Chapter 35 – New Slave Girls



There are 26 slave girls who had dead eyes and are thin in front of the store.

Every time I see this, I feel my heart tightens.

「Hello everyone. His name is Sawatari Takeru, your new master. Please say hello.」

I can’t do this, Sharon.

They bow if they were ordered but they are not in condition to be able to speak directly first.

「Hey Sharon. Let’s talk about the employment of the new slave girls.」

「That, did you not receive the report?」

「I heard about it but what would you do about the place where they live?」

Sharon looks down to the short cut-silver haired Sherry at that instance.

「Ihh, ehh, onesama. I have reported it to Master properly! You see, it is described properly in this report.」

That said, Sherry brings me a bunch of parchment paper.

Oh, because I do not understand this before, I skipped reading.

「This is it, yes, you showed it to me! Sherry’s not at fault.」

Sharon momentarily swam her amber eyes and nods as if she’s been convinced.

「Really? Then, it is good. I think that master already knows, but we bought the neighboring haberdashery shop. We can secure the residence with that.」

「Eehh…. well, then I worry about nothing!」

Sorry, Sharon. I’m sorry I didn’t read the report.

Consideration not to disgrace the master, I’m greatly obliged…….

「Still, isn’t it hard to find and add 26 slave girls.」

「I think with the scale of the commercial firm now, that number can be bred sufficiently. There are a lot of girls in the capital that wants to become master’s slave.」

But the timing is not right.

At that point, Princess Silhouette and her escort Jill came out.

「Princess Silhouette, I’m sorry for the disturbance.」

「No. It is a famous story that hero-sama is employing slave girls.」

Such thing becomes famous.

That, isn’t that a bad reputation…?

「I’ll be busy with the arrival of the new slave girls. It will be better for you to return to the residence of Marquis Donovan.」

「Oh, can you not show it to this concubine?」

「If you want to then so be it.」

「Earlier, you told this concubine that she’s higher than a slave and Takeru-sama’s slaves are different. This concubine prefers to judge that on her own eyes.」

Oh, seriously.

Well, Princess-sama’s circumstances would make her look like a caged bird.

It might be possible to correct a negative character by seeing the process of recovering the human nature in the slave girls who held a similar mind set.

TN:He’s basically saying that Silhouette has similar circumstances as the slave girls so it is possible to cure her personality with the same method he’s using on his slave girls

There may be psychotherapy like that, but I don’t know.

「Well, I will wash slave girls in the bath from now, so please look.」

「The concubine will also help.」

No, isn’t a princess can’t wash herself by yourself.

TN:Takeru thinks that servants wash the princess while taking a bath so she probably don’t know how to wash someone

If you can, let me see your ability.

Then, let’s wash them together. Naturally, Jill will also help.

「I’m not good at dealing with children, but…」

「I’ll make you eat sweets later.」

「Hero-dono! Entrust it to me!」

Choro Jill.

I am glad that there is someone who is more choro than me.

However, washing 26 children is a big job.

Let’s leave the store to Sherry for the time being, and start the washing work.

I let slave girls line up in the dressing room in nude in a row. Me, Sharon, Princess Silhouette and Jill then washes them.

Also, even though they are also children, Suzanne and Claudia help us as a bonus.

Well, they are like older sister a little.

First step is to clean their body. Check the skin for wound and treat it with medical herbs if there is any.

「Takeru! You are here as expected!」

「Sister-sama! No!」

Sherry who is working alone at the store was not able to suppress Ria who jumps into the bathroom.

Haa, that’s enough.

「Oh Takeru. Are you busy?」

「You too. Help us wash the body of the slave girls.」

「I’m good at washing children! I’m better at washing Takeru though.」

「You don’t have to say unnecessary things!」

To be honest, I do not have time to pay attention at Ria.

However, Ria is a considerable war potential if I were to say.

Usually, a nun will not show her skin but this one quickly taken her robe off and roll a towel in her body.

There is a feeling that she has a skill of washing a child promptly.

After all, my hands still hesitate and can’t wash children as skillfully as Ria.

Regardless of Sharon, I somewhat don’t want to lose against Ria.

「I’ve been taking care of children before I became a sister. I feel nostalgic.」

「Yes, Ria was an orphan and was raised by a saint.」

Did her master gathered the orphans and creates an orphanage at a church?

Even though she’s supposed to be an alumna, how did she ends up with such a catastrophic personality?

TN:Takeru thinks that Steriana should have taken the character of her master

I was wondering what happened to Ria in the process of being raised by her master.

Even if I’d like to say a word complaint about child’s education, he’s already dead so I don’t want to think about it.

「Takeru, I am good at raising children.」

「…Okay, let’s wash them all for the time being.」

At the same time I put on clothes, I also put a leather collar on the slave girls.

I do not feel so good, but this is for safety.

If they become my possession, children can live without being disturbed by anyone in this city.

They can get protection when something happens.

「Why is the princess queuing up?」

「I thought this concubine should rather become a slave.」

No, I don’t understand.

At the point where Princess Silhouette became a slave, the Silesie Kingdom will end.

It is a funny joke to think that a slave dynasty will be born at that moment.

Ria, don’t look at me like that.

In any case, the slave girls will regain their human nature, but not immediately.

It takes time and effort.

It is important to teach them first from one to ten properly.

From how to get meals with the use of the spoon, brush their teeth, change to their sleepwear, check the place where they sleep and instill it.

If they have the right way to learn, they will be able to do so.


Taking care of 26 children, if you are a school teacher, you should be doing it every day. I got mentally fatigued after some time and become dizzy.

I’m dealing with humans so it feels very heavy but not physically. Really, raising children is a heavy burden for a high schooler.

「Master, thanks for your effort.」

Sharon bound my sweaty head with a big bath towel.

「No, you better … Next time, I will let you wash my hair properly without forgetting it.」

「Yes, thank you. Master. 」

「Hero-dono, the promised sweets.」

「Jill, Colette is probably baking, so please go to the dining room.」

I asked her to add a snack after preparing a meal.

Jill disappeared in the dining room when she finished the business.

Wait a second Jill, are you going to leave the princess?

What happened to the escort job?

The body that runs to the dining room will lose to Louise but she’s also an expert as can be seen.

TN:She probably runs to the dining room in an assassins creed way

Princess Silhouette, who was left behind by Jill, laugh as if she were amazed.

When the princess is neglected, she’ll become negative immediately so I use my mind to call out.

「How was it, Princess Silhouette?」

「I thought that it was very splendid. Takeru-sama’s slave girls are all treated as human beings. Even if they are connected by a collar, it is not connected to their heart.」

Although Princess Silhouette way of using her hand is awkward, it was useful to the extent of Suzanne and others.

I think she’s not a girl who can’t do anything.

「This concubine also: by all means, also thought that I would like to be a slave girl.」

What the hell is this kid?

It’s a joke.

「Now, could you wear the collar to the concubine……? Master.」

「No, princess, it’s wrong!」

Though I intend to rehabilitate her negative character, why did it turn worse?

If I put a collar on Princess Silhouette, I will really get killed by Jill.

「Then I want a ring, Takeru.」

「Shut up Ria.」

I wonder why they are in a combination.

They have the same white robe, blonde, both characters are overwhelming and both are too troublesome.

At least unless there is each one of them, I won’t maintain my position.

「Sharon, I’m at my limit… I will lay down on this place for a while.」

「Certainly, Suzanne!  Claudia!」

The voice that barks like “collar” or “ring” goes away toward the distance.

I sleep for a while with Sharon’s lap pillow.

I can’t even tsukkomi due to intense senility.

I might have degenerated at a level to not mention the princess.

—Scene Change—

「Did you wake up…?」

「Oh, sorry Sharon.」

Did I used her as a lap pillow for a long time?

Her legs would have become numb.

What time is it now? The outside is completely dark.

Though it was noisy until just now, it’s awfully quiet.

When I peek at the room where the new slave girls are sleeping, everyone sleeps healthily in each bed.

Because the origin of the slaves might be from the capital which is overflowing with the refugees, they would be tired from a long journey.

「Master, do you want to have a meal? Or is it a bath?」

「Well, that’s right. I’ll take a bath to fulfill my promise.」

「Yes, let’s go. I’ve already asked the Rolu to replace the hot water.」

「Really clever.」

I think that it is an effort of the person in question that oneself can move, but.

It is talent to employ a person without moving.

TN:He’s basically praising Sharon’s leadership skill

「Ufufufu, yes.」

Sharon’s cheeks flushed and her ears straightens up to the heaven.

Even without looking at the loose cheeks, I know that she’s in good mood.

「Then, shall we go?」

I do not understand why it is a slave girl’s greatest honor is to wash my hair.

For Sharon, I’m a parent, so to speak, I might be a substitute existence.

「For Sharon and others, it is deplorable to be helped …」

「Master, did you say something?」

No, as someone with a lot of good daughters, I just thought I could do more.

「Undressing is good Sharon but you should consider wrapping a towel on your body.」

TN:Having no clothes in taking bath is what Takeru meant to be good

She’s already an adult so she should understand it without saying.

I also put a towel around my waist.

Should I wash my body first or soak in the bathtub?

I see that Sharon winds up a towel, and enter the bath quietly. First of all, I drew hot water from the bathtub to be able to wash my hair.

The body of Sharon has grown up is in a state where it is not fully hidden even with a big towel.

The towel gets wet with hot water when she soaked in the bathtub. It seems to become awkward.

「I have kept you waiting considerably.」


A splash of hot water covered Sharon. She beat the soap with her hand and wash my hair.

TN:How did that cover Sharon? We all know that japanese bathhouse/hot spring steam has some sort of sorcery wherein all of them are concentrated in certain body parts

My hair is being carefully washed. I wonder if I can have the slave girls give me a haircut.

Then, I feel like cleaning my hair by myself, but that does not matter.

Because the person in question wants to do it, I will respond to it.

TN:Takeru response is to let them wash his hair until the slave girls are satisfied

「Sharon that’s nice. You have a beautiful hair.」


I was embarrassed as she wash me silently. I said something strange.

Pale orange hair. When it gets wet with hot water, I have this feeling of being close to her amber colored eyes. It’s a bit brighter and more beautiful than brown.

She washed it neatly. Sharon washed her hair while being careful not to get hot water into her animal ears.

It will not be a big deal since it ends quickly.

「Ano, master.」


「Let me wash your body too.」


「Ah, I’m sorry.」

「No, I’m sorry. Maybe I’m too much to worried about it.」

I know Sharon doesn’t have an ulterior motive.

However, it is expected that having my body washed by an adult female is beyond the line already.

「Then, I will scrub master’s back.」

「That’s okay.」

I did not hope for this. When I turn my back, Sharon beats and washes my back.

I don’t know why Sharon wants to wash it.

Other people wash by themselves but it feels pleasant so I don’t care.

Even if I don’t say anything, Sharon will wash my hair from behind.

It feels good. I felt refresh having my back washed.

「Sharon, do you want me to wash your back?」

「Yes! Please!」

Come on, are you Ria?

Because being a pervert is contagious, I stop talking about it.

I ordered her to properly get covered by the towel, and put my hand on Sharon who is turning her back.

I have no intention of being obscene to wash her by the hand without using a towel.

Sharon’s skin, which already grown, has a delicate feeling.

I was a little irresolute, but I thought it might be injured by a rough towel.

She grew up really big. It’s big, soft and warm …… no, let’s stop it.

I know Sharon when she was small and full of scratches so it is hard to look at her face straight.

「Master, please wash my front as well…」

「That won’t happen.」

「Then, I….」

「What’s the matter, Sharon? You are a well-behaved child.」

It is not usually, it twines awfully only at such time.

TN:He means Sharon is generally a good child and only gives him trouble on bath topic

You know I have resistance. It’s embarrassing to say that.

「What kind of slave does master like?」


No, you, why, at such times.

It became somewhat unbearable so I turn my back on Sharon.

「If master prefers a good slave then I’ll be just like that.」

「That, you…… I. I want my slaves to be free. I always say that.」

Slavery is acknowledge by the present society. It cannot be helped to be oppressed.

But I don’t want to allow it to be within my reach.

「Do you mind if I go against master’s word?」

A slender hand is turned around my neck, and a soft feel hit my back.

「Sharon, that’s right, but this is different!」

「Which one is it, master? Do you like submissive slaves? Or do you like a wild slaves?」

I can’t move at all.

Because of various circumstances, it was impossible to stand up while being stoop-shouldered.

「Master. Which is it?」

This is already at a loss. It was then.

「Ah, Sharon-san. You can’t go with stealing a march silently. The punishment of A-sama will fall.」

Ria has barged in.

I thought that this was a save.

「Hey, Ria, put the towel on, idiot!」

I am not saved.

A nun shouldn’t show her skin to others right? And don’t shake those useless meat too much! You’ll be punished by A-sama!

「Ara, there is no towel size that can cover my breasts, so this is without any means.」

「To say something like that, you…..」

It’s a drag.

In what world there are clerics boasting big breasts.

I who was in the state which can stand up remained because I was pulled too much?

I immediately put hot water in me. When I run to Sharon, she’s sinking down and falling forward for some reason. I quickly evacuated to a bathtub.

If there is only Ria, I would have let go through the side and escape to the changing room.

Princess Silhouette and Jill came in from behind Ria for some reason. There is no choice but to go down to the back.

I can see two people entering the bath. Anyway, I wondered how Ria was able to instigate them to enter together.

That’s fine, but Princess Silhouette who has a small chest that don’t need to conceal it originally is wrapped in a towel neatly.

「Why aren’t you covering yourself Jill-san?」

「Oh, Hero-dono. I’m sorry for polluting your eyes.」

No, it isn’t eye pollution.

Her limbs are muscular without useless fat. I think that it is beautiful in its own right, and has a good style. I have gone out of the place where I go out accurately.

Also, the tan skin and raven black hair in ponytail has a high point. Beautiful desu yo.

But that’s not the problem!

「No, it’s an eye candy. Cover yourself with a towel!」

「Was such one preferred? Saint-dono is not covered at all so I thought that it is the proper bath etiquette.」

No, please notice. Ria is strange.

I cannot convince her. Why is she treated as a normal saint?

「Oh, that’s it, Jill. Soaking in the bath with a towel, please stop Takeru because of breach of etiquette.」

「Why do you know of Japanese bathing etiquette!」

Towels to wash your body may have soap and dirt, so putting it in a bathtub is a violation of etiquette.

But Ria shouldn’t have known. Kingdom of Silesie has no bathing culture.

Ria properly poured herself hot water and enter the bathtub.

Which country are you from, really? Are you a human from the same world? Are you a citizen of the same town?!

「Hey, Takeru. I’ll stop the tactless imitation by all means. It’s a naked relationship.」

「Ah, where did you learn that phrase?」

Ria did not hesitate for a moment. She came in front of me and took off the towel that hid my lower body.

With your behaviour , tsukkomi is not really enough!

「Kuhaa, I’m revived …. It is a pleasant hot water by all means.」

「I came to a hot spring a while ago and stop the sweet sigh like an OL.」

TN:OL = Office Lady

「Ha, please, Takeru. What is OL? Is it Ogre Lord?」

「Now, stop making things like you do not know that intriguing contemporary knowledge.」

She knows by all means… What is right or wrong or what resemblance other world person.

Ria is too detailed about modern Japan bath etiquette.

There is something absolutely there. I’ll criticizes her this time.

TN:Takeru is probably unable to comprehend why Ria has knowledge from the world he came from. I personally think that it’s just that she’s reading his mind

But it’s slightly bad now. I have narrowly escape Ria.

「More than that, there are more sacrament sacramento which raises the hero power of Takeru. You definitely want to know it.」

「I absolutely don’t want to know that.」

I’m telling you I don’t want to know.

It floats in the bathtub that looks like a balloon that is not attached.

「Sharon, do something!」

「Yes. Ria-san, let’s withdraw.」

「Eh, I am still」


It was good, Sharon did something by force.

When she broke between me and Ria, Sharon’s chest also performed magnificently. At this chance I deal with no objection.

It was said that it was good to have breasts and to take control of the breasts.

If it comes to Ria, I should let Sharon guards everything.

It is not a case to choose the means.

Come on now, I have to get my towel back.


「Why are you taking off your towel, Princess Silhouette?」

「Because Saint-sama says the towel cannot be soaked in hot water.」

It’s a very correct manner.

But it is a bathtub. Is it natural for me to hug her? I do not know what to do.

「Are, Hero-sama’s reaction for this concubine is too thin. I feel terrible.」

「If it’s the princess, I can somehow control myself. But I’m happy to be able to refrain from it.」

Princess Silhouette has a strawberry blonde hair, an unmatched beauty, even a half-elf.

But I’m sorry for her body and chest, they’re about the size of Sherry.

For me who is trained by the slave girls, there is not much damage.

Princess Silhouette is an adult (different world standards) women.

Though, for appreciation, I think that her polished white skin is very beautiful.

I’m a gentleman, so even I avert my eyes.

「Wait a minute, why are you clinging to me, Jill-san?」

Jill-san, you’re a little strange…..

「No, since everyone is doing such etiquette, is it incorrect Hero-dono?」

There is no such etiquette!

No, this is wrong  from the mixed bathing stage. It is different from there.

Please, let me take the towel already.

I mean, let me rise already…….

Eventually, on this day, I couldn’t get out of the bath until everyone was out. It resulted in a long-running hot water.

With this momentum, I thought that if Ria comes to the bath, she’ll probably meddle and crawl to the bed.

Suzanne and Claudia guarded me all night. They keep vigil to attack mode, so my sleep was protected.

The fact that the flag is indeed set up. It was up to now I thought that it was a thing to be recovered firmly surprisingly.



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