Chapter 32 – The Fall of the Kingdom’s Capital(second time in a month)



When the Silesie kingdom provisional government army arrives at the kingdom’s capital, they stopped their feet with a stunned face.

The castle was partially destroyed. White flag rises from the stone wall of the burnt city.


「This. I can’t say anything.」

It’s too awful. Everytime, why such development?

This is the first spectacular siege battle in the history of the capital. Isn’t this supposed to decide the victory or defeat of the kingdom?

I don’t think this kind of real battle is required.

「Sensei, that Gale.」

「He’s not stupid enough to get caught in this. He probably run away but without any support from a noble. Other countries that are hostile with Silesie would have cooperated implicitly since this definitely weakened the power of the kingdom of Silesie. No matter where he escapes, he will be killed.」

Then, where did Gale go?

When I enter the kingdom’s capital, soldiers and people welcomed me in total since the hero came to free them. But you people, what were you doing when you were under Gale’s rule?

There would have been some people that would be rebellious, so I did not say anything.

Even if I asked, no one knew where Gale is.

「Oh yes, he was a baron, wasn’t he? Baron Dot.」

「Yes, but the provisional government already concluded that Baron Dot has nothing to do with Gale.」

That means he have not escape there.

Wait, I wonder if my idea of escape is different.

Something is snagged. It seems that the mystery that has not been solved yet, a piece of a puzzle remains.

That’s right, the undercover advance magician which attacked the City of Ox.

I still don’t know his identity yet.

We could not find a corpse.


「This is serious! A large army of monsters has attacked from the Devil’s Mountain!」

A report from the cavalry corps who was searching for Gale in the vicinity.

「Sensei, please devise a plan.」

Lyle-sensei who suddenly puts up a face.

As expected, it looks like he understood all with that alone.

「Intercept the monsters!」

Sensei restrained the gunman corps who’s trying to go.

「It’s useless! Artillery corps! Gun man corps! We have to evacuate in the castle fast. Use the side tower if needed and withdraw to a high place, hurry!」

Why? Such instructions…  I thought of a moment, and noticed.

The cavalry as a decoy and monsters outbreak are also a decoy….

A deluge was generated suddenly from the suburbs of the kingdom’s capital.

Water’s coming!

「The citizens will also be swept away.」

「Let’s escape and let loose in the castle. We won’t fit in so I will command the soldier to evacuate anywhere if it is already a tall building.」

We rush and escape to a castle.

Floods will flow into the highway, and if someone gets caught it it, he will die.

「Well, the water is coming, but the monsters won’t be able to attack us soon.」

「The capital is a city in a plain. Because the stone walls also collapse, the flood water would recede soon. After ruining the guns and cannons, the monsters will destroy the city.」

「Why is there a monster outbreak? Did the “Miasma Hole of Doom” open up again?」

「Gale opened it. Because he is the counterfeiter of the Saint Wand Holy Paul, it is not strange to know such a method.」

「Sensei, what shall we do?」

「Theoretically, the jaws of death is here. There is no choice but to retreat, but the kingdom will completely come to ruin.」

The capital which was burned previously is now flooded.

I think that it’s already partially-destroyed.

Cannon is suitable for defense, but may not be suitable for attack.

I wish Lyle-sensei had a waterproof team in the capital.

I’m responsible for the lack of preparation.

「What is the purpose of the enemy?」

It feels too unreasonable.

What is Gale doing now? I wonder. This is also his city.

「Is it a righteous scenario for the hero and the provisional government army to abandon the people and escaped from the capital? It will lower our reputation. If we do not do it well, the Silesie Kingdom which finally settled will be disrupted again. It’s a difficult decision to make.」

「Before that, there is no choice which abandon the people.」

Lyle-sensei smiles at me very joyfully.

「Takeru came to say, doesn’t he? Alright, the great hero says that. How about her saint?」

I advance to the depths of the castle and go to Ria.

She is at the castle workshop. She was wielding arms of sacred alchemy.

「I am already burning carved seal on the new Saint Wand Holy Paul.」

What? Ria, did you do that when you thought I couldn’t see it?

There still seems to have been material in the royal palace.

「I will go as well.」

Louise said so.

「I will beat Gale.」

That’s right. Louise is fated to do that.

Well, it’s not necessarily means that Gale is in the Devil’s Mountain.

Unsealing the “Miasma Hole of Doom”, outbreak of monsters in the City of Ox. Because he cannot escape to the capital either, he may lie hidden in the mountaintop.

Somehow, if you look at the face of Louise, Gale will feel like coming out even if he wants to hide.

Because, that guy … ….

「Master, we will also go!」


Sharon and Sarah-chan?

「You’re my personal guard corps. If a citizen of this castle dies, I’ll lose my popularity.」

「We are with master.」

「Look, you guys protect my reputation. There is no black dragon wyvern anymore in the “Miasma Hole of Doom”, so it is more important to protect the royal palace.」

「……I understand」

It was the first time that I succeeded in persuasion.

I finally breakaway from being General Choro.

「Sensei will remain here to command the volunteer corps. I will go with only Ria and Louise.」

「Roger. I, that advanced magician, this time, at any cost…..」

Even sensei is seriously burning up against that advanced magician.

Because he is an intermediate magician, does she wants to show that in actual combat, it is not decided with magical power alone?

I understand the feeling well.

Well, it is a few elite. Even if Gale is there, he is already abandoned with no soldiers.

I look at the city completely immersed in water.

「I have no choice but to swim somehow.」

Mythril and black dragon scales will float. It might be unexpectedly dangerous for Ria.

「I was said to have a foot like a white fish which is a beauty by all means.」

Oh, is that so?

Hearing it was useless.

I came up with a good thing.

「Ria, the fake Saint Wand Holy Paul that was left there. Let’s take that too.」

「What are you going to use such thing for?」

「The enemy is Gale. We should be extremely cautious.」

—Scene Change—

Swim across the capital that has become like a lake.

Just sinking the Great Plains in water. It seems that the magical power of the advance magician has gone out and there is no attack.

I cut down orcs and ogres which herd on the opposite bank when I swim over.

「Louise, postpone the dismantling.」

「I’m sorry, it’s only reflex by habit.」

What hauntingly puts out the knife?

Where is it? I cannot say it though.

We just run up the way to the Devil’s Mountain.

「Ria, are you okay?」

「Haa,haa, there is nothing wrong!」

She doesn’t look okay, I do not really understand.

It’s hard for a living human being to keep up with the physical strength of a monster-level Louise-onesan.

Ria makes and drinks holy water many times along the way.

Oh, I want it too.

Even I, who raised basic physical strength with the blessing of the saint, find it tough.

As for the combat, the battle itself is too cinch. There is the sword of light that balanced my swordsmanship.

Louise’s fighting power is somewhat beyond human beings.

Louise first shoot with a small bow. After using all the arrows accumulated in the rucksack, she throws away the bow and slash with her sword.

If there is no blood with the cut of the sword, she’ll take the stone hammer of the orc lord. It just blows down several oaks.

Who can stop this?

From the back, the saint use recovery and assistance magic. You can go anywhere until the magic power of Ria expires.

The Devil’s Mountain’s terrible appearance came from the black cedars that stains it in jet black. It is not that high.

We are already at the mountaintop or I have a feeling that we’re done climbing up.

As the stage of the final battle, it is not quite difficult.

There is a time limit where the capital is attacked, so it will be troublesome if it takes time.


The royal castle is in front of me. Ria which had the Saint Wand Holy Paul goes to the top.

TN: Not sure why he called it royal castle

It was then.

With the sound of the saint wand breaking, Ria was blown backwards.

How did Gale shows himself with a slash?

Although it is not as good as Louise-anego, it is quite a good cut.

However, the brilRiance of swordsmanship is lacking.

Gale who grabs a big sword is badly breathing and his complexion is bad.

A splendid steel plate mail that paints arrogance has crumbled from the torso already falling apart.

Getting away from the falling castle and unsealing the “Miasma Hole of Doom”. I can say that Gale is amazing.

If you think about it, alone, he manage to survive the monster outbreak,  and paid the compensation for acting rashly.

Even if you drink a recovery potion, the repair of the equipment is not possible and the fatigue accumulated cannot be healed.

Indeed. Body covered with wounds, General Gale  of the defeated army is exhausted.

「Fuhahahahaha. This is my win, Louise!」

Is this really a time where you’ll reach Louise, Gale?

We already surrounded you when you cut Ria.

「There is no escape any more, Gale.」

Louise, if you say such a line, stop it because the escape success flag is set.

「The capital is ruined by the time you pick up a new saint wand. Admit your defeat!」

「Hah, do you think you’ve won with that?」

Louise threw the huge stone hammer flying while rotating. Gale plays with the great sword in both hands.

「Please! Holy spear! Holy spear! Holy speeaaaarrrr!」

Leah, who got up, cried with her hands in front.

From nothingness, a white silver shining holy spear appears, jumping into Gale like a missile.

Ria did not chant. She fires a magic attack without incantation.

Even though A-sama forbids revenge, she’s helping Ria. She’s a good goddess.

The upper section, at the lower berth, Gale who uses and plays a large sword with full force. A holy spear pierced the shoulder and the steel shoulder pad shatters.

「Guu, you prostitute!」

Gale thrusts his shoulder and elbow suddenly.

Even so, instinctively, Gale is also a knight who thrust the big sword in front.

「There’s a match, Gale.」

The large sword which Gale pushed out, Louise broke it with a sword slash.

He didn’t have the strength anymore.

「Louise! You’re mine!」


That last line is too much Louise.

When she plunge into Gale’s heart, a straight sword pierced the chest deeply. I could see that it penetrates up to the back.

With a sound of heavy fall, Gale’s huge figure trembles with the impact pushed up by Louise. He collapsed to the back as it was.

I ended up joining the box and looking at him. I could not do anything.

Maaa, I guess Gale wanted to be killed by Louise, is this okay?

While looking down at Gale’s corpse, it looks like in tatters but the expression is good.

He really had his own way to lent it.

「It’s Gale’s corpse.」

「Do you want to take the head?」

Louise-onesan, you’re idea is scary.

「No, if you leave the corpse as it is, it would be a zombie lord…」

There’s an unprecedented zombie baron. Because it is a knight, cutting the neck would turn it to a dullahan.

“It’s possible,” says the nodding Holy Alchemy expert Saint Ria.

Gale is stubborn, so he can stalk Louise even after he’s dead.

「For the time being, I’ll turn it to ashes with the Cane of Holy Flame Ball. Go and seal the “Miasma Hole of Doom”.」

「Then, I’ll do that. Let’s go Ria.」

Louise took out the “Saint Wand Holy Paul” from the rucksack and passed it to Ria to seal the “Miasma Hole of Doom”.

That’s right. It was the fake Saint Wand that Ria kept in an ostentatious way.

Gale was deceived by the fake saint wand he prepared.

If it is the usual Gale, he will not be deceived by a simple trick. It was because he was completely devastated over here.

Gale was deceived and died. I hope Ria’s master is delighted even a little by this.

It seems that he was a really good person, right?

「Gale, you probably liked Louise.」

The bearded face of Gale has a good expression. I’ll cut the corpse in round slices, I call out the sword of light (This is gross. It can’t be helped since I need to burn it.) .

A man who is competent and cunning enough to tilt a country. For the deep attachment to one woman, he ruined himself at last.

No, Gale likes Louise. I just thought so, and it may be a different one.

Because it is the love of the old bird, he likes or he loves. It is not such a simple feeling . More crooked envy,  and a muddy, jealous mind is involved. It might be acute deep attachment nevertheless.

Louise is a good woman. Even if I don’t understand, I know how you feel.

I burned Gale’s corpse off with Cane of Holy Flame Ball beautifully.

Gale’s ashes was purified by Ria’s holy water. It will be buried in the church cemetery.

Give severe sanctification to never revive again.

Gale really did what he wanted to do already.

Risen from a noncommissioned officer to become the commander of the whole military of the kingdom. The coup caused the capital to be scorched. Annihilating the hateful aristocrats including the royal family. Despite a very brief reign, became the king of the Kingdom of Silesie.

And the end is, being killed in the hands of the woman he likes and be buried in the church cemetery.

I heard he said the he won. The meaning of Gale when he said“This is my win” . It may be such a thing.

Louise will be angry if I told her that.

Only I recognize it as your victory, Gale.



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