I arranged the four-gate bronze cannon in front of the three-story fort. I put up the flag of the volunteer corps more than required and make demonstration of attack preparations.

「Sensei, could you send the messenger to the commander of the third army corps Zawa Haruto telling him to side with Hero Takeru? You can use general or baron if it is suitable to the condition.」

「I have already sent it many times.」

The third corps seems to accept both messengers fast.

That way, they might catch the condition.

An immediate reply came back.

「He said, “Give me all of the Est, and make me the commanding general. With that, I’ll stand by your side.”.」

Zawa Haruto, you’re too greedy.

I cannot accept such a demand.

I don’t know his face, so there is also no sense of guilt with this.

「Good. So if you’re not on your side right now, under the name of the legendary hero, shoot the letter fixed to an arrow when I abolish everything from the ground!」

A letter fixed to an arrow flies immediately, it is a good game of speed.

「Sensei, where do you think that guy Zawa Haruto is looking over here from?」

「It is probably from the commanding stand of the third floor.」

「Then we’re going to fire there.」

「Takeru-dono, if you hit Commander Zawa Haruto…」

「Sensei, you already know that if he is not on our side, we attack and destroy as it is.」

「Well, that … ..」

How can it be done if we don’t have resolution for it?

It is not just the problem of the 3rd Army, I will do it to all the people who do not clear which side they are!

「I intend to take care of enemies before my eyes. Aim and shoot all bullets!」

「You, are you really Takeru-dono ….?」

An explosion roared bang, and all the round shots of four gates hit the ground on the third floor of the Fortress of the Eagle Bandit.

With a rattle, the splinter of the fort falls in, and the soldier who was in the bottom runs around to escape.

「Yosshi, this is good! Turn the guns to the vicinity of the entrance for enemy attacks. Don’t be careless. If the enemy attacks here, annihilate everyone!」

「Takeru-dono, your personality has changed…」

The fort has begun to rustle.

That’s quite natural, they never thought that we’ll attack seriously.

Honestly, I don’t know if it will work or not.

If it doesn’t go well, we’ll just crush the enemy in front of us!

Dammit! That Ria bastard, die at once!

TN: Not sure why Ria was mentioned

「Master, it’s a white flag. The enemy surrenders! It is a sign of surrendering!」

「Yosshi, it’s a little disappointing though.」

Lyle-sensei was judging me from the face at which he shuddered.

Please do not be afraid so much.

—Scene Change—

The speed of spreading rumors of this world is fast.

The third Corps descended from the fort (we just stuck at the back and advanced). When I attack the desperate forces of Gale’s coup, the enemy’s team began to sway evidently.

The King’s army and the volunteer corps of this place were energized and have begun to attack.

Even in a battle of large army, the equilibrium state can collapse in an instant.

Even the magician mixed in the armed forces cannot stop the retreat of an ally who was hit by the avalanche once.

Besides, they are the ones who did not fight in the same way which one would win.

Betrayal occurs successively in the coup force. The team could not be maintained, and fled to the kingdom’s capital.

A war in the medieval age, the larger-scale it becomes, the more it seems to end too short. I am convinced that this is such a situation.

The soldier and the knight will attempt to save one’s own necks. It is because the nobles only think about preserving their own provinces.

Indescribably empty, real fantasy.

The honor of a knight shouting in such a terrible age. What is the meaning of a Hero?

In a carriage toward the capital, I think a little.

「Takeru-dono, what are you dying twilight for?」

「No, it is just disappointing to end too soon.」

Lyle-sensei that have been amazed tells me.

「Still, it probably has yet to come.」

「That’s right, I have to beat Gale.」

「I’m sorry for that. In my case, I have to think about the system in postwar days. The head is hard of those who only do politics in a safe place in the back.」

「I’m sorry, sensei.」

The teacher loosens her mouth with good shape.

「You have to understand. Ahh, if Takeru-dono will be together with Princess Silhouette, we’ll have the real power with inheriting the throne, we could make an ideal country.」

「Aha, is that a joke?」

「No, I’m serious. In a sense, Gale and I are the same.」

「You’re totally different.」

What’s different is that, sensei is not as unpleasant as Gale.

「I’m glad you said that. However, I had an ambition. If I would be able to look down on that father, it is enough.」

「Ah, your father?」

「It is so, I seem to be an unworthy son.」

「Is it a problem if I hear the details?」

I do not care much though, though.

I know that there is a key point on Lyle-sensei.

We have been acquainted of a long time, so I might able to turn it around.

「Fufu, what you would do? Well, I’ll think of it if Takeru-dono gives me all of Silesie Kingdom.」

「Uwa, say it seriously.」

I’ve already had a long relationship with Lyle-sensei.

「Come on, we’ll land in the capital soon. Let’s brace ourselves!」



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